Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 7


Heyy guyz… once again… im just speechless… i really dont have anything to say i just cant stop thanking each one of u… i dont reply personally but i really appreciate the love u people r giving me i didnt know i will be able to come a long way… im really thankful to every single person who comments nd reads my ff even the silent readers i hope u all like my ff… THANK U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH EVERYONE…!!!

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Nd thank u each nd everyone… im sorry im not able to reply everyone im really sorry for that… but i love u all equally ????

I will try to add romantic scenes ?

Back to my episode

The episode starts with mansis engagements day the final touch up of the decoration mahi is setting the flowers she goes back to see if they r right she keeps going back nd slips mahi closes her eyes in fear she feels two protected arms holding her she opens her eyes nd finds one and only Uvi they share an eyelock (tumhey apna banana ka junoon plays) they both keep looking at each other twinj comes there nd finds uhi in this state they both smile twinkle is about to go to uhi but kunj holds her nd signs her no twinkle smiles they both go in the corner uhi stands
Mahi: th..thank u
Uvi: ur welcome
He leaves hurridely
Mahi self talk: y did my heart beat increased when he was so close to me… oh god whats happening

Twinj comes to the corner
Twinkle: y didnt u let me go to them
Kunj: arey idiot… u know right we r getting them married
Twinkle: yeah so?
Kunj: so let them spend some time together so that they can accept each other fast
Twinkle: ohh yeah… y didnt i get this idea before anywayz good thinking mr kharoose
Kunj: i always think good… siyappa queen
Twinkle: dont call me that u know right i dont like this
Kunj: oh really!! U can call me kharoose but i cant call u siyappa queen… u completely know that u creat siyappas nd as for my name kharoose its not correct
Twinkle: oh really mr kunj sarna… i dont do any siyappa nd ur name perfectly matches u kharoose sarna it can never get better
Kunj: no it does not aunty
Twinkle opens her mouth
Twinkle: u called me aunty… u…u… yes… u rotten banana
Kunj opens his mouth nd makes some faces
Kunj: im rotten banana hah?? Then u r… u r…. yes.. u r circus’s retire monkey
Twinkle: u called me monkey i will show u who is monkey
She looks here nd there nd finds water pipe she goes to the pipe nd smirks kunj understands her intention
Kunj: t…twi..twinkle… my lovely twinkle… y r u so pretty
Twinkle: oh really kunj sarna
Twinkle starts walking towards kunj having water pipe in her hand
Kunj: yes… omg y r u so pretty… u know u look cute in every way… nd the name u give me… th…they r… v..very nice yaar
Twinkle: ok so tell me what r u??
Still coming towards kunj
Kunj: i.. i am kharoose sarna
Twinkle: nd…..
Kunj: ro…rotten tomato… i.. mean banana
Twinkle: nd………
Kunj: circus’s retire monkey… i am everything twinkle… plzz dont pour water on me

Twinkle laughs nd throws the pipe back
Twinkle: remember that mr kharoose sarna
Twinkle turns nd starts to walk
“TWINKLE” twinkle turns nd kunj starts the water pipe twinkle gets full wet she opens her mouth full shocked the chawl people giggles twinkle looks angrily at kunj who is laughing hard
Twinkle: i wont leave u
Kunj: pehlein pakar to lo (first catch me)
He laughs closing his eyes twinkle takes this oppurtunity nd rushes to him nd snatches the water pipe she starts pouring water on kunj… kunj also get fully wet… he snatches pipe from twinkle nd starts running towards her until the pipes length stops him twinkle stands nd teases him kunj looks on sad but then he ons the full pressure of water which makes twinkle wet again twinkle moves nd mahi gets wet who is standing behind her uvi comes down because of all the noise he starts laughing to see mahis state mahi gets angry nd takes water pipe nd pours it on uvi who is shocked mahi then shows him thumbs down he gets angry everyone gets into water fight not knowing the decoration is being destroyed the chawl people enjoys this mansi comes out she is ready in a pink nd silver lehenga looking so pretty nd watches the decoration full destroyed nd is shocked she screams

