tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 17 (BLOSSOMING LV)


Hi guys I think that u guys r not enjoying my ff so I’m gonna end it soon..
Every1 goes home

Scene 1
At Taneja mansion
Leela and sarla tell twinkle and chinki that two Boyz r comng to see u gals
Twinkle: marriage! Let’s run chinki… they were just going run bt leela stretches their ears they both a aaaa hhhhhhooooooootyhuu
Leela: u gals r not running
Raman was cmng from behind and says that the Boyz r just cmng to see then wt abut marriage will be nxt ste.twinkle tries to speak bt chinki holds her hand and says it’s ok we r cmng
Leela: ur dresses r on ur beds
Twinkle and chinki in union: ok
Twinkle is wearing a dark blue gown with silver waist belt and hair open straight from up but curls from down with silver and dark blue bangle (these r two bangles)in one hand and chinki a blue top with dark blue jeans open hair

Scene 2 Boyz family arrived Every1 greets them Raman asks chinki and twinkle to stay in guest room for smtme after 15 mins leela asks chinki and twinkle to go in their respective rooms

Scene 3
At chinki room
A boy is standing near pictures chinki enters the room and his back is towards her she says that I’m sorry I can’t marry u I lv sm1 else he turns he is none other than uvi chinki: wt r u doing over here if the boy sees us together there will be a big problem he pins her against the wall and says nothing will happen I’m with u naaa they here a knock on chinki opens the door sarla enters inside and says if u guys r done come downstairs I hope u like the boy chinki
Chinki: shocked u mm ye……yeah
After going of sarla uvi starts laughing loudly and says I’m the boy who came to see u chinki runs after him and both fall on bed SHAITAANIYAN PLAYS IN BG

Scene 4
At twinkle a boy is standing near window twinkle cmz and says in her mind let’s apply formula no 33 she cmz near window and turns to see his face shocked to see kunj
Twinkle: KUNJ wt r u doing here if sm1 saw us there will be big issue leave from here now and if the boy came who is cmng to see me u can’t even imagine wt will happen go from here
Kunj : oooohh don’t u take breath the boy is perfect for u he is handsome caring dashing he vill lv u u so much and u vill too
Twinkle: I vill slap u wt r u saying I vill not leave u how could u say he is perfect for me I vill lv him

Leela cmz and says cm downstairs as Every1 is waiting for u guys twinkle bcuz shocked and asks kunj wt is happening y didn’t mom said anything strange naaa he starts laughing and says I’m the one who came to see u stupid twinkle hits him and runs after him the both fall on bed over eachother THODE SE HUM THODE SE TUM PLAYS IN BG they hv an eye lock every one cmz downstairs uvi and kunj’s mothers r shocked to see them
The screen freezer on their shocked faces

Engagement date

Credit to: KEIRA

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  1. no yaar not at al…we all like it dear bt d only thing is u shud update it on time …we all wait yar …ur ff is ossum dont end it dea…

    1. Really u huy like it thank u sooooooooooooooooo muchhhh actually I always update on time bt they post it late…..ok I will not end it soon

  2. yes girl dont end it …keep on posting we like it dea…

  3. Don’t end it…… I see all the episodes regularly but although I see written update just because of this ff.. I love it… Plz don’t end

    1. OK ok i bill not end it soon thnkx

  4. Nice ……don’t end it

    1. Thnx…….. OK..u r a silent reader right

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