Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 9


Hey guyzz… sorry again for being late… nd yeah one mistake was their twinj went to mumbai… im extremley sorry for the mistake…. nd yeah IM SOOO SORRY i wont be able to post regularly as im gonns have my tests started soon…!!

Nd many of u asked me which class im in so let me give u small intro about me

My name is Maria Khan im from India class 10 nd 16 years old ?

So lets start my episode…!!

The episode starts with twinkle breaking the hug by pushing aryan slightly kunj who is standing just beside her notices all this is confused
Aryan: what r u guyzz doing here?
Kunj: we came here for time pass but looks like u people will have time to enjoy urself right?
Aryan smiles while twinkle hurriedly tells
Twinkle: no….. (aryan nd kunj looks on boggled) i…i… i mean… i came with u naa kunj… so i have to be with u
Aryan: haha.. twinkle u scared me for a second
Kunj: yeah me too (trying to understand whats going on)
Twinkle: its nothing like that…
Kunj: yeah anywayz… we came here for the rooms actually…..
Aryan: yeah yeah ok i get it… i just heard it slightly take this key one room for u nd the other room for nd twinkle
Twinj her shocked
Twinkle: what???
Aryan: ummm yeah u r my fiancee
Twinkle: we cant stay in one room… we r not married yet
Aryan: come on twinkle… this is modern generation noone minds about this nd what will happen if u will be with me… we will get to know each other more… kunj u explain her something

These words hurt twinkle like a brick she gets teary eyed kunj notices this nd closes his fist angrily
Kunj: aryan twinkle is right… this is not good…
Aryan: god u people r so typical type hmmphhh fine kunj u can come with me nd twinkle take these keys

Aryan leaves kunj stares at twinkle who looks soo damn unhappy
Kunjs soul talk: what is wrong with her?? Why is she feeling so sad?? (He recalls how happy she was when she came to mumbai) she was soo happy… i have to find it out

He leaves twinkle goes to her room locks it nd just falls on the bed lifeless watching the fan rotate her eyes gets watery she burst into crying she turns nd digs her face in the bed nd keeps on crying trying to stop screaming she starts choking nd crying vigorously she screams
Twinkle: whyy babaji whyy… why did u do this with me…. why do i have to face this… whyyy…. i cant marry the person i hate i dont want to marry him babajiiiii…. why did u do this…. why
She cries vigorously

Anita twinkles aunt took over twirajs property she used twinkle to get all the property as twinkle was very innocent…. after growing up anita brought aryan for her alliance in their first meeting aryan started getting close to twinkle which made her uncomfortable nd rejected him due to which anita blackmailed twinkle that if she wont marry aryan she will kill uvi… which made twinkle left with no choice nd agreed since the time they r engaged aryan tries to come close to twinkle therefore she left taneja mansion nd lives in chawl but then also anita nd aryan found them nd uvi is unaware of this that twinkle is going through all this he just know that she is engaged nd considers aryan as a good person
Flashback ends

