Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 4


Hii guyzz thank u all for supporting me… as i told earlier im busy nowadays im having my tests… but thanks to all who comment… nd love my ff… i love u for that ???

The episode starts with in chawl at night twinkle comes out of her room holding the diary she comes to the terrace nd is surprised to see kunj there who is looking at the sky twinkle speaks up
Twinkle: excuse me
Kunj turns nd finds twinkle
Kunj: oh hey
Twinkle: h..hii

Kunj: ummm u here??
Twinkle: yeah actually i come here every night
Kunj: wow… me too when i was in london i also used to come to my terrace nd looks at the stars
Twinkle: really!!… thats good
Kunj: well… umm if u dont mind can i know ur name
Twinkle looks on surprised
Kunj: actually im gonna stay here now… nd i just got to know that this chawl is like a family… so u r a part of it… nd not family we can be friends what say??
Twinkle thinks for a moment
Twinkle: yeah sure
Kunj: so may i know ur name
Twinkle soul talk: should i tell him my real name… yes… no no what if he is someone bad i should tell chutki only

Twinkle: my name is chutki
Kunj: is this ur real name??
Twinkle: umm not exactly but yes mr…..
Kunj: oh yeah mr sid sarna
Twinkle: nice to meet u
Twinkle soul talk: he is soo much like kunj… i wish he was kunj i would have hugged him soo tightly
Kunj soul talk: god she sounds so much like twinkle… where to find u my motii
Kunj: umm soo…. why dont we sit
Twinkle nods twinj sits beside each other
Kunj: so how long have u been here
Twinkle: ummm 8 years i guess
Kunj: wow long time hah?
Twinkle: yeah..
Kunj: where were u living before the chawl??
Twinkle: actually… i was living in my home… my parents died in a car crash nd my aunt took all the property me nd bhaii didnt have anywhere to live so we came here… nd im glad we r here this means so much to me
Kunj: im sorry i didnt know
Twinkle: no its ok… u tell y r u staying here u have a big property why dont u live in a mansion??

Kunj: umm u know when i talked to mansi di she insisted us to stay here forever but if we r not comfortable we will leave but as for today it was the best day… soo much love at once i love it
Twinkle: wow… u r so different from the way i thought u r… soo how is ur london
Kunj: well thank u i will take that as a compliment nd london hmmm nice but i really like india u know having friends nd family nd london u wont find all this
Twinkle: oh i really thought london is more fun
Kunj: not exactly
Just then he spots diary in twinkles hand
Kunj: whats this??
Twinkle: a diary
Kunj: haha no what i meant was why r u holding it
Twinkle: because this is my best friend
Kunj: u r weird
Twinkle: how mean is that mr sid
Kunj: hey… u can call sid not mr sid it sounds so formal
Twinkle: ok sid
Kunj: can i ask u something actually its a favor
Twinkle: yeah sure

Kunj: can u plzz stop being formal
Twinkle looks on confused
Kunj: i mean like i want u to be with me u r with everyone… as i dont like anyone to pretend infront of that they r not
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: i would love too… thanks for that
Kunj: well no sorry nd no thank u in friendship
Twinkle recalls how kunj told her when they first became friends no sorry nd no thank u she smiles
Kunj: what happened??
Twinkle: nothing… actually there was a dear friend of mine he was a guy… nd we were really close but i think fate didnt want us to be close
Kunj thinks alot nd is surprised twinkle gets teary eyed
Kunj: c…ca….can i… kn…know ur real name
Twinkle is surprised by his question

Twinkle: why??
Kunj: same thing happened to me
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: m..my name is…tw…..
Just then they hear some one scream they rush down to mahis room from where the voice came they both r surprised to see mahi standing she turns nd finds uvi also standing there
Mahi: kunj look… he came in my room he wanted to see me sleep
Uvi: no.. its nothing like that (full drunk)
Twinkle: wait… he is my brother
Twinkle comes to uvi nd holds his ear
Twinkle: i told u not to drink but u never listen
Uvi: ouchhh ouwww chutkii its hurting ouchhh
Twinkle: i told u not to drink right??
After struggling so much uvi runs in mahis bedroom while twinkle chases him mahi nd kunj looks on twinkle again holds uvis collar
Uvi: im sorry chutkii plzzz forgive me
Twinkle: until u promise u wont drink again

