Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 17


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There were two best friends twinkle nd kunj when they were young kunj was an orphan nd was raised by bebe whereas twinkle was having a veryy strict family due to some reason kunj had to leave after 10 years twinkle is living in chawl with her brother uv kunj comes there for his cousin mansi (6 months pregnant) with his sister mahi twinkle nd kunj does not recongnize each other kunj has grown naughty nd handsome while twinkle is very simple and beautiful twinkle is veryy lovable nd is known as chutkii kunjs nick name is sid twinj becomes friends with the name chutkii and sid after few days twinj gets to know each others real name twinkle is shown in love with kunj from before but is engaged to aryan mansi watches twinkles nd kunjs bond nd wishes to see them together on the other hand mansi forgives vivek the father of her child nd the chawl decides to get them married a lot of fun happens mansi twinkle nd kunj decides to get uvi and mansi married on the same day as mansis and vivek uvi nd mahi agrees to marry each other twinj r sent to have a holiday in mumbai mansi vivek uvi and mahi comes there to surprise them along with them aryan also comes the functions r held in mumbai during the function twinkle was almost to get raped but kunj saves her

the media comes there nd states it as a rape nd starts to speak about twinkles respect kunj comes forward nd tells he will marry her twinkle refuses but then kunj convinces her the marriage takes place but is stopped because twinkle calls maya kunjs gf the trio goes into the room nd comes out twinj r married twinj along with maya goes to kunjs flat twinkle recalls how they made a deal nd breaks down twinkle starts of her day with doing wife duties of kunj as he gave permission to her twinkle is doubtful about maya nd is later revealed that she is married to ravi singhania nd was just using kunj twinkle slaps her a fight happens between ravi nd kunj because ravi raised a finger on twinkles respect kunj leaves from there with twinkle he breaks down thinking how much twinkle is suffering he accepts that he didnt love maya kunj asks twinkle about starting their life all over again as husband nd wife twinkle happily agrees


Now the episode

The episode starts with twinj ready twinkle in white sari shimmery saari with matching jewellery nd kunj in white shirt with blue pant twinj r in the car kunj speaks up
Kunj: soo….
Twinkle: so what?
Kunj: umm well… u r looking nice
Twinkle looks at her self nd smiles
Twinkle: its just a simple one
Kunj: simple looks nice on u
Twinkle: thank u… sadu sarna
Kunj: that was sooo mean siyappa queen

Twinkle: how dare u call me that… u…. u kharoose sarna
Kunj smiles looking at her angry face

Kunj pov
God this feeling is sooo beautiful i dont even know whats up with me… just being with her makes me soo happy i just want to know whats wrong with me

Kunj: twinkle can u just cover up ur eyes
Twinkle gets confused
Kunj: pleasee
Twinkle: for??
Kunj: do it
Twinkle: whyy i wanna know… waittttt i called u kharoose nd saru u r gonna blindfold me nd take advantage of the situation nd push me out of the car… how meann kunj how mean… i never expected this
Kunj gives her what the hellll waala look
Kunj: from where did this all came?
Twinkle: how will i know u r planning this
Kunj: what?? When did tht happen
Twinkle: what do u mean
Kunj: that u r stupid
Twinkle poutss
Kunj: now please for god sake cover ur eyes with these
Twinkle takes a cloth from kunjs hand nd ties it on her eyes d
Twinkle: kunj?? Kunj?? Where r u? I cant see u
Kunj: of course stupid u r blind folded
Twinkle: oh yes
Kunj comes out of the car he then opens twinkles gate nd takes her hand she screams
Twinkle: aaaahhhh kunjjjj…. someone is kidnapping me aaaaahhhhhhhhh
Kunj leaves her nd closes his ears nd shouts on her
Twinkle stops
Twinkle: oh why didnt u tell before
Kunj: twinkle?? R u drunk?
Twinkle: cheee i dont drink
Kunj: then for god sake stop acting like u r drunk
Kunj takes twinkles hand he brings her somewhere in the middle the moonlight shining he leaves her nd speaks up
Kunj: u can now remove ur blindfold
She does nd is surprised to see everything dark just the sky nd the moonlight which is just a little
Twinkle: kunj??

