Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 5


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The episode starts with mansi coming down with twinj everyone looks at her
Mansi: im ready for the marriage
Everyone gets hell happy… they starts dancing the ladies brings sweets nd feeds it to mansi nd everyone twinkle takes the sweet nd looks around for someone to whom she can feed she spots kunj standing in the corner smiling twinkle comes to him
Twinkle: sid y r u standing here?
Kunj: hmm nothing im just happy to see everyone happy
Twinkle: god such a filmy dialouge here have this
She feeds him sweet kunj takes half nd makes her eat
Kunj: u know chutki u really remind me of my friend… well she was not pretty as u r bu……
He stops realizing what he told
Twinkle: well mr sid plzz continue… i know im pretty
Kunj: haha… good joke… it just slipped from my mouth
Twinkle: thats what sid… sometimes the words which slips from the mouth r true
Kunj: are u giving importance to urself??
Twinkle: i always do
Kunj smiles just then a car horn comes a guy gets down uvi comes nd greets him mansi is shocked to see him
Guy: hello everyone my name is vivek
Mansi comes nd pushes him twinj runs to her mansi screams
Mansi: y did u come here… after throwing me away… u played with my respect y did u show me ur face again

(Soo guyzz as i told earlier mansi is pregnant but not married yet vivek is the father of her child)

Uvi stops mansi
Uvi: mansi i know everything… he the only one who came to me with alliance
Mansi is shocked to hear this vivek comes to her folding his hands
Vivek: i know mansi i did wrong… plzzz forgive me… i love u alot
Mansi: i hate u mr vivek kapoor u r noone to me… u made my life as a hell
Twinkle: dii atleast listen to him what he wants to say
Mansi: no chutki no… this guy is a devil i dont want to see his face ever again
Mansi turns vivek speaks up
Vivek: mansi u gotta understand when u got pregnant i was scared nd i wanted time so i just left u like that not only this… my parents were not convinced 3 months i was away from u… nd not a single day was there when i didnt miss u… plzzz forgive me… i convinced my parents they r ready to accept u with all their hearts plzzz come back to me
Mansi gets teary eyed
Twinkle: dii… u should forgive me… i can see through his eyes how much he loves u… plzz forgive him
Mansi nods she turns nd hugs vivek twinkle smiles she gets teary eyed nd rushes to the terrace kunj follows her

Next scene
Twinkle is standing on the terrace tears flowing from her eyes kunj comes he hesitates to keep the hand on her shoulder but he keeps twinkle turns nd hugs him tightly still crying kunj is surprised by her behavior he hesitates nd hugs her back
Kunj: what happened y r u crying??
Twinkle breaks the hug
Twinkle: im crying because of happiness
Kunj shows her what the hell look
Kunj: really u r crying because of that… seriously god u r such a drama queen
Twinkle: dont say that… nd its girls habit
Kunj: yeah u people just shed crocodile tears nd gain attention
Twinkle: stop it… im not like that
Kunj: yes u r
Twinkle: no im not
Kunj: yes u r
Twinkle: im not
Kunj: fineee
Twinkle smiles

Next scene
At night
Lady comes to twinkle
Lady: chutki beta as we know day after tomorrow is engagment so i was planning to do something
Twinkle: i didnt get it
Lady: actually i want ur help… u know right i dont have enough money to give it to mansi… can u plzz go to my brothers house nd take money from him
Twinkle: yes aunty… sure
Lady: now
Twinkle: now?? This late
Lady: plzz twinkle beta dont say no
Twinkle thinks for a moment nd nods she goes to her room nd takes her purse she is about to go down
Twinkle self talk: should i take someone with me… or should i ask sid… maybe i will ask sid
“sid ka naam liya sid hazir” twinkle turns nd finds kunj
Kunj: where do we have to go
Twinkle: r u free
Kunj: yup i will give u a nice company
Twinkle: thank u so much
Kunj: did u forget something
Twinkle: oh yeah no thank u… im sorry
Kunj: no sorry also
Twinkle: yeah im sorr…. aahh never mind shall we leave
Kunj: sure

