tashan e ishq (fan-fiction) 11


Scene 1
At college ground
Twinkle:why u guys r jumping? U know if u jump again an earthquake will come.
Twinkle: ofcourse dea.. Then stops.college bell rings and all students r called in Announcement ground. Every1 comes
Principal: hello dear studnts .i have an important announcement.
A student: sir if u called us in announcement hall then ofcourse u will announce smthng
Principal: Shutup!(in angry behaviour) so where i was students(in calm behavior) yes only 1 week is left fr ur debates comp and ur topic is LOVE. Thank u
Chinki: nice tpic right guys
Uvi: ofcourse bby.chinki puts one eyebrow up.
These for frndz laugh
Principal: sorry studntz i forgot smthng and it is ur frnd neha. And he sis dolly.
Neha is wearing pink top with shulder sleeves and a short pants with open hair. She is a very innocent girl with good mind. Helps every1
Dolly a rude girl wearing red deep V dress till knees always want to degrade others and want to snatch everything from others step sis of neha but neha’s step mom be’s equal with them.dolly NVR wants to help others
Both r gd looking and modern.

Principal: now every1 intro urslves to ur new frndz. Thanx
Dolly sees uvi and kunj laughing wth chinki and twinkle and says in her mind these hot boyz r spwnding time wth those jhalies (stupids) she goes to them neha follows hr
Dolly:hi boyz
Kunj: hi
Uvi:now bye
Dolly graps the shirt of kunj and uvi and says at happened y u guys r not talking with me and laughing with these stupids. Chinki tries to spk bt twinkle holds hand and says dont wth this mannerless girl.kunj and uvi throws hr hand away
Kunj:these girls r not stupid and especially not like u who have no manners to speak
Dolly: oh really! She tries to kiss kunj but twinkle pushes hr away and slaps her hard across the face and says we r not shameless like u and just get lost from here and nvr show ur face again. Dolly tries to slap twinkle kunj holds her hand and says just get lost.
Dolly:no and u girlz will pay fr this. They all leaves excpt dolly.
Its break time every one was going in canteen and cafe. These 4 frndz we going to cafeteria, a girl comes and puts hand on chinki’s shoulder they all turn the girl was non other than neha. Neha says im sorry from my sis side but pls take her words seriously and becarefull from her.
Chinki:we dont care for her
Neha:and pls dont care or else and if u care or not she will not spare u guys and fully will try to hurt u guys. She was just going to leave then twinkle stops hr and says i want u have coffee with us.

Neha: Thanx but what my sis did i wasn’t be able yo talk with u and u r talking about coffee. Thanks BT sorry.
Twinkle:its OK ur sis did that not u now come
Neha:thanx u guys r so gd
Chinki: its ok now come
Every one is having coffee and there is very silence on these five’s tble twinkle breks the silence and says to neha tgat u two sis r very diff from eachother
Neha: yes.she is v.diff from me.she always try to harm others.
Then suddenly dollycomes and drops hot coffee on twinkle and says no sorry from me as u deserve this twinkle gets angry but doesnt says anything to her
Chinki: now wht would u do?
Twinkle: dont worry i have an extra outfit.
Chinki: thank God
Dolly:shit in her mind

Twinkle goes to change. Solly sits on her place every1 is silent she breks the silence and talks uvi about his name and then property. He doesnt ans. She starts touching his leg by her feet he pulles his leg away and chinki notices that and hit her foot hard by her high heel. Kunj and uvi notices it and laughs. On the other hand twinkle comes wth blue shoulder sleeve top with mediem brown normal skirt with tight from up and open from down with pencil heel brown boot shoes kunj starts staring at her and she smiles. She sits on fifth chair of the tble dolly feels jealous and tries hit her feet but this time kunj hits her feet with his broad heel
Dolly:Ouch. But no one bothers
Scene 3
The college offs chinki is droped by kunj at home and twinkle by kunj
Kunj: u r looking beautifull
Twinkle: thanx
She goes to hr room and chinki also goes to her room and both girlz r shocked to see snthng on their bed(….guess what….)
The screen freezes on their shocked faces

Romantic dance and jealousy

Sorry guys fr mistakes and short updte but im burning from fvr and shouting frm thoart pain.Hearted sorry??????✔

Credit to: Maha

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  1. Yr its very Gud but u r giving importance to chinki so plz don’t give it as she is not the heroine nd one more thing show twinj moments different nd more as u show both twinj nd uv chinki moments same
    As in hospital both twinkle nd chinki faint at same time u can also that only twinkle faint so plz don’t do this
    Sry if u r hurt

    1. Thanx….????. From now i will avoid her ok i will show diff mom and im not hurt but i says to evry1 DAT give me suggestions abut the ff and its just till the strt of lv stry

  2. I lyk ur story very much. . . n thank u dat u didnt type it in hindi. . . Pls continue lyk dis in english nly. Luvd twinj moments, . Finaly der is a villain in dis story. . . 😛

    1. Thanx…?????????????????????????

  3. nic epi …plz take some rest …tc

    1. Thanx??? and fr ur concern too?????????

  4. Hi guys i think i must not say sorry abut short updt???cuz i ws thinking its short its v.long

  5. Nice ep …… Please upload next part….. Please

      1. Jaldi upload ker lo please …….

  6. First Take care then upload it’s awesome.

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