tashan e ishq (fan-fiction)


Hi guys itsy first writing so pls comment

A dashing guy comes out of a black car named yuvraj luthra.Another guy comes out of blue car named kunj sarna
Kunj:yuvraj its our second year of school but every one is still fan.

Uvi(nick name of yuvraj):yeah,yaar.
A girl comes out of a pink and blue car with pink gllitery mobile named twinkle taneja
Wearing goggles pink shoulder sleeve top and blue jeans with silver high heels. Every one was shocked to see such beautiful girl and both yunj and were not able to take off their eyes from her.Yunj went near her and intro their self with names family names and with saying the popular dashing charming boyz
Twinkle: i dont talk to strangers.now get a side from my way.
Both shocked to see a girl talking in this behaviour with them.suddenly then the (twinkle) car door opens a girl coming out with yellow ahoulder sleve top, black jeans and golden high heelsnamed chinki.

The principle announces a debates competion bw boyz and girls chinki says to twinkle like other debates u will again win. Yunj were listening them from behind
Hearing this yunj decide to take part in comp too

Credit to: Maha

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  1. Nice one maha gd effort but kunj and twinkle are best jodi

  2. Nice fanfic, please continue

  3. Hey maha its really nice start…plz continue and I hope that u unite kunj and twinkle …. Thnx

    1. I love ur writing well thanx angel

      1. When i had read ur name i wondered if u r the same maha who reads my ff…?…glad at ur wrk dear

  4. toooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooood

  5. Stop this yar. Change the track ??it is not nice!!

  6. Its really good plz continue

  7. TTTThhhaaannnkkkksss to every one especiaaly nima amd angel

  8. Too Good Yaar!! Liked it very much Plz Continue

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