Next scene
Twinj r walking on the road talking nd enjoying each others company kunj feels like she is his best friend twinkle while twinkle feels the same but they fear of hearing no from each others mouth twinkle reaches the house the lady’s brother gives her money twinj again starts to walk they forgets the way
Twinkle: i think this way
Kunj: nope this way we came from this way
Twinkle: no yaar we came from this way
Kunj: fine u go that way i will go this way
Twinkle: ok…. no… i dont want to go alone
Kunj: then listen to me nd walk this way
Twinkle: this is the correct way
Kunj: its not
Twinkle: fine im going this way u go that way
Twinj walks in opposite direction twinkle walks nd somewhat feels this is not the correct way just then she spots some men she goes to them
Twinkle: excuse me can u plzz tell me where is the xyz chawl
The men eyes her from top to bottom
Goon1: sure maam… we will show u the way
Twinkle: thank u soo much that really kind of u
Goon2: arey y r u thanking him we r also here… by the way how much money do u take for a night
Twinkle gets shocked to know that these people r not good she speaks up
Twinkle: i… i gue…guess i know my way
The goon holds her hand twinkle is hell scared she gets teary eyed
Goon2: comeon baby we will drop u
Twinkle: plzzz let me go
Goon4: arey what is this… we r going to show u ur way
Twinkle: plzz leave me… helppp anyone is here helpppp
The goons laughs twinkle cries the goons pushes her to the tree nearby nd pins her to the tree twinkle cries
Twinkle: plzzz let me go… plzzz plzzz leave me anyone is here plzz helppp
One of the goon comes close to her for a kiss twinkle struggles to escape but is defeated the other goon grabs her by her shoulder one of her sleeve gets torn twinkle cries badly the goons is really close to her just then someone kicks both of the goons nd they fall down twinkle turns nd finds kunj standing full angry his eyes red twinkle goes nd hugs him tightly still crying kunj hugs her back twinkle tightens her grip on his shirt the goons gets up twinkles grips starts to loose nd she faints in his arms kunj holds her nd makes her sit against the tree he removes his jacket nd makes her wear it while twinkle is still unconscious kunj turns in a heroic way the goons eyes him angrily one of the goons comes to hit him he beats him up the other goons come her pushes him on the other tree making his head bleed the othr goon comes nd breaks the glass bottle on kunjs head his head starts to bleed he beats all the goon black nd blue they run away kunj goes to twinkle he sits beside her nd holds her hand just then he spots the diary in her hand while her bag is lying on the ground the things scattered here nd there kunj takes the diary from her hand nd lifts her up nd starts to walk while she is conscious

Next scene
Kunj reaches the chawl he goes to twinkles room nd makes her lay on the bed he covers her with the blanket nd takes the diary hid wallet falls down he leaves without knowing he goes to his room feeling exhausted he lays down on the bed the blood marks on his forehead he doesnt care about it
Kunj self talk: she is the siyappa queen nd tells when did i do any siyappa… thank god i came on time otherwise… wait… how is that even possible who can touch my friend when kunj is here… noone… god knows what will happen when she wakes up i just hope noone gets to know about this… otherwise the chawl people will kill them… ouuchh my head y did i even save her afterall she is a siyappa queen

Just then he looks at the diary
Kunj self talk: whats in this… why does she always keep this diary to herself
On the other hand twinkle gets conscious she sits on the bed nd recalls being closed to rape nd kunj coming she sits there
Twinkle self talk: what happened after that nd how am i in my room?? Nd why am i wearing sids jacket
Just then she looks at the wallet fallen down she picks it up
Twinkle: this is sids wallet

She opens it the screen splits into half kunj is shown opening her diary they both r hell shocked they get teary eyed
Twinkle: k..ku…kunj!!!!
Kunj: t…twinkle

Twinkle hugs the wallet crying kunj too smile with happiness tears in his eyes
Kunj: she is my twinkle… my motii twinkle

Twinkle opens her door nd is about to run to his room but stops
Twinkle: he might be on the terrace now
She runs to the terrace kunj opens her door nd before he can see her she goes to the terrace kunj goes to twinkles room nd finds the door open he thinks nd looks at the terrace he rushes to the terrace

Twinkle comes to terrace nd looks here nd there she is about to go down kunj comes there they look at each other with teary eyed screen freezes

Precape: not decided

Hope u all like it…!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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    Coming to ur today’s episode it is awesome like always and now ur one more silent reader won’t be a silent reader further.

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    1. Not a writer but yeah i just do timepass… hahah thanks to him… maybe he is also one of my silent reader… thanks to u for that ?????
      This is one of the best comment i got thanks alot… ????

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    1. Hii twinju… nope im not maria… she is the biggest fan i know… she always sends gifts to jasmine dii nd sidhant bhaiyya… nd i dont know her… nd i still have not decided what i will become… im just gonna go where my fate takes… i know this is filmy but it is what i prefer… ?

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