tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 13 (lv always saves it’s lv)

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Every1 is on their Tables uvi and chinki r lost in conversation.
Twinkle:I don’t think our best frndz need us
Kunj: of curse,just look at them
T: leave it kunj I want to say smthng
k: tell me
t: actually kunj I like u but but I don’t lv u dont mind it but it doesn’t means that I reject ur proposal actually I want to say that I want u as my best frnd and i want that we should know about each other so that u lv me n i will know and i think I have started falling for u bt I want u to be my frnd u understand na
k: I understand what u want to say it’s OK I’m not like other Boyz so I should order our favorite milk chocolate coffee
t:thanx( in excitement)
kunj: brings coffee they both talk eachother for hours and doesn’t remember it’s late the waiter tells the time to kunj that 3am time to close up pay the bill kunj pays and comz to twinkle and says i will drop us
T: ok

scene 2
during driving kunj plays FM kudiyan badma and plays( from badmashiyaan) both laugh loudly kunj feels happy seeing her childish laugh he stares at her
T: u r driving Mr.
k: I forgot
in that time they cm to twinkle home. twinkle insists kunj for one coffee. he agrees and says u r a big foodie
t: any problem
k: no
twinkle enters and calls leela
t::mom always wait until later in cm home its strange that not tday.
in mean time a lady coming down from ladders says that she knew that u will be with kunj so no need to worry my thinking
t: shocked how do u know mom? tashan-e-ishq plays
leela: I’m ur mothers and explains how she knew that kunj was placing gown etc..
leela: I have made the coffee before Cuz I knew u will In insist him
t: aawww so gd mom let’s hv coffee kunj. they have and kunj stands to leave but twinkle says 1 minute kunj
kunj: what happened I’m not going to do breakfast over here
twinkle: ok gd night
kunj: gd night

scene 3
at college
dolly cmz to twinkle and apologizes for her deeds and says sor ry I was wrong place frgve me I saw u and kunj at hotel u guys wre looking prfct for eachother
twinkle: by interrupting said it’s ok
dolly: I want a new start let’s go to terrace and take fresh breath. wht u says about it
twinkle: yeah let’s go
scene 4
at college terrace
dolly takes twinkle’s hand and takes her at the top and pushes and says now kunj will be mine at any cost in mean time kunj cmz and holds twinkle’s hand and pulls her towards him and they share an eye lock sauna very plays. dolly tries to separate them so that twinkle can fall again kunj slaps her and says how dare u to touch her
dolly: u slapped me for her even if lv u u more than any1.
kunj: I don’t lv u and she is my lv u dont even try to touch in ur dreams and lv is felt in heart not snatched and he holds twinkle’s arm and leaves dolly fumes in anger
on the otherhand twinkle keeps staring at kunj, when they reach downstairs she was doing so on kunj shakes her and she cmz to her senses and remember everything except her staring towards kunj and asks you did he shaked her
kunj: Cuz u wrote staring at me
twinkle : really….. ooh,….. yeah
kunj: I will point out u on ur interest towards me
twinkle: ohk that will be gd
they keep looking at eachother
then suddenly their phones ring surprisingly they have the same tune

debates selection and dolly’so jealousy

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  1. Hey maha, can u pls ryt in proper convrstn, cuz mst of dem luks incomplt. . . Plz. . . I dnt lyk dat dolly, she is vry bad. . . Luvd the kunj twinki scene 🙂 😀

    1. thanx and now I will rytfull conversation and dolly is a villan?

  2. Nice one…….

  3. you should not show only happy movements show some nokjhok , tadka and twists and leave chinki and yuvi

    1. OK i will show sm nok jhok and chinki and ubi r my fvrt bt i will twinj moments too and yukle moments too if i disappoint u and i will try to show sm college scenes.

  4. you should not show college scenes.

  5. Sch kahu to mujhe kch smjh nhi aa rha…

    1. Sorry… BT y r not understanding from starting or from this epi

  6. nyccc…

  7. Hey in today’s episode u didn’t show chin ki giving scenes.I want them is this ff .plz UnkI bhi luv story dikhaiye na aur is dolly ko bhi acha bana do Plz plz plz. I request u. Aur tumhara likhne ka tarika zabardast h. It’s awesome.plz continue.

    1. Sorry nxt time i vill show their scenes too ?….and i will show their lv atory too?…and bill bcm gd in no days….and i didnt rquest and pls dont do that again too u r like my frnd and frendz doesnt rquests frm eachothr…and Thanx for ur praises fr me sahima and i vill continue???

  8. Heyyy…. Please post ur fan fiction everyday… I just luv it…. u r too gud…. I was being waiting for this since 3 days… n now finally u posted… I m soo happiiee… u write really well… saachi….

    1. Hi dr vidhi first time u,kush ,apporwa,and sahiwa r commenting thanx guys,bt it means that u guys r silent readers han actually vidhi i was on an urgent work out of city in a village(don’t take it proffesional wrk) and now in at hme and i will update daily..,Thanx that u Lv it…and Thanx for saying me gd…and im happy that u r happy,???…and thanx for praising my writing and everything….saachi..????

      1. Yes I was a silent reader box I can’t comment. I’m using my mother’s mobile that’s why. And thanks for understanding.

      2. Dear sathiya don’t u hv an email address

      3. I mean to say sahiwa

      4. noooo…. actually m nt a silent reader bt 1 week ago i was searching for written updates of our tashan-e-ishq and came to knw abt this fan fiction… it wasss soooo gudd…. i mean ur imagination… i jst luved it… soo i read all the fan fictions same day only… and then i waited for ur fan fictions…. everyday i used to check this website 6-7 times a day…. bt no updates… sooo when u updates i was on 9th cloud…. i jst luved ur fan fictions… its mind blowing…. soooo basically m not a silent reader bt a new fan of ur imagination…..

      5. Thanx for saying this ff and my imagination gd…..thanx fr lvng it…… great to meet u my new imagination fan…. thanx a lot bt dr vidhi wts ur nme

      6. my name is VIDHI NAWAB… sooo my 1st name is Vidhi only… n urs???

      7. Mine MAHA IFTKHAR bt u can call me MAHA ??☺

      8. Ohk… done…. I’ll call u Maha…. n bt when r u gn to post ft? ?? Ur fan is waiting Maha…

  9. Dear maha , i’m nt understanding frm strting

    1. Oh sorry I will try in my writing so that u can undrstnd

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