Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 15


Hii guyzz… no more bakwass direct the episode… still love u all for supporting me ??????

Nd thank u sooo much im happy u people will wait nd will want me to continue my ff thank u sooo much ???????

Back to my episode…!

The episode starts with twinkle walking here nd there looking at the hotels door just then kunj enters twinkle hurridely runs to him
K: twinkle… everything ok??
Twinkle looks at his calm face nd hugs him kunj is surprised but hugs her back
Twinkle while hugging
T: i know kunj it will be really hard for u but dont worry im here for u always
Kunj breaks the hug
K: whats wrong twinkle… what happened
Twinkle without saying anything takes him near the room nd signs him to knock the door
K: what wrong twinkle we cant disturb someone like this
T: kunjs its for u… knock it
K: what a weird girl u r… i wont
T: kunj plzz try to understand plzzz
K: ok ok fine dont plead u know i cant see u like this
He knocks the door the same guy opens the door kunj looks at twinkle
G: yes what do u want?
Kunj looks at twinkle she takes a heavy breath
T: we want to meet maya
Kunj is hell shocked he looks at twinkle
K: what is wrong with u twinkle r u stupid??
T: kunj im sorry but…. i dont wanna explain anything
She holds his hand nd takes her inside the room kunj is shocked to see maya laying on the bed the bedsheet out of the bed maya is shocked to see him
G: oh hello excuse me
M: ku….kunj u here
Kunj stands there numb full shocked not because of maya but because he is confused why he is not reacting to this

Kunj soul talk:
What the hell is this… i should kill that maya y am i not reacting y am i not slapping maya i love her… i want to hold her nd tell y did u betray me but what this… y i am not doing this

Twinkle comes to maya nd CHATAKK kunj comes back to his senses
T: do u even realize who did u betray?? The person who loves u alot the person who can do anything for u
The guy comes nd pushes twinkle making her fall in kunjs arms they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) twinkle composes her self nd stands
G: wht the hell r u talking… she is maya sighania wife of ravi singhania she is my wife
This comes out more shocking news for twinj
T: what???!!!!
M: what what… he is my husband
T: but u used to stay with kunj… nd u love him nd…..
Maya laughs
M: hahaha…. i never loved him… it was in my fate to find a person who is rich i wanted to get his property thats it
T: so this was all ur plan… he loved u maya he love u…. why did u do this hah??
Kunj comes nd holds twinkles hand she is surprised
K: lets go twinkle
T: kunj but………..
K: i told u lets go
T: but kunj…..
K: twinkleeee
Twinkle nods they turn nd about to leave
R: oh maya isnt she the girl u told was raped
Twinkle freezes there her eyes gets teary kunj closes his fist in anger
M: yes my dear hubby then this kunj married her for the sake of her respect
Twinkle starts crying kunj turns nd holds her by her shoulder
R: oh haha… respect her respect is gone
Just then a punchhhh nd ravi falls down kunj starts beating him shocking twinkle
K: how dare u speak about her how dare u
Twinkle stands their numb ravi defends himself by pushing kunj whos head hits the table nd his head starts bleeding twinkle screams
T: kunjjjjjjjjj
Kunj not bothering about himself stands nd continues to fight with ravi maya tries to stop them
M: kunj leave him
Twinkle thinks to do something
T: ku…kunj
She acts to faint kunj leaves ravi nd rushes towards her holding her in his arms
K: ravi singhania today u r saved otherwise “I WOULD HAVE KILLED FOR SPEAKING ILL ABOUT MY WIFE” (it echoes)
twinkle who is acting hears this nd is surprised kunj lifts her nd takes her to the car

Next scene
Twinjs apartment
Kunj brings twinkle in her room nd makes her lay down he covers her with the blanket nd leaves for his room twinkle sits recalling his words “I WOULD HAVE KILLED FOR SPEAKING ILL ABOUT MY WIFE”

On the other hand kunj comes to his room he sits on the floor his hand nd head bleeding
He gets teary eyed not because of maya but because of twinkle

Kunj: why do bad things happen to good people…. y does twinkle have to suffer for no reason… whyy…. why cant the god let her be happy

He starts crying he recalls how people were gossiping about twinkle nd how he saw aryan raping her
Twinkle comes out side of his room nd hears him crying nd misunderstands that he is crying because of maya

Twinkle: he indeed loved maya alot… i cant see him in pain babaji plzzz make him happy

Twimkle enters his room nd slowly keeps her hand on his shoulder kunj turns in surprise
K: twinkle u
He makes her sit on the bed hurridely nd he himself sits down
K: u ok??
T: sshhh im fine kunj… im sorry u have to bear this
Kunj looks at her confused
T: kunj…. it was in ur fate… maya left u…. im sorry about that
K: u think im crying because of her?
T: yes y not… u love her right?
Kunj nods in agreement but is confused
He slowly slowly bends nd keeps his head on twinkles lap while he is sitting down twinkle lifts her hand nd starts caressing his hair
K: twinkle…
T: yes
K: twinkle the people i love always go away from me y is that so?
T: it is because babaji takes our test… he want to see how much brave we are
K: is that so… (he sits nd stare at twinkles eyes) so that means u will also leave me…
Twinkle is surprised by his words
T: u always wanted that
Kunj stands full shocked
K: are u out of ur mind y on earth i will want that to go away from u… or not able to be with u
Twinkle also stands
T: but kunj…. u loved maya right
K: no twinklee
Twinkle is confused
T: what r u saying??
K: i dont know… its complicated i never loved her
T: but kunj u were crying right now
K: i was not crying because of her i was crying because of u
Twinkle is shocked
T: what y?
K: because u have to suffer alone nd i dont know how to help u out nd i cant see u in pain or any other stuff its just really unusual feeling for me nd…….
Before he continues twinkle hugs him tightly kunj hugs her back (sajna ve plays)
T: u dont have to do anything kunj
Kunj breaks the hug
K: what do u mean??
T: u will understand when the time comes… nd leave all this boring talks come let me dress ur wounds
K: no im fine
T: oh really… u r fine or u dont want to apply the ointment
K: how did u know??
T: aha got u… r u scared??
K: no im not
T: yes u r
K: no im not
T: yes u r
K: im not
T: u r then let me see
K: fine then apply it nd see
Twinkle nods kunj sits on the bed twinkle brings the first aid nd sits she takes the ointment kunj looks at it nd gulps he then notices twinkles nail polish twinkle is about to apply the ointment but he stops twinkle
K: u have applied nail polish wont that get bad
T: ohoo kunj… more than fashion life is important idiot now shhh let me apply it
She takes the ointment while kunj recalls his past

Kunj comes out of the kitchen maya is sitting on the sofa
K: maya look my finger is cut can u plzz apply the ointment
M: kunj… im having nail polish it will get bad sorry baby
Kunj smiles
K: its ok i will apply it myself
Flashback ends

He comes back to his senses nd watches twinkle taking the cotton
K: twinkle plzz be slow
twinkle smiles
T: u wont even know
Twinkle takes the cream nd starts to apply it (sajna ve plays) kunj looks at her lovingly kunj moans in pain twinkle blows his wound screen freezes

Precape: twinkle gives something to kunj he is shocked

Hope u all like it….!!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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