Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 8


Hello everyone… first of all A HUGE SORRY for not uploading the episode… i was busy in studies… im really sorry for that nd…. A HUGE THANK U to all who r loving my ff… thank u soooooooo much… im really happy… hope u will all like my upcoming episodes…!!
Nd all ur comments… im really speechless… i never thought im a good writer… until u people commented… I LOVE U ALL ????

Nd yeah dont praise me soo much otherwise i will fly in the air.. ?? nd im sorry if i dont come to ur expectation….!!

Back to my episode

The episode starts with twinkle standing in the corner lost somewhere kunj comes to her nd eyes her lost he snaps his fingers infront of her eyes she comes back to her sense
Kunj: where r u lost?
Twinkle: n..nothing
Kunj: hmm r u sure?

Twinkle: im more than sure
Twinkle smiles
Kunj: good… u look good while smiling
Twinkle: thank u mr kharoose sarna
Kunj: ur welcome siyappa queen
Twinkle: so..??
Kunj: lets go engagement is going to start
Twinkle nods they leave while kunj looks at her still confused
Kunj soul talk: what happened to u twinkle?? Y did u push the girl… it looked like u r jealous… but y will u be jealous… we r friends right? But i dont understand this

Next scene
The engagement ceremony starts twinkle gives ring to mansi she makes vivek wear it kunj gives ring to vivek he makes mansi wear it everyone claps just then the lights go off
A voice comes from behind

“I guess all of u forgot me… well its ok y dont i join u all… without invitation as this is also my family” twinkle recognize the voice nd gets sad a shadow comes to twinkle kunj who is standing beside twinkle notices… the shadow holds twinkles hand nd kisses it kunj is surprised he is about to stop him the lights come back a handsome hunk wearing black suit his face is shown he is none other than aryan (his character is played by karan jotwani) twinkle smiles fakely twinkle turns nd finds kunj aryan stands
Twinkle: kunj meet him… he is….he is my…. my fiance
Kunj: oh!! Hello nice to meet u

They both shake hands
Aryan: hello… im sorry i dont recognize u
Kunj: im kunj sarna… twinkles best friend
Aryan: kunj sarna…hmm.. u have wedding business right… i know alot about u
Kunj: thats good to know
Kunj notices twinkles face which looks so sad he does not understand what is going on with her twinkle looks at kunj nd smiles kunj smiles back twinkle leaves nd starts serving the guests while aryan nd kunj talks

Next scene
Twinkle is sitting on the terrace kunj comes nd sits beside her
Kunj: hey
Twinkle: hii
Kunj: so… r u sad
Twinkle looks at him surprised
Kunj: i mean in the engagment u were sad so??
Twinkle: oh its nothing… im perfectly fine
Kunj: u sure??
Twinkle: yup im absolutely fine
Kunj: I dont think so… u cant hide anything from me twinkle
Twinkle soul talk: thats what kunj… i have to hide this from u… i hope u get ur love as soon as possible… i just hope u dont get to know the truth otherwise u wont let me do what i am doing
Kunj shakes twinkle she comes back to her senses
Kunj: u ok?? I called u 4th time
Twinkle: im fine kunj
Kunj: dont lie to me… anywayzz i wont pressurize u… if u want u can tell me by ur own
Twinj stands

Twinkle: its late we should sleep
Twinkle turns nd walks few steps while kunj is staring at her she turns nd hugs kunj (sajna ve plays) kunj hugs her back
Twinkle: thank u kunj for always being there for me

Kunj: dont thank me… im happy u came in my life nd made it more colorful (it echoes)
Twinkle breaks the hug by his words they share an eyelock (aja ve sajna plays) twinkle smiles nd leaves

Kunj soul talk: y did i even day that… of course she is my best friend maybe because of that… but y… kunj dont think soo much warna u will die

Next scene
Twinkle is sitting in her room reading book kunj enters followed by uhi nd mansi twinkle is surprised kunj bends down nd takes the suitcase from under the bed nd starts keeping twinkles cloths inside it twinkle is confused
Twinkle: kunj what r u doing? Mansi di whats happening??
Mansi: nothing u r going on a trip
Twinkle: what?? Why?? Who decided this??

