Tashan E Ishq- crazy love (Episode 1)


Guys this is d 1st time I’m writing a ff…………
plz feel free to comment………if you feel awkward to comment here u can always tell me on my Twitter page ([email protected])…….plz don’t mind if there r any mistakes………….
so enough of my bakbak……….

The epi starts with a girl packing her luggage.She is very excited as well as nervous.She is thinking that how she will adju
st in the new atmosphere.But inside she is craving to meet him.Her name is twinkle……twinkle taneja….

She is a cute, beautiful, nerdy,bold,brave and a loved by everyone kind of a girl……She has d ability to impress anyone at their first meeting…….

She is ex miss AMRITSAR,and the second childd only daughter of Leela Taneja& Rajesh Taneja(RT).

She was excited as she was going to Seattle to join a fashion designing course…&
more than that she was excited as she was
going to meet him…..another thing was that she was going to stay in her bhabhi’s maternal place ,which indirectly means his home…….

actually until recently she did not know how her father accepted soooooo easily to send her to the course but then one fine day she heard her father & his best friend (& twinkles bhabhi’s
father) talking about getting Kunj & Twinkle married after her course ends and by then giving them some time to get to know about each
other…….but the fact is their father’s did not
know something about them…….

At Seattle
Kunj is shown doing exercise in the gym.
while he is doing pushups and Yoga a girl keeps staring at him…..She was the gym owners daughter Ana….She was mesmerized by Kunj at the time of their first meeting &when she proposed him he rejected her telling that he loves one of his childhood friend….Kunj finishes his exercise & jogs back into his home which is just a few blocks away from the gym.

While jogging Kunj remembers all his memories with Twinkle….their childhood, then how he missed her after moving to Seattle along with his family,then their first meeting after 20years at the time of his sister Mahi & Twinkles brother Yuvis Marriage,then him falling in love with her,then how they both said together at the same time that they Love each other (he smiles remembering that incident),then their dance at the sangeeth function of their siblings marriage, how he missed her after returning to Seattle,then how excited he became when he got to know that she was going to come to Seattle & d moment he heard his father speaking to RT about their marriage…….

By the he reaches his house.He sees his mom sitting on the sofa so he goes and takes her blessings& goes to freshen up…….

Precap: Twinkle comes to Seattle…..& a lot to come…….

Guys plz comment….& I want to add just one thing more that the guys who r writing ffs r my inspiration’s for writing my ff……way to go guys u all r doing a fab job keep going…….&yes I will try to update more longer episodes if u guys want me to……

P.S – forgot to mention that Kunj is a model as well as a renowned event manager…..

Credit to: Yukku

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  1. Amazing amazing amazing.. i loved it..

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  3. awesome…. very new and unique…

  4. Are you also from Seattle like me

    1. No I’m not from Seattle but in a novel which I’m currently reading has its plot set in Seattle so I choose it……

  5. very interesting storyline

  6. wow wow wow wow wow wowwwwwww…. omg its damn gud yaar…

  7. Wow even though I am a solo reader ur ff made me comment
    It’s so dam awesome please post the next part soon 🙂 🙂

  8. Awesome story line! Keep writing!

  9. waiting for next have episode it is to good love u

  10. superbbbb

    keep it up yukku

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