Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 13

Hii guyzzz…. im really very late im sorry for that im really… had internet problem so….. yeah i will try to post regularly…!!!

The episode starts with twinj standing at the door of kunjs apartment 206
Twinkle: so this is ur apartment?
Kunj: yup
They ring the bell
Kunj: god knows where is maya… she is not opening the door
After ringing for a long time maya opens the door kunj smiles at her looks she us wearing a purple knee length her hair rolled
Kunj: so this is y it took u long
Maya: come baby
They both enter the house leaving twinkle behind her eyes starts getting watery she controls it nd comes inside the house which is a hall with 4 rooms 2 rooms opposite on the left nd 2 rooms opposite to the right nd is completely messed up the cloths scattered here nd there kunj comes back
Kunj: im really sorry for this….
Twinkle: its ok kunj i can manage may i know where is my room
Kunj: oh ur room… yeah that way
Showing her the room which is opposite to his on the right
Twinkle: ok
Just then maya comes
Maya: baby where is my room?
Kunj: u can take any room
Twinkle leaves without uttering a single word she comes to her room twinkle feels glad as the room is painted with purple nd white the furniture in white and a washroom twinkle keeps her stuff she goes nd closes her rooms door nd changes her dress in pink nd white night churidar she looks at herself in the mirror she gets teary eyed

Twinj nd maya r in the room before twinjs marriage
maya: u both dont want to marry each other right?
Twinkle keeping stone on her heart
Twinkle: no maya
Kunj: what do u suggest we do… im sorry but i will marry twinkle
Maya: i have an idea twinkle u r raped right
Twinkles eyes gets teary
Maya: im sorry… acha listen people will speak for a month nd then they will forget so y dont u both marry for just one month
Twinj looks at each other
Twinkle soul talk: im ready to do anything for kunj…
Twinkle: good idea im ready
Kunj: what r u serious
Twinkle: yup
Maya: then what r we waiting for lets go
Twinj nods
Twinkle soul talk: this is all for u kunj… im lying to myself nd my whole family im sorry babaji i hope everyone forgives me
Flashback ends

She gets teary eyed finding mangalsutar nd sindoor she sits on the bed which is opposite to the mirror nd looks at herself
(Sad sajna ve plays) she smiles having tears in her eyes her smiles fades away she controls her tears she takes her fingers nd pulls her lips to make herself smile she smiles after a sec she burst out crying she cries nd sits down

Next scene
Morning apartment
Twinkle wakes up early as usual she gets ready in blue churidar she applies sindoor nd comes out she enters the kitchen
Twinkle: so this is my first rasoi… i will make sure kunj liked it
She happily starts preparing the food

Twinkle is crying she sits down she thinks something nd wipes her tears
Twinkle: twinkle… u have to control urself… this was all for kunj… kunj is mayas… i have to promise myself i will remove all my feelings for kunj… i wont love him now… he is mayas kunj is mayas…. stop twinkle u dont love him now… it will be hard but u r twinkle u can do it… u can forget it u ever loved him yes u can do it i will act only as a friend but will fulfill my wifes duty
She wipes her tears
Flashback ends

She prepares the breakfast nd a kheer as a ritual
Twinkle: they both didnt wake up its too late
She goes to mayas room nd knocks the door she waits a little nd pushes the door slightly it opens nd enters it she doesnt find maya in her room she goes to kunjs room nd knocks it after a while kunj opens the door twinkle peeps inside nd finds maya inside his bedroom sleeping on his bed she is shocked but remembers her promise which she made to herself nd speaks up
Twinkle: good morning kunj
Kunj: (yawning) what yaar u woke up so early
Twinkle: idiot… its 7 in the morning dont u have to go to office
Kunj: yeah ok
Kunj starts to close the door
Twinkle: kunj?
Kunj: yes twinkle
Twinkle: umm i wanna talk to u… its kinda urgent
Kunj rubs his eyes coming to his senses
Kunj: let me change nd come
Twinkle nods nd leaves

Next scene
Twinkle is setting the breakfast table kunj comes there wearing a pink shirt nd black coat nd pant struggling to wear his tie
Kunj: yes twinkle speak
Twinkle: yeah i wanted to say that…..
She finds kunj struggling
Twinkle: do u want me to help u?
Kunj looks at her
Kunj: is that what u wanted to say motii??
Twinkle: ayee dont call me that… no but u were struggling so i asked
Kunj: hahaha ok i wont… yeah plzz help me
Twinkle comes to him nd holds his tie (sajna ve plays) kunj stares at her lovingly twinkle finishes it up
Twinkle: over
Kunj: thanks motii
Twinkle hits him on his shoulder slightly
Kunj: umm will u tell me now
Twinkle: yes… ummm kunj… as u know how we got married… u love maya but u r married to me now soo……
Kunj: soo??
Twinkle: i was wondering if u will give me the permission so that i can start my duty u know as a wife
Kunj looks at her full surprised
Kunj: so u wanna be my wife
Twinkle: kunj…. i know its weird but i really believe the marriage relation just for a month only…. i wanna ful fill my duty as a wife as ur wife u filled my forhead with ur name… now im committed to u… soo will u give me the permission
Kunj smiles
Kunj soul talk: wow… i never thought my motii will be soo into all this im really impressed i swear if i didnt love maya i would have fallen for her
Kunj: yup…. i give u the permission
Twinkle smiles brightly
Twinkle: thank u soo much…. but
Kunj: but…….
Twinkle: but its not necessary for u to fulfill ur duty as a husband
Kunj: what nooo…. i wanna be a good husband atleast i will have some experience
Twinkle: no… i dont wanna see u like that
Kunj: in what way??
Twinkle: u wont understand… here have this the first ritual as a wife
She offers him the kheer kunj smiles he sits on his seat just then maya comes rubbing her eyes
Maya: good morning baby
She comes nd hugs him while he is sitting on his seat twinkle turns the other side as she doesnt feel good watching them together twinkle coughs making kuya come back to their senses
Twinkle: good morning maya… atleast look around before romancing
She teases them the trio share a good company screen freezes

Precap: twinkle confused about maya
Sorry everyone for not posting for a week… but i promise i will try to post each day… hope u all like it… nd dont worry twinj will be together by hook or crook… hope u all like my story line….!!!

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