tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 16 hate to lv part 2


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Scene 1

At twinj location
Twinkle was falling backwards fast lyrics bt her feets were at cliff kunj cmz running ingredients extremely fast and pulled twinkle such hard towards her Cuz her one foot was on cliff and she failed on him SAJNA VE PLAYS they hv an eye lock kunj hugged and twinkle also hugged him tightly
Kunj: don’t wt happened if u hv fallen i hv di..twinkle puts her hand on his mother and don’t speak this word nothing will happen to u until later I’m with u she said in a childish behavior and again hugged him bt when she going to hug him her lips mistakenly touched his she stood up feeling awkward and helped him too then they look at each other when their lips were touched their hearts started beating fast and they just wnt that moment nvr to end they were just wanna lost in eachother bt didn’t did that and when they looked at eachother their mind can’t can control their heart and runner hugged and share a lip lock kiss and hugged again
Scene with at Yuki’s location

OMG chinki’s only one finger is on cliff and just in a second she will fall she reminded all her moments with uvi their laughs their teasings.e.t.c and then her hand slipped and she closed her eyes as she knew ed she vill not live now bt suddenly she feel a pulling on her hand and opened her eyes the pulling person is none other than uvi he pulled her towards him with full power and hugged her tightly and they share a hard deep lip lock kiss for 2 mins and started breathing heavily (I think it was very deep)he hugged her again tightly MEIN HOON HERO TERA PLAYS IN BG and they share a tight hug

Uvi: u hv a stupid ego u didn’t even took my name when u were falling u know if hv been fallen i will jump from this cl….. she putted hand on his mouth and said I didn’t said uvi bcuz if I did u will never forget that I took ur name before dying and if I was then u will not give ur life a second chance
Uvi: I loved u chinki and i vill nvr let u go away from me he hugged her and again kissed her


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Credit to: KEIRA

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