The lights comes back twinkle is shown standing in the middle of the chawl which is completely decorated with flowers ballons lights a happy birthday sign the chawl people comes to her nd greets her twinkles eyes gets watery not because of sadness but because of happiness this was the first time her birthday was been celebrated in such a lavish manner mansi nd vivek comes there
Mansi: happy birthday chutkii
Twinkle: thank u soo much
Mansi: dont thank me thank….
She points at a muscular figure playing with kids who is none other than kunj twinkle smiles with tears in her eyes uvi nd mansi comes there nd hugs her the cake ceremomy begins twinkle stands nd is about to cut the cake but stops
Twinkle: where is kunj?
Kunj: im here

Twinkle turns nd spots him standing in the corner with his arms crossed nd a smile on his face twinkle comes to him nd holds his hand kunj gets electric shock for the very first time he just keep looking at her eyes nd her face
Twinkle: i wont cut the cake without u
She drags him to the cake nd cuts the cake with him while kunj keeps looking at her mansi notices this nd smiles
Mansi thinks: thank u babaji for this gift thank u soo much

There happens to be a lot of fun twinkle talks with everyone joyfully a smile on her face while kunj keeps looking at her mansi pats him on his shoulder
Mansi: why r u staring at ur wife like that?
Kunj: no its nothing
Mansi: hmmm would u want to share anything… im always there to listen
Kunj smiles nd turns to look at twinkle who is still smiling nd talking
Kunj: i dont know dii… its just its just different when im with her its a heaven i didnt even feel like this for maya…. when i first saw twinkle (he recalls when he saw her) my heart beats raised soo fastly… nd when she is away i feel so incomplete even though that didnt happen but when im in office i dont feel like to work when maya was also there i didnt feel any connections with her but with twinkle while i was getting married i was happy i dont know why but when i saw maya i thought she is my priority nd i forgot i was happy… r u getting anything what im trying to say??
Mansi smiles at him

Mansi: absolutely
Kunj: then u must know what is the answer why i am feeling like this?
Mansi takes his hand nd keeps it on his heart
Mansi: listen to ur heart feel what it is trying to tell u… remember the person u love feel it
Kunj closes his eyes his heart beats very clearly heard to him they make some noises like twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle (well its my ff things happen like this) kunj smiles nd mansi leaves

Kunjs Pov
I closed my eyes keeping hand on my heart listening to my heart i smile as i hear my heart whispering twinkle twinkle twinkle i didnt know what that meant i tried to understand the person i love or say trying to recall who i love? My eyes closed i could only see darkness just then a light thing appeared it looked like a fairy this is soo crazy when i looked closely i understood the cloths a pink fluffy gown a very pretty one then i spotted the face i was just shocked i saw TWINKLE i opened my eyes nd started putting things together my heart beats fast when twinkle is close i get restless when i dont see her i stay happy when im with her my heart speaks twinkles name does this means i?? I…… LOVE HER??? A very big smiles appeared on my face…. this feeling was different i never focused on something like this before…. it was heaven…. i again spotted twinkle laughing with kids her hair flying my eyes just captured her simplicity i just wanted to run to her nd hug her i wannit to scream to the world that I LOVE TWINKLE…. I LOVE U TWINKLE…. I LOVE U

Next scene
One of the chawls kid goes out to pick up his ball twinkle also goes to him kunj follows her nd stops at the main gate twinkle takes the ball nd gives it to the boy he kisses her cheek nd runs away twinkle smiles nd looks at kunj he smiles back twinkle waves her hand at him

Kunjs POV
Twinkle waves her hand i waved back i prepared myself to confess my feelings i knew this was the perfect time as noone was around us she starts coming nd oppsss her leg slips i was going towards her to help her twinkle smiled she stood properly nd marched towards me suddenly her face changed she screams “KUNJJJJJJ” nd pushes me i fell on the ground before i realize a truck has hitted twinkle screen freezes

Precape: read it ?

Credit to: Sweetie

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