Tashan e ishq an everlasting love (Episode 5)

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Tashan e ishq epi 5

Kunj jumps into water to save twinkle… And says I am helping the girl who almost ruined my deal!! Wow..

Scene 1
Twinkle says shut up and take me out of water…I am afraid of water!!Twinkle tries hard to move but she cannot.. Kunj says what happend ?? Come with me .. Twinkle says I am not able to walk… My legs aren’t working!!Kunj picks her In his arms and starts to walk out .. Twinkle stares at kunj!!

Scene 2
Avani thinks where is twinkle why she hasn’t come yet?? God please keep her safe I am worried for her!! She calls twinkle but her phone is switched off !! She is tensed..

Kunj makes Twinkle lay on floor and says her to stay here and he will come back soon . she nods !! Kunj comes back and sees twinkle lying unconscious.. He says Twinkle what happened to you.. Pls reply Twinkle !! He tries to take out water from her!! She blows water on kunj!! He says now is harassing me in unconscious state also !! He tries to pump her heart but in vein…. Kunj says I don’t have any option Now and I cannot leave twinkle in this state… I have to do this.. He leans forward and kisses Twinkle!! She comes in her senses and angrily asks did he kiss her ??? He says I had no option left with me!!! She says chepo and you cannot kiss a girl without her permission but you…. Kunj says I am not a chepo I respect a girl lot!! I had no intension to do dat but I had no option left!! She is about to stand but screams in pain !! Kunj sees her leg which is bleeding and covers it with his handkerchief..

Scene 4
Avani says to her friends that I am worried about Twinkle as she hassent come till now and her phone is also switched off. They say not to worry as she will be fyn.. She says she hopes for it..

Twinkle and kunj stare at each other and sajna ve…. Plays ..
Suddenly cold wind blows and twinkle shivers !! Kunj takes out his jacket and makes her wear it.. She thanks him.. Twinkle says I have to go to my frnds as they will be tensed about me and my phone is also switched off .. Kunj says but how will you walk in this condition!! She says she will manage !! Kunj says okay den bye.. Take care .. Twinkle smiles at him… Kunj thinks she will come again in 10 mins as she doesn’t remember her way back and smiles.
Twinkle goes..
After 10 min
Twinkle comes back and kunj is facing his back and says welcome back ms siyappa queen …. Twinkle says how do you know I am here ??? Kunj says because I knew you don’t remember you way!!! They laugh seeing each other..

Kunj and twinkle are sleeping on each other!!!

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