Tashan e ishq an everlasting love (Episode 3)


Tashan e ishq ep 3

Scene 1
Twinkle suddenly closes the macbook without the saving of data and laughs at kunj!!
Kunj: ohhh madam ye kya kiya!! Meri puri mehnat pani me gayi..
Tumhe koi idea hai ki tumhari vajah se meri deal cancel ho jayegi??Tumhe pata hai ki tumhari ye harkat se mera 50 cr ha loss hoga uska kya??

Twinkle:Mr. Akdu tumne muhje window seat pe nai baith ne diya na iski kimant hai ye…

Kunj:Miss…… Whatever are itni choti baat ke liye itna bada badla..huh!!! Don’t talk to me now..

Twinkle: Muhje koi shauk nai hai tumse baat karne ka Mr Akdu!!
In the fight twinkle’s bracelet gets stuck to Kunj’s blazer and they share a eye lock!! Avani calls twinkle and they become conscious!!

Scene 2
At Mumbai
Twinkle with her friend goes to some resort near a jungle!! Riddhi (friend of Twinkle) sees a swimming pool and says to Twinkle lets swim. Avani says don’t you know Riddhi Twinkle doesn’t know to swim!! She is scared of water.. Riddhi says den lets play a game!!

Scene 3
At Mumbai
Kunj comes to Vihaan and says that why are you so late!! Kunj explains the incident to Vihaan and Vihaan is shocked to hear it!! He says what will we do now?? Kunj says lets work it out again.. They go to some hotel to work on their meeting!

Scene 4
The girls are playing thruth and dare and the bottle points at twinkle. Avani asks Twinkle about her recent…….before she completes Twinkle says “MR AKDU”
avani: So ur recent love is Mr Akdu?? But who is he!!

Twinkle: oh Tera Matlab love tha muhje laga tu dushman puchne wali hai vaise bhi me sab ke saath punge lati hu so..
Are woh flight wala itna Akdu tha woh! Me uski shakal nahi dekhungi aaj ke baad!

Avani: muhje pta hai Twinkle tu usse pyaar karti hai!! Mat chupa muhjse.

Twinkle:Avani aisa Kuch nai hai chup!!
Twinkle says now I m bored of playing games lets do some adventure!!

Scene 5
Kunj and Vihaan try to bring the data back but in vein.. Just then the Businessmen come for the meeting and says sorry we came early without informing you..hope you don’t mind!! Kunj and Vihaan looked shocked! Kunj hesitedly says yes we don’t mind! The meeting starts and Kunj gives the presentation by himself.
Meeting ends and the head says that he is quite impressed of the presentation and is ready to invest in him company! They leave. Kunj stands in a sign of relief!

Twinkle is going to jungle to collect woodsticks for campfire and Twinkle slips and fall in a water!

Credit to: Aarti

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