tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 3


Hi guys sorry for soon late update but what can i do I was busy.pls comment.

Scene 1
Twinkle: lets go chinki.
Uvi: now u have taken her name.girls r very stupid right kunj.
Kunj: yeah uvi
Twinkle.: mr.yuvraj luthra. Girlz r ent stupid and if they r then not more then boyz.and sorry chinki.
Chinki: its ok lets go from here.
Twinkle : yeah

Scene 2
After going chinki and yuvraj on one time think to take revenge from eachother.
Chinki by mistake puts a bucket of water in kunj car engine thinking its of uvi and also punctures its tyres. On the other hand uvi also does this with twinkles car. Twinkle and kunj were submitting projects of some subjects chinki gets a call and messages twinkle that she has an urgent so she is going and is not taking the car . twinkle says ok.uvi saws chinki in supertension amd follows her thinking that why mis pataka is so tensed.

Scene 3
its starts raining twinj after submitting their projects rashes to their cars and find them super damaged .
Twinkle: O teri!
Kinj: what happened mis drama.
Twinkle: im not miss drama and my car is extremely damaged
Kunj: oohhh!( in teasing way) can’t u see my car is to.
Light thunder twinkle shouts kunj gets afraid due to her shout and himself shouts too.
Twinkle: why r u coping me.
Kunj: im not i was also gone afraid due to ur shouts
Again light thunders they both do that again and gives angry look to each other. Then kunj finds a hut he tells to twinkle they both run and reach there twinkle was totally( in my style) A-Z wet.Kunj saw her shivering and removes her jacket and shirt.then wears her jacket and gives shirt to twinkle and goes out to let her change. She does then after some time he enters and then they collide with eachother. Then twinkle turns angrill and slips and falls in kunjs arms they have an eyelock sajna way plays she feels akward and stands up saying thanx.

All – – – – – – – – – dashing entry.hero saving heroine guess who?

The word which will fulfill these dash will be – -… Entry

Credit to: Maha

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  1. Hey its nice.make long.didnt get ur precap dear….

    1. And u will not get it until u read the next update well thanx so much yaar jazz asked whats ur name but do aila exists as muslim name not confirmed thats y asking and love u and ur updates lots of blessing. Hahahaha

  2. Hero kunj savng heroin twinkl. I luv dis pair, evnthough i nvr watchd dis series, but i reads it regularly. . . Updt lil long stry dr. . Pls, 🙂

  3. Hi maha… At starting i said it is not interesting, but now it is interesting…. Today’s episode is good..!! And keep on doing in same way ….post some what more

  4. OK guys i will try thanx to everyone dears

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