Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 3


Hii guyzz thank u all for ur lovely comments nd i know im pretty late sorry for that… “SCHOOL” i hate this part… anywayzz im glad u all liked my ff… I LOVE U ALL FOR THAT…!! I wont blabber much back to my episode

The episode starts with twinkle waking up she goes down nd is surprised to see everyone decorating the chawl again twinkle comes to mansi
Twinkle: what is all this di?
Mansi: arey chutki i told u about my cousins right?
Twinkle: yes dii
Mansi: they r coming today
Twinkle: What?? I didnt even clean the rooms
Mansi laughs
Mansi: arey merii chutki no need to worry i cleaned the room
Twinkle: dii u know right u dont have to clean especially not in this condition
Mansi: i know chutkii im sorry
Twinkle: good… i will just go nd see if the rooms r proper nd maybe i will decorate them… what do u say??
Mansi: not a bad idea
Twinkle nods nd leaves after decorating the rooms with red flowers nd candles she comes down feeling exhausted
Twinkle: god its sooo hot
Lady: yes chutki god knows when it will rain
Lady2: look at the sky no sign of clouds
Twinkle: yes… babaji plzz let it rain
Everyone: we cant work in this much hot weather
Twinkle thinks something nd smiles
Twinkle: i have an idea
Everyone looks on confused twinkle goes nd ons the music everyone becomes happy nd starts to work while enjoying twinkle goes nd sit she smiles watching everyone dance just then a car horn comes mansi gets happy
Mansi: they r here
Twinkle who is busy in watching dance doesnt know while some of the girls nd guys go with mansi

The car is shown a guy gets down the car wearing blue jacket nd white shirt with black pant his sunglasses r shown the chawl girls literally r blushing seeing him mansi comes happily he goes nd hugs mansi
Guy: mansii di… i missed u soo much
Mansi: i missed u too my kunj
The guy is revealed to be kunj after a while a girl gets down the car she is wearing multi color stylish maxi with her hair rolled nd a puff she is also wearing sun glasses the chawl guyz smiles looking at her she hugs mansi
Mansi: mahii i missed u soo much
Mahi: i miss u too mansi
Mansi: u kunj u r grown so big
Kunj: what can we do dii i didnt have a choice
He then looks at the girls nd winks while some of them blushes mansi hits on his shoulder
Mansi: this thing wont be accepted here
Kunj: mansii dii i was just joking
Mansi: yeah yeah i know what kind of joke is this
Kunj laughs
Mahi: its soo hot here
Kunj: i know when was the last time it rained??
Mansi: come on people u have to cooperate here now
Kunj: yeah yeah we know… cant wait to go inside
Mansi smiles she does their aarti nd makes them comes inside some of the chawl people drags twinkle to dance she is standing showing her back kunj enters in slow motion (sajna ve plays) they both doesnt see each other just then the clouds starts forming kunj starts walking towards her admiring the beautiful decoration without seeing twinkle his shoulder hits her shoulder just then it starts raining everyone r surprised kunj runs inside the room to escape from the rain nd before twinj can see each other twinkle gets an idea she starts singing

Zulfon se baandh liya dil
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lage paagal


Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham…


Main nachun aaj
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham…


Rain drop bouncing
My heart is announcing
You got to take me away
Let’s start jumpin’
My heart goes pumpin’
I love you in every way

The last step kunj uses is to turn twinkle… she is not able to turn nd therefore falls on kunj nd they both fall on the ground the girl running on the first floor having flowers in the basket slips nd the flowers falls on twinj they share an eyelock
(Yu mujhko tum miljaogey phool hi phool rahon mein khil jayengey meney socha na thaa plays in the background) twinkle breaks the eyelock nd goes to her room which is on the first floor mansi looks on kunj looks at twinkle leaving mahi comes to kunj
Mahi: something something?
Kunj: what noo
Mahi: leave it kunj… i can see it from ur eyes
Kunj again looks at the way she left
Kunj: nothing is there nd how many times should i tell u my name is sid
Mansi comes there
Mansi: y r u ruining such a beautiful name
Mahi: mansi i will tell u this kunj got a job over here nd he is the boss so he wants to sound cool infront of everyone so that is y he kept the name Mr sid sarna
Kunj: wow mahi dii how intelligent u became
Mahi: enough
Mansi: ok ku… i mean sid nd mahi go to ur room
Kunj: yes maam

Kunj goes to her room nd is again speechless to see the room beautifully decorated mahi nd mansi comes there he lays on the bed
Kunj: wow… what a beautiful room nd especially the decoration
Mansi: chutkii did this
Mahi: who is chutki
Mansi: arey the girl who was dancing now
Kunj hurriedly gets up
Kunj: her name is chutki??
Mansi: no we call her chutki
Kunj: then what is her real name?
Mansi: her real name is tw…..
Mahi: no need mansi… i know why he is asking
Kunj angrily glares at mahi
Mahi: ok going time come mansi
They both leaves kunj comes out to have fresh air he keeps his hand on the sealing to his surprise his room is just opposite to twinkles who is drying her hair her door is open kunj is again mesmerised by her beauty (sajna ve plays) twinkle is unaware of it he keeps on looking at her twinkle turns to find kunj staring at her she feels awkward nd shuts the door kunj smiles at her behavior he turns nd his wallet falls down be picks it up nd opens it there is a picture of twinj when they were small he smiles nd kisses it
Kunj self talk: i miss u my motii… we will surely meet again screen freezes

Precape: twinj becomes friends but is unaware of each others name

Hope u all like it…!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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