Tashan e ishq an everlasting love (Episode 7)


Tashan e ishq ep 7

Scene 1
Twinkle sees kunj lovingly just then kunj says with his eyes closed why are you starring at me??? Twinkle is surprised and thinks that how did he came to know that she was starring at him?? She acts that she was not starring at him but the nature !!!
K: ohhh muhje nai pta tha ki tum itna achha jooth bolti ho…
T: me jooth nai boo rhi hu.. Me saach me nature ko hi dekh rhi thi…. Ek min tumhe kaise pta chala ki me kaha dekh rhi hu???
K: Are………………
T: tum jaag rhe the ???
K: haaa
T: toh tum sone ki acting kyu jar rhe the???
K:Are rehne do me tumhe samjahne baithunga aur tumhe Kuch samjh nai aayega bcoz tumhara top floor khali hai…. And he laughss loudly
T: Apne saade hua jokes apne paas hi rakh Mr Sadu Sarna..
They both get into an argument and just then kunj unknowingly hurts Twinkle where she was injured… Twinkle shouts in pain ..
K: Sorry Sorry Twinkle voh galti se lag gaya …
Kunj blows wind on Twinkle’s feet they both share a eye lock sajna be plays….

Scene 2
At Amritsar
Leela says to usha that after 2 days we will have a small get together waterside garden restaurant… So that our children can also meet … Usha says its a great idea…
U: now I should leave vihaan (Kunj’s small brother) would be waiting for me..
L: okay let’s meet then…
U: okay bye..

Scene 3
Sarna mansion
Usha comes home greets Vihaan…
U: where is kunj??
V: Maa has je not come till now?
U: No but he was with you ???
V: yes but after meeting I went with my frnds and his phone is also unreachable…
Usha gets tensed and says hope kunj is safe wherever he is…

Scene 4
Twinkle says to kunj can I use your phone my frnds will be waiting for me… Kunj gives his phone .. Twinkle calls Avani(her sister)
T: Hello avani me Twinkle
A: hello Di where are you??
T:I am in junglr.. And I am coming in some time
A: Di come fast.. But who number is it ?
T: Its Kunj’s number..
A: Who Kunj??
T:Mr Akdu sarna
A: ohhh Di your love … Bt how is he with you??
T:(smiles) Shut up avani and says it’s a very big story I’ll tell you afterwards in detail..
A: okay come fast den coz its going be flights time…
T: yes I am coming…
Call ends…
Twinkle says to kunj kya tum please meri help karoge muhje resort tak Jane ke liye?? Kunj nodes..

Scene 5
Usha says to vihaan that try to call kunj again I am geting worried about him…
Vihaan nodes and calls Kunj …
Kunj picks up the call
V: kaha ho aap bhai??
K: Jungle me…
V: aap jungle me kaha se pahuch Gaye?? Aur ye aavas kisi ladki ki hai kaun hai …
K: Ye Twinkle hai.. Oh vahi siyaapa Queen..
V:Bhai par aap uske saath…
K: bahut labmi story hai baad me batunga detail me..
V : bhai aap jaldi aa jao Maa tension me hai aur Kuch khaya bhai nai hai..
K: Maa ka khayal rakhna me as rha hu.
Call ends..

Leela tells to twinkle that I have kept a get together party and you have to come… Usha says same to kunj…

Credit to: Aarti

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  1. Nice epi arti…

  2. Thanks Harsha and mahira..?

  3. Guys there is a bad news for all TEI Ñd twinj fans….: 🙁
    Guys priya shinde who is seen potraying role of Mrs suri in naagin will soon enter our show TEI . she is best childhood frnd of kunj and twinkle will b jealous seeing kunj and Maya(priya) together and will misunderstand that they have smthng in between…..!!! Hope twinj unite soon

  4. Rakshita it’s a good news and bad news the good news is that Twinkle feel jealous and might understand she likes Kunj bad news is the misunderstanding

  5. Wow nice update next episode fast

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