Tashan E Ishq- crazy love (Episode 3)


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d episode starts with kunj driving home. twinkle is sitting beside him, they both r alone as others r coming in another car. Both r blushing a lot & think how to start d conversation.
They both say how r u together. Realising this They smile & turn away. Manmarziyan song plays in the background.
K: Twinkle I missed u a lot but now I’m very happy that v r going to become one soon . (twinkle blushes)
T: yes kunj but I have to tell u one thing.
K: Ha twinkle tell me.

T: kunj I’m very happy that v both r getting married but I even hav to fulfill my dreams. U know right I actually hav come here for my fashion designing course& I’m not ready for marriage.
K: I know twinkle don’t worry, so I spoke to everyone about this & they said that v will get engaged now but v will marry only when v r ready.
Twinkle thinks that she is lucky that she is going to hav a husband like kunj.

By then They reach the sarna house where all d preparations for the engagement is going on .
Twinj get down the car twinkle goes & hugs kunj & says thanks a lot for caring about me.
K: it is my responsibility.

They both r lost in each other when Yuhi comes there and cough.
Y: if you both do all this then I think instead of engagement tmr v should get them married directly. Wat do u say Mahi.
M: u r right uv I think v should speak about this to mom & dad.

Twinj together say no. They both look at each other and blush.
Kunj changes the topic
K: u must b tired after the journey come I’ll drop u both in ur room.
M: kunj v know our room but twinkle is new here so u show her the room.
K: ok di.
Yuhi leave from there.
Kunj shows twinkle to her room
K: this is actually the best room in the house.(he takes to the balcony) this is the best view.
T: it’s amazing kunj I luv u.
She hugs him kunj also hugs her when suddenly Bebe comes there & sees them like this, but twinj don’t see her
B: it is soooooo comfortable like this no
K: but twinkle wat happened to ur voice .
T: my voice???no nothing happened.
K: now it’s fine but that time when u said it is comfortable it was different.
T: when did I say that.
K: if u didn’t say then who said it.
B:i said it.
Twinj break their hug & sees Bebe standing there
They feel embarrassed.

K: Bebe aap kab aayi
B: jab aap dono ek dusre mein koye the tab.
K: Bebe woh woh….. Ha twinkle ne ek cockroach dekha aur dargayi is I liye usne mujhe hug kiya bas yeh hi huan tha Hein na twinkle…..
T:ha ha Bebe yeh hi huan.
B: Ha ha mein sab samajthi hu….u both continue..I’ll go
K: ok Bebe..I mean no Bebe I’ll go u stay with twinkle.
K: ok
B: enough of oks now go I hav to talk to twinkle
K: ok
Bebe gives him a look
He nods at twinkle in a way to say bye
Twinkle also nods.

B: Twinkle when r ur courses starting.
T:Bebe it is starting on 11th March.
B: ok.Twinkle now v r going to be family ur family so u can feel free to tell us anything
T: ok Bebe.
B: c vr not going to force u & kunj for marriage as v want u both to know each other better so u can get engaged now but when u both r ready then only v will get u married.
T: thank you Bebe for understanding.
Twinkle hugs bebe.
B: u must b tired go take some rest it’s a big day tomorrow.
Bebe leaves.

Next day
Twinkle is sleeping when leela & mahi comes & wakes her up.
L: Twinkle get up I hav bought u something.
T:wat is that maa show me.
L: calm down twinkle.Mahi give it.
Mahi gives her a beautiful light blue ghagra,a diamond jewellery set and on top of it is a small ring box twinkle opens it & sees a platinum ring which she has to put it on kunjs finger
T: (still looking at the ring) it’s beautiful.
M: did u like it.
T: no.( leela & Mahi r shocked ) I luv it.
They sigh a relief.
Leela holds her ear & says
L: Twinkle u gave us both a shock
T: maa sorrrrryyyyy
L: ok go freshen up& come down fast.
T: ok maa.

It’s evening all the preparations r done twinkle is getting ready.she is alone in room,she tried to tie the dori but her hand wasn’t reaching.suddenly kunj entered the room & saw her struggling to tie the dori he goes to her & starts tieing it twinkle thinks it’s leela & says
T:thank god u came maa & she starts blabbering.
Kunj finishes tieing & Twinkle turns & is shocked to see kunj. She is about to say something when leela comes in she sees them both & asks kunj what he is doing here
K: aunty I came to see if twinkle is ready.
T: I’ll be there in ten minutes
K: ok. He leaves.

Later kunj comes to Twinkles room he sees her talking with Mahi.Kunj thinks that Twinkle is the prettiest girl he has ever seen & is mesmerized & without knowing he says ‘blue is truly ur color’ aloud.
M: kunj did u say anything.
Kunj comes back into his senses & says no I didn’t say anything
K: Twinkle if ur ready let’s go everyone is waiting for us.
T: yes
Kunj & Twinkle lock their hands at the same time uv comes & calls mahi. They all are going down .
When twinj r climbing down d staircase everyone starts Clapping.
Leela has tears in her eyes & says to Bebe
L: they both look so good together.
B: ur right they both r made for each other.
Usha , Manohar & RT also comes there
U: I’m lucky to hav a bahu like twinkle.
M: yeah she is the light of our home

RT: & I’m lucky to hav a son-in-law like kunj he is so caring & supports twinkle. I couldn’t hav got a better husband for my daughter.
L: yeah
Twinj comes & takes their families blessings.
Yuhi r in the middle of the hall they say that without any delay let us hav the ring ceremony.
Twinj comes in the middle.
Yuvi gives the ring to kunj he puts it on twinkle’s finger.
Mahi gives the ring to twinkle & she puts it on kunjs finger.
There both’s rings look alike they both r made of platinum & are half covered with a line of diamond’s.
Everyone claps.
Yuhi once again come in the middle and say now that the ring ceremony is over its party time and every one cheers.

So next epi vll see the masti they hav & many more twinj scenes r coming……enjoy till then……luv

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Credit to: Yukku

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