Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 18

Heyy guyz im late as always but something is wrong wuth this site it wont open i dont know why… nd again thank u all for ur precious, amazing nd awesome comments thank u sooooooooooooo much ????
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Now lets begin the episode….

The episode starts with twinkle on the ground kunj stands up his face blank his eyes gets red tears starts flowing from his eyes he recalls how she was hit by the truck nd screams “TWINKLEEEE”

Kunjs POV
My heart stopped at the moment when i saw twinkle on the ground i didnt know what to do i just screamed her name nd ran towards her finding her covered in blood i kept her head on my lap i tap her cheeks “twinkle…twinkle….twinkle wake up…. twinkle u cant leave me like this twinkleee” i repeat the words again nd again i take a sign of relief as i find her opening her eyes i speak again “twinkle stay with me plzz dont close ur eyes… someone pleasee call the ambulance” i screamed to the crowd i didnt know what to do the love of my life is lying on the road covered in blood nd i cant do anything about it tears kept flowing from my eyes twinkle starts to say something to me i moved my ears close to her mouth so that i can hear her the only words i could hear was “…o…ve ….y…o….uu… ku..nj” i didnt know what that meant nd she faints again i scream again to open her eyes but she didnt the ambulance came nd i took her in it i held her hand tightly so that she wont leave me nd go i prayed that take everything from me but give me back my twinkle i prayed again nd again
Pov ends

Kunj was waiting outside the operating room his white shirt having blood stains tears in his eyes uvi mahi mansi and vivek are also present mansi consoles kunj nd mahi consoles uvi the doctor comes out kunj rushes to him
Kunj: doctor… ho…how is she?
Doctor smiles
Doctor: she is fine mr kunj all praise to the lord
Kunj is hell happy he hugs the doctor uhi hugs each other
Kunj: thank u soo much… thanks alot
Doctor: not me thank the lord
Kunj nods
Doctor: nd yeah she will be conscious in few hours she got fracture in her right arm and sprain on her leg and injury on her head make sure u take care of her mr kunj
Kunj: of course i will thank u soo much
Doctor nods nd leaves
Uvi: thank god… thank u soo much kunj if u werent there then maybe…
Kunj cuts him
Kunj: bhaii nothing would have happened to twinkle as long as im alive
Uvi smiles nd hug him
Mahi: umm uvi… u have a meeting right tomorrow?
Uvi: oh god how can i forget it but i have to stay with twinkle
Mansi: its okay uvi u nd mahi go we r with twinkle
Uhi nods before telling kunj to take care of twinkle

Next scene
Kunj is sitting beside twinkle holding her left hand nd just looking at her with tears in his eyes he recalls how she was hitted by the truck nd holds her hand tightly someone keeps hand on his shoulder kunj turns mansi is standing with twinkles diary
Mansi: i found this while laying on the road when i was coming here
Kunj: thank u mansi dii
Mansi: dont be weak sid
Kunj recalls how twinkle told kunj sounds more better than sid
Kunj: kunj….
Mansi: what?
Kunj: my name is kunj
Mansi is surprised
Mansi: so now no more sid
Kunj nods in no
Mansi: waah this much u listen to ur wife
Kunj smiles
Mansi: keep that smile on ur face i will bring something to eat
Kunj nods mansi leaves

Kunj looks at the diary nd then at twinkle he goes nd sits on the couch near the wall he opens the diary nd spots their picture he touches it nd smiles he flips the pages

“Hii kunj
I know i know u r not my kunj but i can call u my kunj because my kunj is not there okay? Obviously its okay because u r my kunj (kunj smiles) soo how r u? Im sorry i wont be talking to u for some time as mamma thought im in love with u which is ummm i dont know she took away my phone i tried to tell her its nothing like that but i dont know she didnt listen to me… nd i miss u already the news of u leaving gave a me heartattack i just miss u”

“Hii kunj
Back again how was ur day did it go well how is london… did u reach safely if u had started school im telling u dont u dare start flirting over there maybe its common over there but donttt nd i miss u… im soo stupid right im writing as if i am talking to u…. i dont know what else to say i felt so lonely in class without u everyone was teasing me that where is my boy friend but i stopped them sorry gotta go nd i miss u”

Kunj smiles
Kunj: siyappa queen… teeri hai per meri hai (she is nuts but mine)
As he flips over the pages twinkle telling him about all her day nd she asking about him but he stops at a page

” i cant take this anymore i wanna tell u something take the next page…….. i told u to take the next page

I know u r still reading this TAKE THE NEXT PAGEEE
(Kunj is surprised but he takes the next page but finds it blank he turns to the same page)
Good boy… well did u find something?? (Kunj nods in no)
That is my life without u (kunj is stunned) i know this is not what i think but i wanna tell that nd yeah I am very bad at expressing things… i just know that there is a lot i wanna talk about i want to stay with u forever i have no idea whats going to happen when im married someone else i just want that person to be u… i want to spend my whole life with u… i dont know how but i want to… i want to wake u up every morning for office i want to make breakfast for u… i want to live my life with u… i know u dont love me nd i also know that i cant have u… but for once i want u… for once i want to make u mine… for once i want to hug u tight nd forget the world… i want to be with u for every dark phase of ur life… i want to support u for everything… i want to grow old with u… its very hard or just say impossible… but i just wish this… because I LOVE U… i love u alot!”

Kunj is in a shock he dont know how to react screen freezes

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I hope u all like it…!!

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  1. ???finally…loved it soo much!!! Pls post tge next asap!!!

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    Sweetie!!!!! I was waiting on your ff so long!!!! God i was missing u dii … Thank god you’re back now for the epi…. So emotional epi it was and i loves the diary part …it was cute and amazing … Marvelous episode it was ??
    Btw i hope you’ll be registering in TU soon as only registered members are allowed to post their articles from august 1,… Please do post yr next episode soon 🙂

  3. Awesome episode

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    Lovely it was sweetie….. Awesome…..

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    amazing sweetie missed u soooooooooo mch n yes u r 2 very late hmm i m nt talking to u hahaha jst joking yr bt luvd d episode tears r jst gushing through my eyes n r nt stping very emotional episode luv u

  6. Hy sweetie,missed u a lot ……. m glad tht u r back …….. m so happy…….awesome epi …… eagerly wtng fr d nxt one ……

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    yr sweetie dusra episode show hi nhi kr rha

  8. Superb episode..

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    Missed you so much amazing episode

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    This was awesome

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  12. Sooooooooo emotional?????????????????

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