Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 6


Hii guyzzz… im really really really really speechless… i actually dont know how to thank u guyzz… for loving my ff when i started my very first ff Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan i didnt know i will be able to write 2 more ffs… all because of u guyzz… nd from the bottom of my heart A VERY BIG THANK U TO EVERYONE… ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I know im boring in giving my thank u speech… bear it… ?

Once again thank u ????

The episode starts with twinj looking at each other with teary eyed it starts to rain (ek din aap yu humko miljayengey plays in the back ground) they come forward nd smiles with teary eyed they do their friendship sign they shake their hand nd knuckles their fist nd then touches each others nose with their fingers while crying twinkle just jumps on kunj hugging him tightly kunj too hugs her back tightly
Twinkle: i missed u soo much
Kunj: i missed u too my moti
Twinkle tightens the hug kunj circles while having twinkle in his arms twinkle smiles they break the hug kunj cups her face twinkle smiles brightly she then hits him on his chest kunj moves back
Twinkle: couldnt u tell me before u r kunj
Kunj: u also didnt tell me u r my twinkle

Twinkle: atleast i didnt change my name… nd y did u change ur name
Kunj: because… it sounds more cool than kunj… nd wait a second u didnt tell me ur real name
Twinkle: everyone calls me chutki… so i told that name… nd u changed ur name… i hate u for that… u know how much i missed u but no… still u have to taunt me that everytime it is my mistake… mr kunj sarna… this time it is ur mistake u left me… u didnt have a choice but u could have come nd meet me in holidays but noo… london was more nice nd how could u even change ur name… it is soo good… kunj sarna… it is soo nice
Kunj just stares at her while she blabbers something something he smiles but then shuts her up by closing her mouth with his hand
Kunj: oh god… i miss my old twinkle… how can u even speak this much (twinkle pushes him nd is about to speak again but kunj continues) ssshhh plzzz merii maa… for god sake shut up… how do u manage to speak this much in one breath… u know i didnt get this much lecture in my entire college… u r the unique piece
Twinkle: haaww what do u mean… im bad… yeah yeah u might have got new friends so u dont want me now… u forgot me right?? I know that

Kunj looks at her full surprised he then holds her by her shoulders
Kunj: dont u even tell that… u know much i missed u… going away from u made my life empty… nd u tell me that i forgot u… really motii
Twinkle hugs him again
Twinkle: im sorry i told something (they break the hug) im really stupid kunj im really sorry… i dont know y i keep on blabbering something but u dont want to u know naa i dont speak this much like how im speaking right now… i guess im happy that is y i am speaking this much dont u think?? (Kunj is about to speak but twinkle continues) y r u not telling anything?? R u angry with me?? U ok?? What happened?? I told y naa im sorry
Kunj hits his head with his palm he then folds his hand
Kunj: twinkle agr tu abhi chup nahi huii mein marjaungaa plzzz bhagwan k waastein chup hoja… kabsey bakwass kari jaarahi hai… mujhey bolney degi to mein bolunga naa… idiot (twinkle if u didnt stop talking i will die plzzz for god sake keep ur mouth shut for so long u r blabbering something something… if u let me speak then only na i will speak… idiot)
Twinkle: oh haa… mein kitni buddhu hu (oh yeah… im soo stupid)
Kunj: apney mou sey apni tareef not bad

Twinkle glares him angrily
Kunj: mazaak karaha hu merii jaan
Twinkle smiles
They both sit down on the terrace hanging their legs from the terrace twinkle still wearing kunjs jacket they both keep talking random stufffs
Kunj: by the way… dont fly after what im going to tell u ok??
Twinkle: uumm ok sure

Kunj: u got more pretty from before… if i was not in a relationship i would have married u
Twinkle is surprised by his words
Twinkle: u…u…. u r in a relationship
Kunj: ye… yeah
Twinkle hits him again on his shoulder
Twinkle: idiottt y didnt u tell me before who is she??… whats her name??
Kunj: ummm she was in my college… she proposed me i accepted nd then i started to love her
Twinkle: so u r telling me that u didnt love her before she proposed u??
Kunj: yeah
Twinkle: u got so weird… she must be soo lucky right?

Kunj: of course she got me… (twinkle smiles) nd the person who is going to marry u will also be so lucky

Twinkles smile fades away kunj notices this
Kunj: what happened??
Twinkle: i…im engaged
Kunj is hell shocked but smiles afterwards
Kunj: what wow… really! Who is the lucky man
Twinkle gets into thinking kunj snaps his fingers infront of her eyes she comes back to her senses
Twinkle: his name is aryan sharma
Kunj: hmm Mrs twinkle aryan sharma how is this sounds… not bad right?? Love or arriange
Twinkle: arriange
Kunj: what really u accepted that… hmm he is indeed lucky to have u
Twinkle: our life is soo much changed right

Kunj: yeah
The sunrises twinj looks at the sun twinkle keeps her head on his shoulder kunj smiles
Kunj: do u know if someone sees us like this they will surely think we r couple
Twinkle sits nd hits him on his shoulder kunj laughs twinkle too smiles
Twinkle soul talk: im sorry kunj… i have to hide this from u… i know u wont allow me to do this… but i have to do it…!!

