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hii guys…….I am a huge fan of tashan e ishq……….
I just wanted to ask all the viewers of tashan e ishq…..which Jodi do u want now?twinj or twiraj…..
my option is for twinj…….when sidhant was there all use to love twinj….but now it has become less……I know that time uv was negative and now he is a changed and good person……but still don’t u guys seriously want twinkle and kunj……..
we all love sidhant much more than naman…I can understand that…but lets give a try by accepting new kunj…..lets see whether their tashan love can bring any magic to the screen now……..

and about uv…he loves twinkle that is right…but still he can try to move on in his life…..if he gets a one who loves him…rather like twinkle……becz twinkle is made for kunj…..
I am not here to say anything against uv or anyone…..but just saying this to all tashan e ishq fans………say ur opinion guys…..please don’t bash me πŸ™‚
Thankyou and love you all πŸ˜‰


  1. Joonakanksha


    |Registered Member

    Yeah i agree with you….becoz twinkle only loves kunj and will always love him only…. One sided love cannot make a relationshp sucessful….

  2. Baby


    |Registered Member

    yeah akansha i totly agree wid u dat twinj shuld b nly 2gthr its dere luv stry n yh i wnt sidmin 2 unite bt twinj also nt uvraj n twinkle or naman or jasmine bt twinkle n kunj twinj n sidhant and jasmin sidmin n yah post ur ff asap dear

  3. Nithika

    Look dont take me wrong but twinj jodi mostly make with sidmin but naman shw and jasmin is also gud bit i preffer more to uvi and twinkle because it looks more neat and perfect

    • Maina

      Yes nithika you’re right yule has the most beautiful chemistry and most cuteness faces I wish they don’t separate yule love you

  4. rachan

    Yup I also agree that twinkle is only n only made for Kunj…plz bring theme together…waiting for it eagerly..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

  5. Somona

    Hi guys don’t mean to be rude if I seem so but I still prefer Twiraj coz the new kunj can never take the place of sidhant and can never create the charm sidhant had created in our hearts .. He was the reason we loved kunj so much .. He made us love the character kunj and he had a great chemistry wid twinkle .. The new kunj is soo not that type he looks more the fighter type not like our sweet chocolate boy sidhant and .. I love Zain to the core and I have always supported yuvi from the begining of tashan e ishq and I believe he needs a chance .. I always wanted twiraj but when she married kunj , was okay coz kunj won our hearts but was happier when twinki married yuvi and now starting to hate tashan e ishq coz she will go back to kunj .. I don’t hate the new kunj . I like him as rocky but not as kunj and can never accept him as kunj .. He doesn’t suit twinkle as kunj and will never create the twinj charm for me .. I don’t know about others but that’s my POV

    • Bhavika

      same here wanted to say all this it was my POV too but i didnt wanted twiraj from start just after sid left

  6. Sherry jadoo

    I totally agree with u Simona yuvi an twinkle are a better couple than this new kunj he doesn’t suit twinkle

  7. Geeta

    I 😍 love Kunj and twinkle. And I think that the new Kunj will win our hearts πŸ’• .today episode was awesome

  8. Syeda Farhana

    I totally agree with u. To be honest, I started watching the show after I saw the promo of Sid’s entry as Kunj. At that time I liked Twiraj more but with the passing time I became an highly insane fan of both Twinj and Sidmin. When Kunj died I thought that there is no point to watch the show, but when Naman came I again started watching the show. And when I saw Jasmin ans Zain aka Twinkle and Yuvi together, I was like wth is happening. I never preferred them together and still I don’t. I preferre the show to end with Twinj and Yuhi together forever. And I know Sidhant is the best, but Naman is also exceptional

  9. Neil

    bcz yuvi was bad before but he tried to save kunj and kunj beat him very much.he served kunj family for blo*dy five years yet they again misunderstood him but what kunj did he without knowing truth tortured them and he said he loved twinkle but he give money to doctors to prove her mental and give shocks to her but again yuvi saved love of his life despite of it she loved someone else

    • Maina

      Only yule or twiraj looks cool and for the show yule should be together but if they ever make the pair of twinkle and rocky and don’t make justice to yuvi’s love I will simply stop watching it but I have a big hope of that they don’t again break our hearts

  10. Jisha


    |Registered Member

    I too agree with you…it should be twinj…I understand everyone loves Sid more than naman…now that Sid has left and uv has become +ve and some people find zain n Jasmin Jodi better than Jasmine and naman.
    But tei is not about the face…it is about twinj…kunj, the perfect son,best husband who loved his wife to the core should get his Twinkle…it is about their true love…

    • Baby


      |Registered Member

      yessssssssssss i totally agree wid u jisha di i also wntd 2 express n tell d same bt if i strt riting den it wont stop so dts d reasn luv u sidmin bt twinj shuld only b 2gtr as its dere luv stry n true luv cnt b betrayed so easily

  11. Kadss



    Thankyou Guys for the comments πŸ™‚ Only the writers can decide which Jodi should be final….so lets wait and watch….till then keep loving tashan e ishq πŸ˜‰

  12. twinjfan (tamanna)

    yup…I totally agree…I want twinj to be together…n zain is winding up the show….twinj are going to end up.(in todays episode) as per news which tashan e ishq fc provided….I seriously want twinj…thanks fr this amazing post…all the things u said…I agree it..

  13. Kadss



    Zain is not leaving the show….he is taking short break as he is not well at all…..lets pray he recovers soon…he needs a break from his hetric shoots πŸ™

  14. Somona

    Thank you nithika and sherry jadoo for supporting me … And If ZAIN leaves the show , I will never watch TEI again .. Watching only for him .. Die hard fan .. Not a Naman Fan!!!

  15. shayna aka twinkle

    I completely agree with u nd i always wanted only twinj only nd only twinj is the best pair I feel nd abt uv he should get mahi back or someone else nd twinj should get married again nd live happily everafter

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