Kunj: kunj sarna the great
Twinkle: what is this… im not going anywhere
Kunj: yes u r
Uvi: yup thats right
Twinkle: but where nd that too alone… whats wrong with u all
Uvi: relax chutkii u r going to delhi u always wanted to go there… nd u r not going alone
Twinkle gets hell happy she smiles brightly nd holds uvi by his hands kunj notices this
Kunj soul talk: for ur smile… i can do anything twinkle… nd it is my duty to keep u happy this is what best friends r for
Twinkle: whatt delhi… omg r u serious when… who…. whats happening is this for real… with whom im going
Mahi: of course with kunj sarna the great
Twinkles smile fades away

Twinkle soul talk: babaji yeh kia horaha haii mein jitna issey door jaaney ki koshish karahi hu yeh utna hi kareeb aaraha hai aisa kue babaji… nahi mein nahi jaasakti iske saath (what is happening god… im trying to keep distance from him he is coming more close why god why…. no i cant go with him)
Kunj: y any problem??
Twinkle: i have a lot of work… mansi dis wedding is also there
Mansi: ohooo chutki dont worry… everything will happen nicely… but now u go with kunj… ok??
Twinkle: but di….
Mansi: no ifs nd buts i told so i told

Twinkle nods
Kunj: fine i booked the tickets before only nd our flight is at 3 nd its already 11 get ready siyappa queen
Twinkle nods everyone leaves

Next scene
Twinj reaches the airport twinkle bids bye to everyone she holds the bag but it too heavy kunj notices this
Kunj: may i?
Twinkle: no its ok i will pick it up
Twinkle struggles alot kunj looks at her smiling (sajna ve plays) her innocence is soo cute… anyone can die for her her hair r flying which makes her look more beautiful
Kunj self talk: god… she is really a drama queen she wants help but no… she thinks she can do everything by herself…. she is so stubborn before she was not like this… anywayzz i like the new twinkle more i mean siyappa queen
Kunj picks up the bag
Twinkle: arey im picking naa
Kunj: because of u… our flight will be missed

Twinkle: (silently) kharoose sarna
Kunj looks at her
Kunj: heard that
Twinkle: (in her heart) shit…
Kunj smiles they ful fill all the formalities nd heads for their plane they both sit in the waiting area kunj leaves to bring snacks one man looks at twinkle he comes nd sits beside her
Man: hello
Twinkle just smiles
Man: where r u going?
Twinkle: delhi
Man: me too
Twinkle tries her best to ignore him
Man: so r u married?
Twinkle: im engaged
Man: oh he might be lucky
Twinkle smiles fakely

The man leaves kunj comes back he sits beside her
Kunj: who was he?
Twinkle: how am i suppose to know
Kunj: then y were u talking to him
Twinkle: he was questioning me
Kunj: so that doesnt mean u have to answer
Twinkle: kunj whats wrong with u… y r u acting strange… u never questioned me this much
Kunj realizes he is being possesive he tries to correct himself
Kunj: ….so….so u r my friend…it…is my duty to keep u safe
Twinkle smiles

Next scene
Twinj reaches mumbai they both comes out
Twinkle takes a deep breath
Twinkle: i cant believe im in delhi WOOWW im excited
Kunj smiles looking at her childishness
Twinkle: where will we stay?
Kunj: its xyz hotel
Twinkle: okay…. lets go

Next scene
Twinj reaches the hotel
Recp: yes sir may i help u?
Kunj: yes plz… i booked two rooms so may i have the keys plz
Recp: im sorry sir… but there r no rooms available
Twinj r shocked
Twinkle: what do u mean u dont have any rooms… he clearly told we booked rooms… now how can u do this??
Kunj: twinkle calm down… plzz can u check once again… i booked two rooms under the name of kunj sarna
Recp: im sorry sir… it is not there
Twinkle: kunj what will we do now?
Kunj: we will have to go to another hotel now
Recp: umm excuse me sir actually one of the man booked two rooms for himself… u can ask him he is right over there

Kunj: sure…
Twinj turns nd they go to the man who is facing his back towards twinj
Kunj: umm excuse me
The man turns twinj r shocked to see aryan there
Aryan: omg what r u people doing here
Twinkle: u… u here?
Aryan hugs twinkle she doesnt hug him back kunj notices this… nd is somewhat doesnt feel good to see them hugging screen freezes

Precape: not decided

Nd sorry for the boring episode… im busy in studies my head is just gonna blast… im not getting anything in my head… hope u all forgive me… for the boring episode… plzzz dont stop commenting… !!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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