Kunj looks at her
Kunj: twinkle

Twinkle: hmmm
Kunj: i love u
Twinkle: i love u 2

Someome screams from behind
“TWINKLEE” twinj turns nd finds uvi standing their full angry they both stand up uvi goes to twinkle
Uvi: dont u have any shame twinkle… u r engaged nd u r spending ur time with sid
Twinkle: arey bhaii… he is not sid he is kunj my friend kunj
Uvi looks at kunj nd imagines him how small he was nd now he is all grown up
Uvi: kunj
Kunj: yes bhaii its me kunj
Unj hugs each other

Next scene
Twinj r talking to each other mansi keeps looking at them mahi is coming down she slips nd falls on uvi they both fall on the ground uhi share an eyelock (tumhey apna bananey ka junoon plays) twinj witnesses this nd smiles at each other mansi coughs uhi composes themselves mahi leaves uvi looks at her

Next scene
Uvi is working on his laptop twinj nd mansi comes to him
Twinkle: bhaii u busy?
Uvi: yeah chutkii y any work?
Twinkle hits kunj on his shoulder with her shoulder
Kunj: aaabbb…. bh…bhaii… wo actually… i…w…not…i… we…wa..wanna…
Twinkle looks at him nd giggles mansi speaks up (sorry for not mentioning mansis character is played by aparna dixit of kalaash life ok)

Mansi: wo uvi… we wanted to tell u that y dont…..
Twinkle: that y dont two marriages happen in the same mandap
Uvi: great idea but whos?
Twinkle: urs
Uvi is surprised
Uvi: what??
Mansi: yeah we found a girl for u… nd she wont be having any objectiom because her brother is ok with it
Uvi: u found a girl for me nd didnt tell me r u people serious… who is she??
Twinkle: but u have to marry her she is really good… she will keep u happy… i will be blessed to have her as my bhabhi
Uvi: i trust my chutki completely im ready… but who is she
Mansi: mahi

Uvi is shocked
Uvi: what her??? Nooo noo i cant marry her… she will eat me everyday… come on u poeple r not serious about this
Mansi nd twinkle laughs kunj just stares at them
Twinkle: sorry big brother u already told yes
Everyone leaves
Uvi self talk: mahi nd me… god help me screen freezes

Precape: not decided

Hey guyzs how r u all?? I know u guyzz must be angry on me about kunj in a relationship nd twinkle engaged but there is more to come… dosti to hatred to love wait nd read people… pass on ur negative nd positive comments… but plzzz support me in this plzzz…!!!


Credit to: Sweetie

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  1. I don’t understand this at all. Why can’t Twinj have any romantic scenes

  2. Sweetiee yaar i think u will come back n surprise us BCz the thought of twinj not liking each other ? but anyway i trust u 🙂 plzz post ASAP awesome episode!!!!!!

  3. No negativity from me…I loved the episode.. However, alittle twinj romance would b an awesome touch to ur ff…but still, super interesting..

  4. I couldn’t stop my self from commenting.. Sweetie, I must say my girlfriend was right!.
    Those who share the Indian religion has such brilliant creative minds.
    You are surely a perfect example. I’ve never been one to indulge myself in Indian movies or reading books. For one reason only, I find your language hard to understand. But I took a chance yesterday when I walked into her office and saw her extremely focused on your fanfiction. I read along and I’m happy I did. For you this might not be a big deal or an impending career but I must tell you that you have a lot of talent.
    I’ll encourage my friends here in American to read your writing.
    I’m trying to get Ahria to take a vacation from her patients for a week so we can visit the master mind behind this writing along with a few of our friends but she called me crazy.lol.
    Great episode. Great writing.

  5. Nice epi sweetie

  6. Is she really engaged????? To whom

  7. Lovely episode! I love the track of your ff 🙂

  8. Nyc epi …….m quite sad to knw tht kunj z in relationshp wd some other girl and twinkle z engaged ……….. bt i knw u mst have thought smthng intrstng fr us ………. hope twinj unite soon ……… wtng fr d nxt epi…..

  9. I m damn sure that twinj will unite soon. Ur episodes r always amazing.

  10. .
    What can I do I don’t have words to express my emotions. Hey how do u manage to write so well and now it will be a fun to see how friendship turns to love. I never ever in my life found myself so much attached to any serials than TEI. It is so special fr me and d foremost reason if it is U FF WRITER’S. THANK U fr d awesome journey.

  11. M speechless dear loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz itz really really amazing to know how friendship turns to love osmmmmmmmm

  12. hey sweetie it was fab but the doubt is didnt twinj told i love u to eo in the terrace?

  13. Twinju(Bhavika)

    love u sweetie and do u remembered me episode was wonderful

    plzz try to write a recap and u got readers from america oooo so lucky na and you didn’t told what u want to become

    and try to read my ff dilon ki dastan

  14. Awesome loved it post soon

  15. Heeein dosti hatred y hatred only lov plzzzz yaar dis was nyc part loved it

  16. Fabulous Episode yaar…..loved it….and moreover I m not at all angry on u for kunj in a relationship and twinkle is engaged bcoz I know there is something in ur mind for entertaining us……Love u

  17. I really really really dint likedmit sweetie….how can u write like this….u have crossed all d lines
    butt of amazingness…..n ya i loved ur epi….u r really a great writer….love u loads…muahh!!

  18. very nice pls make yuvi love mahi…

  19. I have full faith on u, u will unite twinj soon ;-). The episode was just AMAZING!!!!

  20. Awesome fantastic fabulous

  21. it was too good

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