tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 4


Scene 1
Twinj somehow spend their night.the next day sun was rising twinkle was still sleeping he looks at her childy face and smiles.eyelock.

Scene 2
While uvi followingchunki they reach a old jungle.where chinki goes to a hut and a person uncouncious her by the liquid spreading on the tissue then placing it on her mouth.she lies uncouncious before she lies and she saw yuvraj there, but yuvraj in full angriness gives a punch on the person and starts beating him and also trickly throws water on chinki’s face.she gets and shouts yuvraj to stop.
Uvi: i will not spare him he tried to thrten u i will spare him.if something happens to u then i will not forgive myself.he then stops when he realises what he said.chinki standing still in shock then unties her mother face and sprinkles water on her and unties her hands and legs
Fb shows( chinku in call a kidnaoer says that i have kidnapped ur mother then tells the address where to come.) Fb ends
Chinki calls police,police comes on time and took kidnapper with them, due to that medicine chinki faints and falls uncouncious her mother shouts but uvi lift her in his arms and take her mother and her to hospital. Doctor says not a big issue due not eating food and that medicine make her weak that y this happened.not timo worry and she can go uvi drops her mother and her to their home and lyes chinki on bed and before he closes the door he keeps watching chinki for a minute and then remembers what’s he doing then goes downstairs take blessing of elder and went to his home

Scene 3
Kunj gets up and goes out side twinkle also wakes up and goes outside
Twinkle: Oteri!
Kunj: what happened?
She points out her finger they saw students coming to college and said we can’t in this custom.then uvi arrives there kunj calls him he goes there WOW! Mis drama and kunji what happened to u guys
Kunj : i will explain u later give me car keys. He gives they go kunj drops twinkle.

Scene 4
twinkle redies her to look perfect in front of her parents and goes inside and finds her Maa praying and slightly slightly goes inside but her mother stops her.her mom turns and said where were u last night she explains her mother says u r the daughter of Leela Taneja who will damage ur car.
Leela: now u go and change i will bring breakfast for u.she nods and goes.

Scene 5 kunj home
Kunj also goes inside and slightly slightly walks his mother stops her and asked where was he he explains she says who could do this? Kunj says im very lets breakfast
Both does and vomes to college

Twinj confront eachother due to yuki

The answer is – – – – – – – –
Mothers 7 dashes 7 words

Credit to: Maha

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  1. Nice episode yr but what is the meaning of mother7 dash 7 what’s all this unable to understand

    Can your ff will be more better if you will continue from the current track

  2. good yaar plz continue 🙂 😉

  3. Nice maha but can you write it more properly..

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