Tashan E Ishq- crazy love (Episode 2)



Everyone’s ready to leave to the airport.they keep their luggages in the car and leave.

In the plane twinkle is sitting next to RT in the window seat .
RT: Twinkle I’m so happy that we all r going to shift to Seattle.
T: Ha papa me too.
RT: Twinkle before we reach I hav to tell u something.
T: Ha papa.
RT: Twinkle v know u and Kunj like each other
so v hav set ur marriage and as soon as v go v hav a party in the house were u & Kunj r going to hav ur engagement ceremony.

Twinkle blushes but says
T:but papa as soon as v go .& I hav not even got anything prepared for the engagement & ha way about the ring ,my jewellery,dress.I hav nothing prepared

RT: I know but v hav got it all covered ur mom & mani (twinkles bhabhi) hav packed everything.
Twinkle hugs Rt.


Kunj is in his room thinking about twinkle when suddenly Bebe , Usha & Manohar comes there . Kunj takes their blessings.
M: kunj u know right Tomorrow RT & his family
r moving in to our house.
Kunj thinks that he has has not forgotten it to remember it.
K: Ha papa.
M: kunj v know that u and twinkle like each other so v hav fixed ur engagement ceremony day after tomorrow.
K: but papa so soon and we hav not got anything prepared.
B: Ha kunj we know but don’t worry we hav got all set but now there is only one thing remaining that is all the arrangements know c when v hav u then I think u can handle all the arrangements after all u r the best event manager in Seattle.
K: Ha Bebe I can handle all the arrangement but wat about the ring and my suit for the ceremony I even need to get those right.
U: Ha ha v know v hav got it all set ur sister Mahi & Yuvi jiju hav got it all set .
K: ok then I vll start the arrangements right away.

Kunj leaves.

Next day kunj is seen giving instructions to his term about the arrangements.Bebe comes him & says
B: kunj u hav to go pick twinkle and her family at d airport at Sharp 4:30 pm ok
Kunj feels shy but he agrees and gets back to his work

Later that day kunj goes to the airport to pick them up.
The flight lands and kunj sees them coming.
he Takes RT & leelas blessings and hugs Yuhi.
He sees twinkle he feels like hugging her but thinks not to as their family is their so he nods at her and she too does the same.

Will update the next part soon. Luv u all.
And keep watching TEI.

Got news from tei that twinkle imagines kunj tying her Dori and that there will b their love confession soon……waiting for it …..

Credit to: Yukku

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