Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 16


Hello everyone… sorries nd thank u in the end of the episode soo direct episode!

Recape: kunj gets to know the truth about maya nd ravi he breaks down recalling how much twinkle is suffering twinkle misunderstands him thinking he is crying because of maya twinkle attends to kunjs wounds

The episode starts with twinkle done with dressing kunjs wounds she stands up to leave kunj holds her hand
Kunj: twinkle u wont leave me right? Ever??
Twinkle: kunj this question……..
Kunj: twinkle yes or no
Twinkle: but ku…..
Kunj: will u leave me ever or will not

Twinkle: kunj….
Kunj: twinkle i said yes or no
Twinkle takes her hand back nd turns her eyes gets watery
Twinkle: it is up to our fate
Kunj: the fate depends on what we want nd dont want
Twinkle: i dont know….
Kunj looks down on the floor
Kunj: that means u will leave me
Twinkle turns to look at kunj
Twinkle: i never said that
Kunj: but u mean that
Twinkle: no kunj…..
Kunj looks at her
Twinkle: u have done everything u can every possible thing which could protect me…. nd i cant leave u when u need me… i cant just think about me i cant be selfish i would be there for u forever no matter what… i know u love maya but thinking about her wont make a difference now… u have to move on… ummm im not telling with me but u should move on nd……
She is stopped as kunj hugs her tightly (sajna ve plays)
Kunj: thats enough siyappa queen… u r telling me to move on when i already have…. (he breaks the hug) i know u r surprised by this but i dont know when nd how i moved on maybe i didnt felt anything from the start for maya…. this is getting crazy hahaha im just happy u r there for me
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: forever
Kunj: twinkle… can we start over??
Twinkle looks on confused
Kunj: i mean… c..can… we be… umm… hu…husband nd wife for real
Twinkle is shocked, surprised, happy, excited mixed emotions running through her heart her eyes gets watery kunj notices this
Kunj: no twinkle… im sorry i asked u this… but dont cry plz… i cant see u crying
Twinkle hugs him kunj is surprised she breaks the hug nd wipes her tears
Twinkle: i twinkle kunj sarna accepts kunj sarna as my husband
Kunj gets hell happy he hugs twinkle
Kunj: i kunj sarna accepts twinkle kunj sarna as my wife
They share a hug for few minutes twinkle breaks it
Kunj: dont u think these hugs r enough for the entire month
Twinkle laughs nd nods

Next scene
Kunj is sitting in the hall nd watching tv twinkle comes to him having some papers in her hand
Twinkle: kunj…
Kunj looks at her she hands over the papers to him he takes it looks through them nd is shocked he stands up twinkle looks at him with sad face
Kunj: twinkle…..this
Twinkle: i never thought u will be like this….
Kunj: twinkle where did u get these
Twinkle: it doesnt matter from where i got this…. but u never told me im really disappointed kunj
Kunj: twinkle im sorry… but this is soo embarassing
The papers r shown where there are pictures of kunj when he was really young he being superman, batman and spiderman twinkle starts laughing badly (funny tune plays) kunj feels embarassed
Twinkle: (still laughing) kunj hahaha u haha look soo cute
Kunj: stop it twinkle
Twinkle: hahahaha how can i…. ok ok no laughing
She closes her mouth with both hands after some seconds she burst into laughter again
Kunj: twinkle enough already
Twinkle: hahaha im sorry… ok ok sorry… ahemm soo mr kunj u never told u wanted to be super hero
Kunj: twinklee
Twinkle laughs silently kunj notices this nd smiles twinkle turns to go
Kunj: twinkle?
Twinkle turns
Twinkle: yes
Kunj: keep smiling nd laughing like this it suits u alot
Twinkle smiles nd goes to her room she talks to herself
Twinkle self talk: OMG is this really happening kunj nd i r gonna share husband nd wife relation omg babaji thank u soooo much thank u thank u thank u sooo much i cant express how happy i am thank u sooo much

Next scene
Twinkle comes out of her washroom in the bathrobe she takes kunjs photo nd smiles she starts singing

Haan aa o…

Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)


Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye


Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

Aa o… aa…


Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)


Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye


O… she stops nd freezes there they both stare at each other kunj feeling amazed nd mesmerised while twinkle is feeling embarassed kunj pushes the door nd enters her room twinkle is surprised nd moves back kunj keeps coming forward nd stops at a distance
Kunj: i didnt know u can sing so well
Twinkle: th…tha…thank u
She rushes to the washroom kunj stands there nd smiles while moving out of her room he spots her diary kunj comes nd holds it
Kunj: should i read it?? Of course i should im her husband she accepted me as her husband… but kunj sarna bad habits… so what she is my wife
Twinkle opens the lock of her washroom… kunj hides her diary behind him she comes out wearing blue anarkali
Twinkle: u didnt leave??
Kunj thinks for a moment
Kunj: oh.. yes… yes i was leaving
He somehow hides her diary nd leaves the room

Next scene
Twinkle is setting the dinning table kunj comes to her
Kunj: twinkle get ready we r leaving
Twinkle: what where?? Why?
Kunj: twinkle just get ready
Twinkle: kunj will u tell me plzzz
Kunj: u will know that…. get ready in 15 minutes now no more questions
He leaves twinkle stands there confused
Twinkle: kharoose… he is becoming kharoose day by day… sadu… sadu sarna
Screen freezes

Precape: surpriseee!!!


Hi guyzz how r u all?? Im fine thank u im really sorry for not posting it i guess one month is over…. im really sorry i was busy in Ramadan… i didnt get time to write im really sorry….

I will try to upload daily… holidays r started nd i dont know whether i will get time because i will be busy in sleeping?
Sorry about that
But i will make sure to upload it daily… not a promise but yeah i will try….

Nd now A VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BIG THANK U TOO ALL who commented on my previous episode… i got 27 comments surprising because i never thought i was a good writer…. THANK U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ??????????


Credit to: Sweetie

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  1. Angita

    Ok so sorry but will you pls give me a short summary

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    awesome epi….

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    Hey Sweetie, I m really very happy that u r back…u won’t beleive but daily i used to wait for ur ff..bcoz i like this story a lot…coming back to tha episode…it was Awesome…Amazing…Fabulous…Fantastic…Hats off to u yaar…Eid Mubarak to u too…Love u ????

  4. yr sweetie amazing hann bt u r 2 late its f9 i luvd d episode u r amazing n i m happy u r bck pls ppost nxt asap luving it

  5. SidMin

    Loved the episode now Twinj will share a husband and wife relation Loved it pls post the next one soon Eid Mubarak

  6. Sayeeda

    Missed u soooooo much Sweetie …u can’t even imagine I used to think ” Yrr where did sweetie went ; why is she not posting …I’m waiting to know what paper were those which Twinkle will give to Kunj as per ur precap …”

    I’m so happy to see u back…
    loved the episode…. too good …loved the dance part of Twinkle …amazing… awesome….

    Eid Mubarak to u too

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    Btw I’ve started an ff ‘My heart beats for only you’ plzz do support I’ll be happy if one of my idol is reading 🙂

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    ommmmmaaaaaaaa itna bakbak kardiya mene so now no more bakbak
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    EID MUBARAK sweetie
    ok now finallly bahbye
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