tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 6


Hi guys sssooorrryyy for ssooooo late update but what could i do i was busy and guys my some commentaters want me to start from current track i already have less cause city im in eight andy exams r not far so,and if i will start from current track maybe i will post short updates

Scene 1

Yunj went to their classroom their sir tell them that today’s lecture is very important and if someone will miss todays lecture his or her all year would be wasted dont worry if they would get notes they will not be able to give too yunj gets worried for chikle.
Kunj: what would those girls will do now?
Uvi:dont know.
Kunj:i think u should prepare notes and i will record lecturw then we will photocopy notes for all of us
They does the same.


after college yunj go to their respevtive homes.

Scene 3

At kunj homes kunj goes to sleep but cant he start thinking about twinkle got lost in that. He then doses off and then sats to himself that y this girl is getting importance in my life? as she nothing means to me he doesn’t know when in his thoughts of twinkle he fell a sleep

Scene 4

In uvi’s house same happens with uvi about chinki

Scene 5

In twinkle house same happens with twinkle about kunj and chinki about uvi.

Scene 6

In college when chikle arrives they gets to know that uvi and kunj prepare notes and recording for them chinki tightly hugs uvi and twinkle tightly hugs kunj in excitement and when they realise what they did they says sorry thanx and goes to class and before entwrring clasa they both turn to see them( in my style palat ) and shyly went yunj wre still in shock but gets happy.

Scene 7

After college uunj are outside and says to chilli
Kunj : after we give u gals such a big thing for ur carrer we want something in return
Twinkle: what did u need?
Uvi: ur gals frndshp
Chinki : what? Nevr
Kunj: then we snatch notes from u gals
Twinkle: OK
Kunj: we shall give u gals a treat of our new fendshp
Twinkle :what in that? (in a teasing way)
Uvi point to coffee shop,twinkle and chinki jump
Ivi: its mean that u gals like coffee?
Chinki: we love milk coffee.ooos i have tell u the flavour too
Kunj:its OK we have to know our friends choice or not twinkle?
Twinkle: ofcourse lets go

Anita and usha car meet with an accident.some goons tease chikle, yunj beats them .chikle apply iodine on yunj faces and euelock a song plays

Credit to: Maha

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