Tashan-E-Ishq FanFic – Forever TWINJ – Part 1


Hi hearted sort fr l8 upd8 BT I postd it ystrdy even on contact pg bt they didn’t published it. And as led ur wish TWINJ. And TWIRAJ fans should not be dissapointed on tashan e isgq written updates pg there’s an amazing writer writing lv story of TWIRAJ named Zia/zai

Scene 1
At mndp
Uvi: I don’t won’t to marry chinki as I lv sm1 else.evry1 gets stunned….

As I lv twinkles bf kunj I LV U……kunj let’s run and then marry sarla puts a hand on her head and. Says aee bhagwan. Kunj and chinki strchs Uvi’s ears
Uvi:ouch ouch ouch pls sm1 save me pls
Pandit:thus mhurt is beat fr TWINJ and the mhurt aftr 2hours is best fr YUKI
Leela: OK pndit he. R ur guyz DRA finish then let’s start marriage. She points to see kunj & twinkle bt is shocked
To see no one tuere
Leela:I know where they would be

Scene 2
At terrace
Twinkle:aftr marriage I bill be twinkle kunj sarna from twinkle taneja
Kunj: yes my baby
Twinkle: 1.I’m not ur baby and second y girlz got their hsbndz name aftr marriage
Kunj tries to speak bt leela intrpheres and says that bcuz aftr marriage hsbnd is everything fr a wife
Twinkle: bt at abut her maieka.leela gets emotional bt then stretches TWINJ ears that today is ur marriage. They(TWINJ) in union we forgot.leela slaps on their head lightly and says that is this a thing to frget
TWINJ again in Union yes bt we vil not forget it on next.leela was going slap again bt TWINJ run from there leela says god savee.

Scene 3
At mndp
Everything thing is done the pandit to TWINJ says now get up fr pheras . TWINJ stood up.a voice cmz from behind this marriage can not happen.

Sort guyz fr bakwaass epi may be of u like it I really Missy frndz pls cmmnt.fatarajo sadafkhan Campos dolly divyA angel jazz vidhi mahiran shivangi lucy anu shunna payal sravana bhargavi princess roshni,mariyum komal…..much more.pls cmnt.I vill try to upd8 tomorrow on time bt they most my article 6-7 houra l8.and when i upd8 short it means it was short to create suspense in u.bye tk care evry1

Credit to: KEIRA

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  1. Hi guyz I didn’t write tashan e ishq fanfic and part 1…pls cmnt guyz

  2. It’s not backwass epi.. , nice epi… keep updating.. waiting for the next.

    1. Thanx a lit sadaf khan

  3. Very nice episode…… Keep updtng……twinj rocks…. :*

    1. Thnx…thnx

  4. Liked it… Keep writting

    1. Thnx lucy

  5. Nice epi, plz continue.
    Wanna be friends ?

    1. Thnx….thnx…sure y not and the persons who cmnts ony ff I always tk them as frndz…so now we r new frndz right???????

  6. awwwww…nyc epi dea…bt plz make it.big okay …

    1. Thank u thank u thank u

  7. Hey keira loved it dear sooo mch want more twinj scene
    Nice suspence waiting for next episode eagerly

    1. Hi any think u…OK…thnk u…i vill do on time

  8. Wanna b frndz with me. Will b most to have one…. Do rply plsss…???……btw vry nic episode…..????lvd it yaar…!!!…..twinj rocks….???

  9. Y not..sure I vil lv to hv 1 2(too)…thnk u…thnk u…thnk u..sort fr l8 cmnt I didn’t saw that

  10. nc episode.
    thanx for updateing…

    1. Think..wlcm

  11. Hi guyz story dat I can’t upd8 tdy as:
    1st: many guests r at my home

    2nd:I was busy all working and helping with my mum.till 3’O’clock.

    3rd: I’m shivering and burning with fever.

    4th:tomorrow is my maternal grandmothers 40th.
    Pls pls pls frgv me my frndz and the readers who we waiting eagerly fr dis epi???????????

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