tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 19 (BLOSSOMING LV)


Hi sorry guyz for late updt i ws busy and vill till 23 bt i vill try to updt and i would like to no no no no lv to thnk diVya for being a constant reader thnk u so much diVya

Scene 1.
At college(its last day of their college)
Dolly announces everything in college every1 gets happy and congratulates and teases them.dolly brings these 2 couples to canteen and asks for treat evry1 enjoys coffee.
Twinkle: btw dolly where is neha i havnt seen her from many days
Dolly:yeah! Actually she went america as she has completed the course in sm days and got a great job and it happened so hurriedly that she informed me after going to america
College bell rings evry1 greet eachother and left dolly:actually i think u guyz hv to romance so its better for me to go myself these 2 couples gv her an an angry look. Dolly was going to sit in her then suddenly she said actually sory i know u guyz hv made the mind to romance bt i wnt the responsibilty to choose the dresses and to ready our brides pls
Twinkle and chinki in union: ok baba.dolly smiles and left and four of them left too.

Scene 2
On engagement day
Dolly brings dresses evry1 gets shocked to sew the dresses and gets tensed.
Twinkle: shouts hv u anysense dolly how we r going to wear these dresses and strts weeping evry1 gets concerned for her.chinki consoles her

Surprise???? engagement

Sorry guyz for not posting that u wr waiting

Credit to: keira

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