Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 2

Hii guyzz thank u again… this means alot to me… im gonna post the episodes as soon as i can… this way i can connect with u all… ???
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The episode starts with twinkle coming to school she puts her bag on the bench just then kunj comes to her running twinkle is surprised as he never do like this he is not in uniform
Twinkle: kunj what happened?? Nd y r u not in ur uniform??
Kunj: (breathing heavily) t..twinkle
He gets teary eyed nd hugs her tightly twinkle is surprised but hugs him back… twinkle breaks the hug nd finds kunj in tears
Twinkle: kunj… what happened

Kunj: t..twinkle… i… i am leaving
Twinkle: really mr kunj sarna… stop pranking me
Kunj: twinkle im serious… then y will i come in color dress
Twinkle: kunj stop it… i know u r pranking me
Kunj: twinkle im not
Twinkles heart beat stops for a second she gets tears in her eyes it looked like the ground is slipped
Twinkle: k..kunj th..this is not possible… plzz tell me u r lying… plzzz
She holds his collar tears falls from their eyes kunj nods in no twinkle is shocked she hugs him tightly he too hugs her back
Twinkle: u.. u.. r leaving
Kunj: u have to be strong
Twinkle wipes her tears nd breaks the hug they both go to the garden twinkle acts to be strong
Twinkle: when will i see u then??
Kunj is speechless
Kunj: i…im not sure… we will see each other again
Twinkle is again shocked but tries to control herself
Twinkle: oh!!! Acha… but i will always remember u… my kharoose sarna
Kunj: i will too my motii
They laugh twinkle keeps on laughing tears form in her eyes after a while she starts crying kunj hugs her

Kunj: im sorryy… i couldnt ful fill my promise of staying with u forever
Twinkle breaks the hug
Twinkle: its ok… maybe it wasnt in our fate… i wish this didnt happen
Kunj: u know right twinkle… i love my bebe nd she has the right to tell me what to do… but i really dont wanna leave u… i dont want to go to london
Twinkle: kunj its ok… if it is in our fate we will surely meet… i..im.. just sad.. th..that… i wont be… able to find a friend like u
Kunj: me too
Twinkle: i will miss u alot (crying)
Kunj: i will miss u too (tears form in his eyes) hey u know right i love u
Twinkle: yeah!!
Kunj: nd i will always will
Twinkle: i love u 2
They both hug each other kunj wants to cheer up her mood he breaks the hug
Kunj: wo alag baat haii k tum mujhsey sachi mein pyaar karney lago
Twinkle: oh really now im gonna make sure i add “as a friend” always
They both laugh nd hugs each other tightly again
Twinkle: tell me when will we meet
Kunj: hmmmmm
After thinking
Kunj: yeah we will meet when it rains
Twinkle: kunj… this is india it rains almost every month
Kunj: arey not like that my motii… when there is no sign of rain… unexpected type
Twinkle: isnt this too filmy

Kunj: u know i love filmy stuff
Twinkle smiles nd nods they noth hug each other nd promises to remember each other forever twinj leaves nd tells bye to each other with heavy heart

Next scene
2 days later
At night
Twinkle is chatting with kunj
K: i miss u 🙁
T: i miss u too 🙁 i wish we meet soon
K: can i tell something
T: u know u can
K: i love u ?
Twinkle smiles

T: i love u 2
Just then leela enters her room nd snatches the phone
Leela: with whom r u chatting this late
She sees the message nd is shocked to see i love u 2 RT also comes there they both curses twinkle… twinkle tries to explain that kunj is only a friend but they dont dare to listen they take away her phone uvi who know about this also tries but in vain they dont dare to listen they leave twinkle taking all her electronic things she cries uvi tries to calm her down

A chawl is shown which is decorated with flowers nd ligts everyone working like a family a guy enters the chawl everyone hugs him nd congrats him who is revealed to be uvi
Lady: jeetey raho… u made our chawl filled with happiness
Man: uvi beta u have no idea how much u made us happy by getting this job
Uvi: arey aap log bhii naa… where is chutkii??
Man 2: u know where she will be
Uvi: gurudwarey?

Everyone smiles uvi goes out again

Next scene
A girl is shown serving poor people she goes inside thr gurudwarey nd folds her hand her eyes r shown without spectacles her smile with a perfect slim body an old man comes nd keeps his hand on her head she looks up nd it is revealed to be twinkle
Old man: may babaji bless u… nd ur dreams come true
Twinkle: thank u uncle
The uncle leaves twinkle is walking down the stairs nd looks at uvi who is standing against the car nd smiling twinkle smiles nd runs to him they both share a hug twinkle breaks it
Twinkle: bhaii how was ur interview?? U got the job?? Everything ok?? Did u got it?? Bhaii why r u not saying anything?? What happened??
Uvi: ufff shhh shhh let me speak first umm twinkle i…..
Twinkle: u??….
Uvi: i got the job
Twinkle gets hell happy she hugs him sooooo tightly

Twinkle: bhaiiiiii im soo happy
Uvi: r u going to kill me chutkii
Twinkle breaks the hug
Twinkle: bhaiii…. i cant believe it… im sooooooooo happyy… when r u going to give me treat
Uvi: hmmm what u want
Twinkle: pani puri nd ice cream
Uvi: thats it??
Twinkle: yes
Uvi: ok princess

Next scene
In chawl
A girl is sitting in her room nd talking who is mansi one of the girl in the chawl she is pregnant not married yet
Mansi: r u seriousss… u both r coming… really!!!…. hahaha acha bring that chocolate u were telling about… i will wait for u both

Just then twinkle enters her room mansi ends the call smilling
Twinkle: for whom u will wait??
Mansi: arey twinkle my cousins they r coming here after 10 years
Twinkle: wow thats soo good… i will prepare their guests room… for how many days they will be here?
Mansi: no need of guest room they will be here forever… better prepare one flat
Twinkle: ok mansii dii i will prepare it tomorrow is tht ok??
Mansi: yeah sure chutkii they will come after 3 days
Twinkle: acha chalo take care byee
She leaves one lady screams
Lady: chutkii (twinkle) plzz come here
Twinkle: yes coming
She comes to the lady
Lady: chutkii can u plzz bring water tomorrow as im not well today
Twinkle: of course aunty
Lady: bless u
She leaves twinkle comes to her room takes her diary nd goes to the terrace she opens her first page where there is a picture of twinkle nd kunj when

they were young nd written “best friend kunj”
Twinkle self talk: i hope u didnt forget me kunj… because i didnt… after u this book is my kunj my best friend… i wrote my feelings in this nd i hope we will meet soon… thats only my wish…!!!
She starts to write something the book nd finishes it after 30 minutes she lays down their looking at the stars remembering her old days with kunj nd sleeps screen freezes

Precape: upto the comments…!!

Hope u all like it..!!!

Twinju(bhavika) i dont know about that… i just imagined it… nd nope u dont hurt my feelings

To everyone who is reading my ff
This is sweetie let me tell u guyzz positive nd negative comments welcomed… i dont feel bad u guyz can give me ur opinion as well as instructions…!!!

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