Everyone stops nd looks at mansi who is standing up she angrily comes down everyone stands in a single line
Mansi: what have u people done… look at this the decoration is destroyed… who started this??
The people move back nd twinj stands there not making eye contact with mansi she comes to twinj
Mansi: so u both started this?
Twinkle: no dii.. he was the one
Kunj: oh my god… how much do u lie twinkle
Twinkle: im not lieing
Kunj: thats really bad… now when u r going to get in trouble u r blaming me
Twinkle: so? U r the only one who started this
Kunj: i was the one… really u poured water on me
Twinkle: u called me circus’s retire monkey
Everyone giggles silently
Kunj: so u called me rotten tomato… i mean banana
Twinkle: both suits u kharoose sarna rotten tomato also nd banana also
Kunj: now u r starting first
Twinkle: i was just telling u the fact u were………..
Twinj r scared
Mansi: i want this place clean… guests r going to come… it is already 6 they will be here at 8… understood
Twinj nods
Mansi: nd u all plzz join them nd clean the mess u people made
Everyone nods
Mansi leaves to her room

Twinj looks at eachother angrily after few seconds they burst out in laughter they keep on laughing everyone ignores this nd starts working twinkle moves nd slips due to the water on the floor kunj holds her in time they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) mansi comes out nd looks at them in this state nd smiles

Mansi soul talk: maybe… they both r made for each other… i still remember the first time kunj saw her… i hope what i am thinking is true… their relation is so pure… i know i am doing a sin as twinkle is already engaged… but i dont feel bad because im thinking good for both of them… i hope bhagwan ji accepts my prayer… i will do everything to make them one… Ms Mansi Vivek Is on her mission “TWINJ”

Mansi smiles twinj composes themseleves nd again starts arguing twinkle looks at mansi nd stops she leaves for working kunj too leaves

Next scene
The chawl is once again beautifully decorated the chawl people dressed Vivek enters with his family kunj comes down wearing orange nd black sherwani uvi is wearing blue nd black unj stands with vivek nd starts talking just then three pretty girls comes down mahi who is wearing blue nd white lehenga with blue jewellery mansi who is wearing pink nd silver lehenga with silver jewellery nd twinkle who is wearing black nd red lehenga with black jewellery
The boys r mesmerised by their beauty

Kunj soul talk: shit…. she is looking soo damn adorable pretty omg… kunj sarna… control urself… u love maya… but y am i feeling this connection with twinkle…. god help me i love maya… dont make me do any sin plzzz

Uvi soul talk: oh my god…. she is sooo pretty…. i dont want to fall for this mahi sarna… i should control myself… nd i dont know y i feel happy to marry her… i just dont know anything but i love this feeling

The girls comes down twhi makes mansi sit beside vivek mahi without knowing stands with uvi nd twinkle with kunj… kunj keeps looking at twinkle

Kunj soul talk: why is she so pretty… i never expected her to look this much cute

Twinkle goes nd starts serving the guests she talks nd laughs with the guests kunj keeps looking at her he walks around eyeing her talking nd laughing (sajna ve plays) while looking at twinkle he collides with one of the girl who falls on him they both land on ground twinkle turns nd finds kunj in this state she is shocked twinkle hurriedly goes to kunj nd pushes the girl nd makes kunj stands twinkle is about to scold the girl but suddenly stops nd leaves kunj is surprised by her behavior twinkle comes in a corner

Twinkle soul talk: come on twinkle… what were u even thinking… he is in a relationship… u have to control urself… u have to hide ur love for him… u love him he should not know this… otherwise i will loose my friendship nd i cant see him going away
Screen freezes

Precape: kunj takes twinkle to delhi lots of fun

Hope u all like it… ????

Credit to: Sweetie

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