Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 11


Hii guyzz… how r u all?? As usual im very very very late i dont get time to write the episode because if 10th std im reallyyyyyyyy sorry… i am trying to write as soon as possible but…. no time… im sorry again i hope u all forgive me… THANK U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR UR LOVE ND SUPPORT ??????

The episode starts with kunj screaming to the reporters
(Sajna ve plays)
Everyone is hell shocked including twinkle uvi makes the reporters go away while they keep on asking the questions kunj holds twinkles hand she looks at him full shocked after the reporters leave twinkle is still in a shock because of kunj she jerks her hand nd screams
Kunj tries to make her calm
Kunj: twinkle listen to me…..
Twinkle: no u listen mr kunj sarna… im a human being… whoever comes nd uses me but this time i wont back off i will take my lifes decisions i also have feelings
Kunj: twinkle im trying to help u
Twinkle: helping me? Haha really mr kunj sarna… or u r also going to use me like others… tell me u r going to marry then rape me nd leave me
Just then CHATAAKKK on twinkles face by kunj…. twinkle holds her cheek she starts crying nd goes to the terrace
Everyone looks at kunj
Mansi: go kunj
Kunj looks at her
Mansi: u r the only one who can console her
Kunj is about to leave
Uvi: wait!!
Kunj turns to him uvi comes to him nd keeps his hand on kunjs shoulder
Uvi: r u sure about marrying my chutki??
Kunj looks at him nd speaks
Kunj: when i say something i do that
Uvi smiles nd hugs him kunj leaves

Next scene
Kunj opens the door of the terrace nd finds twinkle crying looking at the sky kunj feels hurt seeing her like this he recalls how aryan was forcing himself nd twinkle crying kunj walks towards her twinkle feels that kunj is here she speaks up
Twinkle: in my whole life…. i never got happiness… it looks like happiness is not there in my life… when i was young because of my appearence everybody used to hate me nd those who didnt they all left me… u left me… i just got to know something that the people who were with me i used to be unlucky for them… now look at u kunj… u r in love with maya nd because of me u will marry me… i cant see ur happiness going away i wont let this happen… everyone use me for their own purpose i wont let this happen to me again… nd i promise i wont come in ur way IT IS BETTER I END MY LIFE RIGHT HERE
Kunj is hell shocked twinkle stands on the boundry she is about to jump kunj pulls her back she stands again a CHATAAKK kunj slaps her again he holds her tightly by her arms
Kunj: what the hell on earth u were doing? Hah??? Ending ur life here u know what would have happened if u had jumped off u would have taken many lifes U IDIOT (he screams)
Twinkle cries she pushes him nd screams
Twinkle: SO WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO HAH?? (She cries) my whole life is ruined my respect is gone… i cant live with this
She turns again to go nd jump kunj again pulls her to him nd holds her tightly
Kunj: fine… if u think u dont wanna live then im coming with u
Twinkle looks on shocked
Twinkle: why r u doing this?? Why?? Ur life will be ruined.. dont do this kunj i cant see this happening to u plzzz dont do this i cant see u in pain
Kunj pulls her close
Kunj: nd i cant see u in pain (sajna ve plays) i promised u that i will always be there for u… i promised that whatever happens i will support u… even if it causes my death (it echoes) i will protect u twinkle with my life… i dont care about my respect when my best friends respect is gone… i told u that i will marry u… so i will…. we will close everyones mouth together… plzz be with me
Twinkle cries she hugs him tightly kunj hugs her back (ban jogana mein na chalu ban jogana plays) kunj breaks the hug nd cups twinkles face she nods in yes kunj smiles

Next scene
Twinj comes down everyone stands
Twinkle: i…am ready
Mahi: ready for??
Twinkle: marriage
Everyone gets happy they hug twinkle nd kunj
Mansi: twinkle forget everything that happened ur new life i gonna start
Twinkle nods nd looks at kunj who is smiling nd talking with vivek nd uvi (sajna ve plays) twinkle admires him
Twinkle: thank u soo much babaji for sending kunj in my life… (her smiles fades away) but what about maya… i cant be selfish… i have to do something
Mahi: hello excuse me people plzz listen to me… as we all know mansi di is getting married day after tomorrow
Kunj: nd u also
Mahi nd uvi blushes
Mahi: shut up… so ok… im also getting married me nd mansi were thinking that y dont twinkles nd kunjs marriage happen on the same day?? What say?
Twinkle is shocked kunj smiles
Twinkle: bu…but…thi…this much soon
Mansi: no buts it is decided u r also getting married end of discussion
Twinkle: y did u ask when u have decided urself
Vivek: aww my sali… it is because u will not say no to ur mansi dii
Twinkle smiles mansi hugs her
Twinkle: ok… but kunj??
Kunj: im ready tomorrow also
Everyone laughs twinkle gets lost

