tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 7


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Scene 1
Every one goes to shop.yunj book a table with four chairs every1 sits.kunj orders four milk chocolate coffee
Twinkle: so u know that we like chocolate milk coffee not milk coffee
Kunj: anyone can guess from ur gals face that what do u like something or not and r u lieing or not?
Twinkle: oh so sweet dear.
Kunj puts one eye up and looks surprisingly. Coffee arrives,every1 is having coffee,uvi tells how he saved chinki and said that he will not leave kidnapper.after coffee waiter calls yunj for signs and payment.some goons come and tease chikle.thry both shout for yunj.kunj terribly beats twinkle’s teaser and uvi terribly beats chinki’s teaser. A goons ask whom u r 2these girls that u boyz r beating us so terribly
Yunj: husbands(at same time)
1 woman said:look the love b/w these husbands and wives, the husbands r beating goons so badly and this presents their love for their wives. Chunki and twinkle we alreadyshocked at yunj rply but after listening to woman , those four started looking at each others faces Tashan e ishq plays.

Kunj and uvi wr also hurt, 2 goons come beside them, chikle sees them and knives in their hands(of goons) they both(chikle) hold the knife tightly which injures their hand badly and deeply they hold the knife thightly kick in the stomaches of goons. Yunj looks at chikle’s faces(OMG so swwweeeetttt nvr want this mooment to end) (loovveee it) Tashan e ishq plays

Manager calls the police arrives and arrests the goons and take people for their proof and ask yunj to city one after a littlae time bcuz of the remaining treatment of their wounds as twinkle messages the police officer on his phone to do so or else she will not spare him .
Twinkle runs to kunj and chinki runs to uvi. Yunj got wound on their faces and hands. Twinkle runs and brings first aid box from her bag.when they spread iodine on their faces they feel itching yunj shouts chikle puts finger on their like lips they have an romantic eyelock BA’s itni tmna plays. chikle feels it and spreads it slowly.chikle gives treatment while the treatenent yunj startes starring at chikle Tashane ishq plays. They got a romantic, long and lovingly eyeloch BA’s itni so tmna plays during eyelock. After treatement yunj says to chikle we will drop u gals.

Chinki :we will go by ourselves.

Doc says to chikle that they(Anita and usha) have 3.5 chances of living cuz of so much blood loss chikle decides to give blood doc gives them their blood group report they shouts how could this happen

Credit to: Maha

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  1. Hey dr, its dificlt to read the words, pls do try nt to r8 in short hand. N luvd the fytng part n der faces on hearng luv f hubby n wify 😛 . 😀

  2. ikr liya..its bcuming tough 2 read..but nice episode…I lik yr story way more than the show’s current track

    1. Omg thanx seema

  3. u hv to change ur story line dear….how cm to people fight with goons on the same way and also injured on same plc it like u r wryting for children to make them understand easily …..u hv to make ur story more interesting …by the way ur story is good needs
    to edited

    1. I don’t understand

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