Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 12

Hello guyz… whats up… as usual im late… Im sorry for that… as i told earlier i wont be able to post the episodes soon… because of school hope u all understand nd now without wasting time lets go to my episode…!!

The episode starts with twinkle sitting in her room looking at her marriage lehenga
Twinkle: i cant do this… kunj is mayas… for my happiness he us doing all this to save me from everyone… i just hope what i did… will be successful
Mansi enters her room
Mansi: haaww… twinkle u still didnt get ready look at me im full ready come on dress up
Twinkle: dii can i ask u a que?
Mansi: yes what is it??
Twinkle: why do someone protect the other person from getting bad infront of others eyes?
Mansi look at her nd smiles
Mansi: it is because the other person cares for the other… he can put his life to save ur respect twinkle
Twinkle is shocked
Mansi: i know u r talking about kunj… i know he will do anything to protect u… u r his friend
Twinkle nods
Mansi: comeon get ready now
Mansi leaves

Next scene
In the chawl there r three mandap which r beautifully decorated with the touch of traditional flowers nd lights the grooms comes down everyone wearing sehra kunj in red sherwani with sehra uvi in golden sherwani with sehra and vivek in brown sherwani with sehra they all r sitting in the mandap now the girls comes down twinkle wearing red nd golden lehenga with matching jewellery mahi wearing golden nd white lehenga with matching jewellery nd mansi wearing brown nd peech lehenga with matching jewellery all r looking equally beautiful nd handsome the brides comes nd stands with their groom twinkle looks on tensed
Twinkle soul talk: plzz babaji help me… where is she now??
The pandit is about to start the ritual twinkle stops him shocking everyone
Twinkle: pandit ji… i will want to marry when my brother nd sisters gets married
Everyone smiles
Uvi: but chutkii…..
Twinkle: plzz bhaii
Uvi nods
Kunj to twinkle
Kunj: what happened u look tensed
Twinkle: no its nothing
Kunj soul talk: i know twinkle… u will do anything to get me my happiness i too want the same but i cant see u in pain so im sacrificing my love for u… i have to do it… im sorry maya i love u nd i always will i hope u understand

Next scene
As the two marriages are finishing twinkle is getting more tensed after every second she keeps looking at the chawls gate
Pandit: the marriage is completed u both may come now
Twinkle gets highly tensed
Twinkle soul talk: if this marriage happens i wont be able to forgive myself… i cant snatch away kunjs happiness i have to stop it somehow… where r u?? Why havent u come yet??
Twinj comes to the mandap now the pandit starts the ritual
Pandit: now u both can stand up for pherey
Twinkle soul talk: think twinkle think how to stop this… kunj im sorry
They both stands for pheras kunj is normal it looked like he has accepted twinkle as his wife nd what circumstances might be he wont leave her he will never go away from her nd protect her with his whole life… kunj starts walking but the he is stopped as the shawl which kunj nd twinkle r tied gets tight kunj turns nd finds twinkle standing full tensed nd looking at the chawls gate mansi starts getting tensed
Mansi soul talk: y do i feel this marriage wont happen… twinkle what did u do… as far as i know u wont snatch kunjs happiness… no twinkle u cant do this
Kunj looks nd twinkle he holds her hand which makes twinkle look at him he starts taking pheras (sajna ve plays) he starts walking twinkle looks at him full tensed she again looks at the chawls gate the pheras continues they take pheras nd twinkle is walking tensed one last phera is left just then
Everyone turns nd looks at the gate twinkle smiles kunj is shocked a girl is shown wearing green shirt nd blue pant with golden heels
Kunj whispers
Kunj: maya??
Twinkle takes her hand back kunj looks at her twinkle smiles at him with teary eyed
Twinkle soul talk: this is it kunj… u no longer have to protect me… ur love maya is here
Uvi: whats all this??
Twinkle starts to untie the shawl mansi looks at twinj her eyes full of tears twinkle keeps a stone on her heart nd unties it
Twinkle: u dont have to protect me kunj now
Maya comes to kunj nd hugs him kunj hugs her back twinkle turns the other side not able to see kunj with someone else (sad sajna ve plays) kunj breaks the hug nd cups mayas face
Kunj: i missed u soo much
Maya: me too all thanks to twinkle
Kunj looks at twinkle who smiles at him uvi comes there
Uvi: what the hell is happening here?? Kunj who is she??
Twinkle: bhaii relax… she is maya (she looks at kunj) maya is kunjs life
Uvi: what is this kunj?? U cant do this u told u will marry my sister now what?
Kunj looks at maya nd then nd twinkle he takes his hands back which maya is holding
Kunj: im sorry maya… i will marry twinkle
Maya nd twinkle r hell shocked maya hurridely takes twinkles nd kunjs hand, takes them to the room nd locks it

After a while twinj nd maya comes out maya nd kunj smiling twinkle fakes her smiles
Kunj: we r ready
Mansi soul talk: i know something have happened… twinkle what did u say… what did u do
Twinkle smiles uvi happily hugs her twinkle smiles with teary eyed it looked like she is hurt a lot… the person she loves is not his nd more than that she is lying to her dear brother

Next scene
The marriage continues kunj fills twinkles forhead with sindoor nd makes her wear the mangalsutar the marriage is complete nd twinj t declared as husband nd wife maya is not present there twinkle nd mansi hugs everyone they both r crying kunj nd vivek consoles them they sit in their respective cars nd leaves

Next scene
Twinj r sitting in the backseat twinkle looking out kunj speaks up
Kunj: thank u twinkle
Twinkle: for what??
Kunj: for accepting what maya told
Twinkle smiles more likely a fake smile
Twinkle: no problem
Kunj smiles he looks the other side nd twinkle the other her eyes gets watery screen freezes

Precape: truth revealed

Hope u all like it…!!!

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  1. Maybe maya told them to have contract, as in they won’t share any husband-wife relations and will divorce after the things go good wid twinkle. Its just a guess. Nice episode dear…..

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