Tashan E Ishq ff by SidMin23 (Part 2)

Tashan E Ishq part 2

In uv room
Twinj were in uv room and hugging each other and they have fear of losing eachother.
K- twinkle what happen
T- nothing just worries about us what will our family’s will think
K- don’t worry everything will be fine and most important thing is we love each other saying he cuddle her more.
T- I know but still will u able to live with out me if our family’s don’t accept us ??
K- I will die that moment twinkle and can’t imagine my life with out u.
T- their is only one ways to this solution is that we should get married and tell our parent that only they will accept us.
K- no it not right Twinkle we have to wait till our parent argument.
T- as u said but I can’t live with out u and I have always fear of losing u and I can’t fight with u always coz of our parents.
K- even I don’t like it but what to do we don’t have any other option then showing Tashan In front of our family’s.
Outside at the party

Reporter – it look like sarna and taneja son and daughter is missing in this party and if we are not wrong they also come here
Reporter 2 – that true wait if they love each other and can’t see to their family’s coz their family’s is enemies to each other
Monohar – mind your tounge my son I’m not like that understood
Lela – even my daughter is not like that but where is she.
Uv heard this and try to call twinj but couldn’t call coz twinj turn off their phone while being with each other.
Leela and ushar let find out where they are. They search twinj everywhere but couldn’t find them and leela think for well and she directly went toward uv room and open the room but suddenly light went off.
Lela – shit now how should I find my daughter
Ushar – how could we find kunj
Other side uv hurriedly rush to his room and he saw that twinj were hugging each other and laying in bed
Uv – oo hello get up your family’s is in fire now and mad over searching u both
Twinj – shit now what uv
Uv- just separated with each other and walk out from different ways
K- but I just got time to spend with twinkle
T- kunj plz try to understand we can’t now I promise u we will meet soon saying she kiss his forehead and bit bye to him
K- not fear I can’t even spend some quality time u
T- I understand but now it not the right time I have to be on time kunj plz
K- okay fine as u wish
T- thank u and I love u
K- I love u too and hug her tight
Uv – oh hello u too love birds separate now other u know the result
Twinj oh yes and thanks u uv saying both kiss him on his check and trio smile and separate

Monohar – where is this kunj everyone is talking about us
U- don’t worry he might be some where with his friends
M- why do u always support him
U- coz he is my son and I know u don’t love him that why but I can’t hate my son like u did.
M- Usha not this time
Finally kunj come their and said sorry I was with my friend as they won’t leave me from their
Same with twinkle
I am sorry mom I was with my friend they are not letting me go
Leela – it okay come let go home now
Ushar kunj come and twinkle and leela also come their again their world war start and finally twinj separate them and twinj give flying kiss to each other and have smile on their face which is unknown to their family’s.

Here i end 2 part also and thanks u for those who comment in pervious post means a lots.

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