Next scene
Twinj nd everyone reaches the chawl before entering uvi to kunj
Uvi: oh bhaii… get a flat dude u r marrying my sister
Kunj: dont worry bhaii i have a flat nd my friend is living there i will tell him to go
Mansi: so is that ur flat??
Kunj: ummm yes nd no… i mean i have all my cloths over there
Mansi: so what do u wear over here??
Kunj: i took some cloths nd brought here so yeah… nd twinkle wont mind about this right twinkle??
He turns nd finds twinkle gone he looks straight nd finds twinkle inside the chawl
Everyone enters the chawl nd finds twinkle making the baby quiet everyone leaves for their respective rooms kunj stands there adoring twinkle who is playing with a small baby (sajna ve plays) he smiles twinkle looks up nd finds him staring at her she smiles he smiles back nd leaves

Next scene
Mahi brings twinkle down nd uvi brings kunj down they all come in one spot
Twinkle: what r u people doing?
Kunj: yeah dont tell me u r kidnapping us
Uvi: thats right we r kidnapping u
Twinj looks on confused mahi giggles they make them sit in the car mahi nd uvi sits in the front nd twinj in the back seat
Kunj: enough now what r u both up to??
Mahi: u will see
Twinkle: bhaii… mahi di…. i have a lot of work
Uvi: arey chutkii its for u only so keep quiet nd sit
Twinkle: but bhaii……
Mahi: uffoo twinkle if u speak one more time…. i will not leave u nd u cant do ur work
Twinkle nods nd sits comfortably kunj giggles twinkle looks at other side kunj again feels that twinkle is sad

Next scene
Uvi stops the car at a jewellery shop
Twinkle: whats this??
Kunj: a jewellery shop
Twinkle: i know that but y r we here?
Mahi nd uvi turns to them
Uvi: so… mahi will u speak
Mahi: yup… so as u people know this marriage is happening so suddenly nd we nd u both didnt get time to get engaged so this is y we r here?
Kunj: i still didnt get a thing
Uvi: ufff ok i will explain… me nd mahi u nd twinkle r getting engaged in the shop thats y we r here
Twinkle: oh!! Acha
Mahi: soo lets go
Twinj nods

Next scene
Twinj nd uhi enters the shop which is having all kinds of gold silver nd diamonds jewellery twinj goes to one side while uhi goes to other side twinj comes up to the ring section nd starts looking for rings twinkle moves the other side nd starts looking at necklaces she spots one necklace which is simple one in silver a chain nd a beautiful heart which is decorated with diamonds as a pendant
Twinkle: excuse me can i see this one
Twinkle glares at the necklace nd smiles
Twinkle: bhaiyya how much is this??
SK shop keeper
SK: this one maam is 2 lakh
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: okay thank u
SK: maam buy this it is the last piece it will suit u also
Twinkle: no thank u
She leaves for the ring section kunj also comes there
Kunj: selected anything?
Twinkle: no
Kunj: well… then lets see
Twinkle: im not getting anything
Kunj: i will find it for u
Twinkle: no i will
They start searching for a decent rings just like twinkle twinj together spots one ring which was very decent a single diamond with wavy lines
Twinj: this one
They look at each other nd smiles
SK: u two surely have a bond
Twinj smiles they take the ring
Kunj: is this size ok?
SK: make her wear it nd see
Kunj nods he asks for twinkles hand (sajna ve plays) she gives it to him he makes her wear it nd the size is perfect
Kunj: perfect size
Twinkle smiles screen freezes

Precape: wedding

Hope u all like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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    I just loved him so much ns i was crazy about him like anything. …nd also that he looked awesome with our twinkle..
    But now as he is quitting i wud like to request you all that plz after he quits you all please dpnt start quitting ur ffs bcoz without him i wont watch tei but with ur all cooperation that is by not ending ur ffs ..we can remember him daily..plz it is a request from a crazy twinj fan

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