Uvi: i… i dont promise but i will try
Twinkle: really!!!
She goes nd brings a stick
Kunj is shocked
Kunj self talk: hayee babajii yeh kesi larki hai apney bhai ko maregi… agr isko pata chalgaya mein bhii peeta hu to meri bhii waat lagegi
Mahi laughs
Twinkle raises the stick to beat uvi he closes his eyes in fear nd speaks
Uvi: acha acha acha i promise i promise plzz dont hit me
Twinkle smiles nd keeps the stick she holds uvi by his hand nd they both walk
Twinkle: im sorry for the disturbance
Mahi: its fine… by the way there is someone else u have to beat also
Kunj signs her not to tell nd pleads but mahi smirks
Twinkle: who mahi di?
Mahi: sid

Kunj: what r u saying dii… will this innocent child drink tututut y r u ruining my name
Twinkle: i already know that
Kunj is shocked
Kunj: what do u know
Twinkle: that u drink
Kunj: h…h..how?
Twinkle: i heard when u were speaking to urself (funny tune plays)
Kunj self talk: meney toh suna thaa diwaron k kaan hotey hai… lekin iss larki k kaan to bohut hi barey hai bach kar rahey sid warna tu bhii marega
Twinkle: heard that again
Kunj: good night everyone
He runs out of the room twinkle takes uvi to his room makes him lay on the bed nd covers him with the blanket she goes to her room kunj is in his room he takes out his nd twinkles picture nd frames it nd pins it to the wall

Next scene

Everyone is sitting outside twinj r talking to each other nd in between they both recall their best friend twinkle remembers kunj nd kunj remembers twinkle nd smiles just then uvi comes running nd a bright smile on his face
Twinkle: what happened bhaii… y r u smiling so brightly
Uvi: chutki… mansi where is mansi?
Mahi: but what happened??
Mansi comes nd stands on the stairs
Mansi: im here
Uvi goes up nd holds her hand he brings her down
Uvi: today is the best day of my life
Kunj: will u stop giving us suspense
Twinkle: hahaha yes bhaii what is it??

Uvi: chutkii… i found a boy for mansi
Everyone is hell happy they jumps in happiness twinj hugs each other they break the hug nd somewhat feels awkward but they feel some connection between them they hug others mansi runs up the stairs
Uvi: arey what happened to her??
Twinkle thinks nd signs uvi something he understands twinkles goes to mansis room with kunj following her twinkle opens the door nd finds mansi crying twinkle comes nd sits beside her kunj is standing on the door mansi hugs twinkle nd cries
Mansi: ch…chutki they wont accept me i know… after what i have done they…….
Twinkle: shhhh shhh nothing is like that di… maybe bhai told about u that is y they accepted
Mansi: no im sure they wont accept me they r just acting… why did i do this?? Y my life has become a mess??
Mansi cries twinkle tries to console her kunj enters nd sits down on his knees
Kunj: mansi dii will u marry me??
Mansi stops crying twinkle looks on

Mansi: what nonsense is this??
Kunj: im serious if u were not older than me i would have married u… look at u.. u r soo sweet… cute bubbly bubbly i love u dii
Mansi somewhat smiles
Twinkle: yes dii if i was a guy i would have married u
Kunj: u stop it… she is only mine
Twinkle: she is mine… im living with her for 8 years
Kunj: so what we have blood relation
Twinkle: there is nothing as blood relation in this chawl so shooo mr kharoose
Kunj: what did u call me mr kharoose u r… siyappa queen
Twinkle: haawww how mean…when did i do any siyappa since the day u came here
Kunj: i know everything ms chutkii i get every news

Mansi: uuuuffffff will u both stop it
Twinj looks at her mansi smiles
Twinj: yaaayy plan successful
Mansi: what plan?
Twinkle: to make u smile
Mansi: when did u people plan this
Kunj: right now
Twinj hi5 each other
Mansi: wow… u both understood eachother without saying anything
Twinj share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) screen freezes

Precape: twinj gets to know each others identity

Hope u all like it… it is a boring episode i know sorry for that…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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