Next scene
Next day
There is a knock on twinkles door she gets up nd opens the door she gets hell happy nd hugs the man who is revealed to be uvi she breaks the hug
Twinkle: what r u doing here bhaii?? When nd how??
Mahi vivek mansi comes from behind twinkle hugs everyone
Twinkle: what is going on can anyone tell me??
Kunj comes from behind
Kunj: the best… best friends award goes to mr kunj sarna
Twinkle: omg kunj… thank u soo much
She hugs kunj tightly (sajna ve plays) kunj hugs her back… he felt a connection which he is unknown of he gets confused twinkle breaks the hug
Twinkle: thank u soo much
Mahi: enough enough… we were missing u soo much
Twinkle: awww mahi dii
She hugs her again
Vivek: what happened people im also here
Twinkle laughs nd hugs him (sorry for not mentioning his character is played by karan patel raman of yeh hai mohabbatein)
Twinkle: soo whats the plan… nd wait a minute mansi dii… u r not allowed to travel y did u come here… nd wait a sec ur marriage is there… whats all happening where will ur marriage happen u all came here who will do the decorating stufss.. god r u people…….
Before she continues kunj takes a handkerchief nd ties it over her mouth
Kunj: stop it siyappa queen how much will u speak… let us tell whats the plan… (to uvi) bhaii how did u bear her i cant even bear her for a sec i pity the person u r going to marry… bhagwan jii u r there right help the person pleasee
Twinkle hits him on his chest she removes the handkerchief from her mouth
Twinkle: im a burden for u hah??
Kunj nods
Twinkle: nd noone can bear me right??
Kunj nods again
Twinkle: now look mr kharoose sarna i will show u… im twinkle taneja nd punjabi pathaka now u will come to me nd talk to me u wait nd watch
Kunj: yeah yeah im standing nd waiting also show me what u want to show
Mansi: arey people stop it this is a hotel
Uvi: yes yaar… have some respect vivek is also standing here
Kunj: wait bhaii… just two minutes what u want to show ms twinkle taneja
Twinkle goes nd whispers something in viveks ear he is shocked twinkle comes nd back nd stands facing kunj everyone is confused twinkle acts to zip her mouth locks it nd throws the key then everyone looks at vivek
Vivek: umm…she…she told that she will not speak a single word until kunj himself wont come nd try to cheer up my mood
(Funny tune plays)
Everyone is hell shocked kunj steps forward twinkle looks on confused he just bends down nd touches his head on her feet he then sits folding his hand funnily nd emotionally
Kunj: aeyy babaji thank u soo much u have accepted my prayer… thank u soo much i will distribute 10kg of ladoo to everyone thank u soo much
He stands up nd acts to wipe his tears
Kunj: wo actually im soo happy naa… i wont be able to hear her voice god twinkle how did u get so intelligent
Twinkle just shows a fake smiles
Kunj: omg i cant believe my ears… why is there soo silence
He taps on his ears
Kunj: wow… i love silence
Mahi nd mansi hits him on the shoulder
Uvi: arey twinkle what childishness is this
Mansi: yeah twinkle nd u mr vivek… couldnt u stop her
Vivek: wo…i….umm….i didnt get a chance to speak
Mansi: oh really
Vivek nods mansi smiles
Mahi: twinkle yaar leave this idiot kunj come lets plan
Twinkle shows thumbs up kunj smiles twinkle looks at him nd shows thumbs down kunj looks at her seriously

Next scene
(Note: aryan is not here now)
Everyone is sitting in a restaurant full bored nd trying to convince twinkle to speak something but all in vain while kunj keeps on teasing twinkle who doesnt even bother to reply him kunj gets fed up of twinkle being so quite
Kunj: okay fine… im sorry now speak
Twinkle doesnt
Kunj: what should i do now?
Uvi: do something romantic
Mahi: arey idiot… romantic is only for couple… kunj bring something for her
Mansi: no… no kunj make her eat pani puri she loves them
Vivek: hmmm as far as i know do something extra ordinary
Everyone with each other: no kunj do mine… do mine… urs is not good… no he will do mine
Kunj closes his ears twinkle laughs silently
Kunj: STOPP!!!
The lights go off nd everyone becomes quite a voice comes

Matargashti khuli sadak mein
Tagdi tadak bhadak mein
Oley gire sulagte se sulagte se sadak mein


Chhatri na thi bagal mein
Aaya hi naa akal mein
Ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum akad mein


Toh socha phir
Geela hua hai wo sukhana ho ho.. brroom!
Chaahe zanana ya mardana ho ho..

Phenka nayaa paasa
Phir de gayi jhansa
Aivein mujhe phansa
Teri aisi ki ho taisi zindagi


Phenka nayaa paasa
Phir de gayi jhansa
Aivein mujhe phansa
Chirkut zindagi, you know..


(Na na na..
Tang tang tang taun..
Tang tang tang tadaun
Ma ma.. tang tang.. thcu thcu..)

Kunj: soo u forgived me
Twinkle: yup
Kunj: good
They keep on talking mahi nd uvi engage in talking
Mansi soul talk: thank u bhagwanji u again gave me the sign that twinj r made for each other… i will make sure they unite
Mansi: enough of talking now
Twinkle: yeah… dii u didnt tell me when will ur mehendi happen?
Mansi: tomorrow
Twinkle: we have to go back?? ??
Mansi: nope
Kunj: as said before kunj sarna the great has already prepared the mehendi function
Mahi: LIAR!!!
Kunj: what liar im telling the truth…. (twinkle glares at him seriously) of fine u caught me… jiju did this
Twinkle: i knew it… hah jiju… cant wait for ur marriage preparations r going too fast hah
Mansi blushes
Uvi: arey look chutkii… someone is blushing
Mansi: uvi nd twinkle stop it
Vivek: u look cute while blushing
Everyone giggles silently while mansi blushes more screen freezes

Precap: kunj kicks the door which breaks he is shocked

Hope u all like it… nd i hope that i entertain u people with my ff… im sorry if im not ful filling ur expectations…!!!
Nd what did kunj find??
Why was he shocked??
To know more read sweeties ff ?

Credit to: Sweetie

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