tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 14 (Lv always wins)


hi guys thanx for ur comments and views and I’m making yuki and twinj and these both’s lv story will be shown hearted sorry if I disappoint sm1
Scene 1
Suddenly both twinj phones ring at the same time and both have the same ringtune they look at each other and laugh they attend phones,this is kunj phone conversation
Kunj: uvi you did u call me? U know na I’m with twinkle
Uvi: I know u r with my bhabh (kunj tries to speak bt)iI have no balance for backwash and listen me carefully ur and bhabhi’s debates r ready or not
Kunj: ye…..yeah
Uvi: yeah do I feel no

Kunj: no no they r ready
Uvi: gd now reach the class hurriedly
Here is twinkle cnvrsation and had the same about jiju teasing name
They both share to each other and goes to their respective rooms

Scene 2
where they find there professor listening debates from participants and then the turn of twinj and they both just no words to describe and the professor says student in have chosen two groups for four debates and each consisting two members on two different topics in one language. Those r twinkle kunj uvi and from girls chinki and…………………..the last
dolly was praying bt
………twinkle and in groups twinkle and kunj and chinki and uvi Every1 jumps while dolly fumes in anger

Aftr college those 4 congratulates eachother and saw dolly in anger twinkle goes to her and says lossing and winning restaurant the parts of life u should not mind it
Dolly: u r saying that bcuz u won
Twinkle: look If I was losses then I will say the exact words
Dolly: I only like dancing and debates bt I don’t know both of them. I know a little bit of debates bt I loos and i totally don’t know dancing and the dance teacher over here is v.harsh to me
Twinkle: no need to worry I will teach u I know all types of dancing and I’m a trained dancer
Doly:(in excitement ) really is will learn from u bt no…. I will not…..I tried to kill u and I’m not……
Twinkle: I forgive from tomorrow at my home we will start from tomorrow
Dolly (in excitement ):really
Twinkle: sure
Both goes in theory cars (twinj in 1 car and yuki in other1)

Scene 4
In twinj car
Kunj:u r looking hot today
Kunj:haan… for what
Twinkle: u said that I’m looking hot
Kunj: no.. I said it to my self in mirror
Twinkle in rage: oh really u know now a man is not even handsm and u r talking about hotness
Kunj: I know that u r saying it to ur self then y telling me?
Twinkle: I think u should say it to ur self
Kunj: ooh really
Twinkle: yeah
Kunj: I think where u said u and urself u must say me and myself
Twinkle: ooh really
Kunj: yeah
Twinkle : I will kill u
Kunj : nothing for me is the biggest gift except dyeing with the hand software my lo (twinkle puts hand on his face SAJNA VE PLAYS they hv an eye lock nvr to say this again I want to say smthng)
Kunj: wt
Twinkle: I.. II..I LV U
KUNJ: I didn’t listened plus a louder.
Twinkle shouts: I LV U
KUNJ STOPS the car and hugs her tightly she hugs her too and BAS ITNI SI TMNAH PLAYS. Tear roll down from kunj so eyes. Twinkle wipes them

Yuki’s supr fight, twinj romance, yuvi mistake and teasing and chinki’s anger

Hi guys tomorrow 8 DEC is smthng special guess wt please frgve me for not updating yesterday and who r my frndz will guess and comment so please frndz comment????

Credit to: Maha

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  3. Nice. I have already seen twinkle and kunj’s chemistry. I would also love to see Yuvi and Chinki’s chemistry they will look cute together in the show but they barely show Chinki in the serial. But I love your fan fiction

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