Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 14

Hii guyzz… im pretty late… sorry about that… im really sorry… guyzz im planning to end my ff soon… as i dont get time to write nd i people keep waiting im sorry for that… let me know through ur comments… im sorry again!!

Nd thank u all for supporting me i love u all ?????

The episode starts with twinkle working in the kitchen cleaning md washing dishes she hears some noise like laughing nd giggling twinkle follows the noises she stops near mayas door which was open a bit she pushes it maya who was sitting on the bed was talking nd laughing
Maya: hahaha baby… dont say that I love u right
Twinkle smiles thinking it might be kunj
Maya: no wayz… i will always be urs
Maya senses someone standing behind her she turns nd gets shocked while twinkle is smiling
Maya: i.. i will talk to u later
She stands nd faces twinkle
Twinkle: what happened y r u shocked… do continue
Maya: twinkle whatever u r thinking is wrong
Twinkle: arey maya y r u so shocked… nd yeah tell kunj to being vegetables nothing is their in home to make ok??
Maya takes a relief
Maya: yeah sure
Twinkle leaves while going to the kitchen
Twinkle: strange girl… anywayzz who cares

Next scene
Kunj comes to home at 10 twinkle who is watching tv stands noticing kunj
Kunj: u didnt sleep??
Twinkle: u didnt come home how can i sleep
Kunj: oh… well now u can im home
Twinkle: u look soo tired
Kunj comes there twinkle goes nd stands behind him surprising kunj she takes off his coat nd folds it in her arm
Twinkle: quickly get freshen up i will bring the food
She leaves kunj stands their smiling unknowingly he walks smiling he enters his room nd finds maya sleeping nd snoring he feels sad
Kunj: look at maya she is sleeping even though she is gòing to be my wife nd look at twinkle… hmph god knows what he have decided

Next scene
Kunj comes to the dining table nd sits twinkle brings food for him she serves him while he looks at her
Kunj: sit
Twinkle nods nd sits
Twinkle: so how was ur day?
Kunj: very good… there were 2 meetings with my clients which i was successful in that… nd everyone was congratulating me for my marriage… after a long time i went to office they all were surprised
Twinkle: wow… seems nice… anywayz did u brought the vegetables?
Kunj: what vegetables??
Twinkle: kunj u forgot… i told maya to tell u to bring…. when u were talking to her
Kunj: twinkle… what r u saying i didnt talk to her today
Twinkle is surprised
Twinkle: but she was talking to someone
Kunj: leave it maybe her friend
Twinkle thinks
Twinkle: maybe… what will i cook tomorrow nothing is there
Kunj: y do u have to cook… u r kunj sarnas wife call nd the food will be here
Twinkle: no i like to work by myself u know that nd………………………………
Twinkle keeps talking (sajna ve plays) kunj stares at her lovingly not knowing what he is doing… he just keep staring at her he feels something for her but dont know what
Kunjs POV:
How does she talk so much… how does she understands everyone so much… she is really different very different from the girls i used to know she is really different from maya also… i dont know whats happening with me but i feel nice to be with her more than maya…
He is interrupted by twinkles voice
Twinkle: kunj where r u lost??
Kunj: nowhere… twinkle
Twinkle: hmmm
Kunj: did u have ur dinner?
Twinkle: y…ye.. yes i did… why
Kunj: u cant lie to me
Twinkle: wo actually i was not hungry
Kunj: twinkle what do u mean by u were not hungry u have to eat something to gain some energy if u will not eat day by day u will become weak which is not good for ur health
Twinkle: kunj for god sake stop lecturing me… im not hungry ok??
Kunj: fine i wont talk to u
Twinkle: ok..ok…im eating
Kunj smiles twinkle takes a spoon nd looks at it nd then at kunj who signs her to eat twinkle signs no kunj acts to be angry twinkle hurridely eats it kunj smiles twinkle takes the next spoon nd feeds kunj (sajna ve plays) he takes nd feeds twinkle after a while they both keep talking they go nd sits on the couch watching a movie im between kunj will stare at twinkle lovingly after 2 hours twinkle falls asleep on his shoulder which surprises kunj he tucks her hair behind her ear which was disturbing her beauty sleep kunj smiles he carries he in his arms nd heads for twinkles room

Next scene
Kunj brings twinkle in her room he makes her lay down slowly nd covers her with the blanket he goes to the balcony nd sits on the chair looking at the sky
Kunj soul talk:
Whats happening with me… the care for me towards her is increasing i love maya… but y do i feel incomplete with twinkle like she is a part of my life… i have no idea about this feeling this is new i havent feel like this for maya this is so crazy… the way twinkle smiles (he recalls her smiling) it looks like im in a heaven… this is getting crazy i love maya… i have to keep some distance from twinkle

Next scene
The days goes normal twinkle prepares breakfast kunj eats his breakfast but keeps some distance between him nd twinkle he doesnt talk to twinkle maya comes nd hugs him he feels uneasy looking at twinkle who is having her breakfast kunj jerks maya slowly
Kunj: maya stop it
Maya: yeah sorry privacy hah?
Twinkle looks at them
Twinkle soul talk:
Babajii plzz help me… i cant see them so close yet i have to i dont want to see them close babaji plzz dont show this to me… i cant see kunj close to anyone even though he is mayas plzzz give me some strenght to see them close
Kunj leaves for his office

Next scene
Twinkle is reading a book sitting on the sofa maya comes out wearing a yellow knee length dress her hair rolled with golden heels twinkle looks at her
Maya: what??!!
Twinkle: nothing u going somewhere
maya screams at her
Maya: what the hell is ur problem… u r kunjs wife that doesnt mean i have to answer ur questions understood nd dont u dare tell about this to kunj
Twinkle is surprised by her behavior
Twinkle: im sorry
Maya leaves angrily
Twinkle: y do i feel she is not what she looks like…. yesterday also she told kunj called her but he didnt nd now she is going out without informing kunj… i have to find out

Twinkle goes out nd follows maya she reaches some hotel
Twinkle: wht is maya doing here
Just then she finds maya kissing a man she hides herself nd finds he is not kunj twinkle is shocked…. the man holds maya by her waist nd starts walking twinkle follows them they head to one room twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: maya is betraying kunj i have to call him

Twinkle calls kunj

Next scene
Kunj is in his office his phone rings nd the name flashes twinkle a smile appears on his face he takes it
Phone call
K: missing me hah??
T: kunj plz come to xyz hotel
K: wht… omg twinkle… i dont think ur intentions r good
T: kunj plzz stop nd come fast
Kunj senses something is wrong
K: is everything ok twinkle
T: plzz kunj come fast i will tell u after that plzzz fast
K: ok ok ok im coming dont worry
The hang up the phone

Twinkle soul talk: babaji… y r u doing this kunj will break down now… i cant see him like this… he trusts u soo much…. babaji y r u talking our tests so much stop it now plzzz
Screen freezes

Precape: kunj knocks the hotel room

Hope u all like it… im planning to end mayas chapter soon u can read the next episode…. nd my ff will u people like to wait because i really dont get time to write or should i end it… let me know….!!!

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  5. Sidhant♥Lover (isabella)

    Dats nice. .. plz dont end up.. keep on doing… really like ur way of writing

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    About this epi ; its too good ….waiting for Maya’s truth to come out..

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    Loved today’s episode ❤

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