tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 9


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Scene 1
At the road
chinkle (chinkle and twinkle) and yunj (using and kunj) reach there, yunj recognize that these r there moms and tell to chinkle everything rush to hospital

Scene 2
When chinkle and yunj approach there they get to know that docs r on strike and everything gets tensed.yunj starts weeping chinkle relaxes them and then twinkle gets an idea, she calls some one and ask the ward boy to admit the patients in it suddenly a girl comes and call chinkle they come and both run to the room chinkle closes the door and the girl says due to so much blood loss they have 3.5 chances,chinkle says we will give blood.
Girl:u haveto give 2 blood bottles to each.
Chinki:we will.the girl matches the DNA and chinki’s blood group matches to anita and twinkle’s to usha both shout and says how could this happen

Girl:we have no time to shout lets do.
after hour every one comes and thanx to their lord and three of them says thanx to each other. On the hand yunj comes and asks WHAT U DID?
Twinkle:we saved ur mothers.yunj jump and hugs them. Chinkle hug them back.aftr hug twinkle it’s my cousin she is a doc and we gals have a little experience to so we saved them.suddenly twinkle gets dizzy and falls but at the right time kunj saves her and she falls in his arms.twinkle becomes un council us on the other hand same happens with chinki yunj lifts them in their arms and asks the girl what happened . She tells them that due to giving 2 bottles of blood from each of them they r now become weak and needs energetic food and rest.yunj lays them in their car and lays them to their respective rooms and tells the whole incidence to the family and then they leaves

Yunj first time realize their love for chinkle

Credit to: Maha

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