tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 12 [falling in LOVE] {lv starts}

Scene 1
At twinkle’s room
She is shocked to see a such beautifull gown which is dark pink magenta shade silk stuff gown (not much deep that looks bad or that deep which looks bad just that which doesn’t show anythng i hope u all undrstnd what i mean)deep neck with beautiful silver shinning work on it and and written a beautiful designed TK btw left and right lunj but a more to left as thats the place where is heart and half tight silk petals of shape of hearthearts sleeves of the colour gown stitched with shining silvr thread in the middl of petal {not like ball gown }(aaawwww just imagine the gown how beautiful it is) she picks the gown and sees a note on the place of TK (Twinkle Kunj) that its from ur lv one who’s

Heart beats fast when u cm near him
His mind lost senses when he sees u
He bcms restless when he doesn’t sees u
He wants to die with out u

I LOVE U. Pls accept my lv
From ur KUNJ
Im waiting for u in Diamond hotel ( suppose that’s an hotel) cm at 8 pm sharp
Twinkle is shocked to see this.she bcmz happy and takes hr decision
Scene 2
At chinki’s room
She shocked to see such beautiful gown. With dark green base with shining silver lines in its flair with beautiful designed neck and full tight sleeves prfct of hr choice and written CU at the place whr was written TK with a note on it with written onit

I NVR thought i am so lucky
That u will cm in my life
I NVR thought my life would bcm so beautiful
When a angel like u will cm in my life
From ur lv Yuvraj
I LOVE U chinki waiting fr ur and in blue diamond hotel cm soon bby. At8 pm sharp. She jumps with happiness and takes Hr decision (diff than twinkle)
Both the giz start raeding on 8:30
Twinkle is wearing the gown and has done a beautiful bun wearing a heart locket with 3 beautiful bangles tied with a heart and with golden tops(so beautiful)
Chinki madam is wearing gown with silver bangles silver small heart tops looks beautiful too. they just their mothers that they r going to a party their moms undrstnd but doesn’t shows
They reach hotel at 9:00
Scene 3
At tge hotel
Chinki and twinkle entrs and goes near the countr and messages uvi and kunj that we r over here. Rply to chinki go 5steps straight 3steps left and u will see a table she follows and sees uvi
Twinkle rply go 5steps straight 3steps right. She does and sees kunj
Uvi holds the hand of chinki and dances on a lv song .kunj also holds the hand of twinkle aftr the performance of uvi and chinki kunj and twinkle dances on song Thode se hum Thode se tum(from movie baashiyan of sidhant Gupta or else i HV to say our kunj) beautiful dance then kunj and uvi presents a rung on same time to their chinki and twinkle both accepts and kunj and uvi words the rings in their heart fingers on the other hand dolly was seeing all this and burns in anger she goes out
Fb starts kunj and uvi could not sleep at nights they we always lost in chinki and twinkle thoughts they then discuss to each other and goes to durgah their a holy man cms and says the prsin who doesn’t let u sleep and is always in ur thoughts is non other then the prson u lvs they doesnt agrees to blve it then man says that put ur hand on ur heart and concentrate and u will see the face of the person u truly lvs they complies and sees chinki and twinkle face fb ends (that’s how they believe their lv i know in not a gd wrtr BT pls gv me suggestions abut our twinj)
Fb starts when uvi and puts gowns on the beds of the chinki and twinkle
They jump in through the window and places them and the notes while they jumped out the girlz mothers we watching them and saw the gown and that’s how they under stood????

Twinkles falling throgh top of the building

Hi guys sory fr disapointing u abut the realization of lv i feel that was not way of realization yuvi and kunj if u like then pls comment.???????

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