Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated episode 24

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Episode starts….
Twinkle slaps kunj and asked her how dare he force himself on her….
Kunj is shocked….
He grabbed her by shoulders
K- tw how can u think that i will force myself on you…… The bond we share from all these years gets broken by your harsh words….
If you cannot trust me then there is no need to for me to be here and also in your life….
T- yeah fine…..and which bond you are talking about….it had already break when you left me few yrs back…
K- i know left u there alone was my mistake….but you are giving soo much punishment to me for that act
T- you are mistaken, any punishment given to you is very less as compared to your act….
Now please leave….
K- yeah…bie
He walk out of the room slamming the door behind…..
Tw lies down on the bed and breaks into tears…
Jaag soona lage re plays in backgrnd…

Meanwhile kunj is sitting in bar and is drinking continously….. He is drinking more than his limits and then a time came when he doozes off at the bar….
On the other side mahi and uvi and worried for both of them…..
Then only mahi gets a call
M- hello
Man- hello mam, i m calling for xyz bar and your friend is lying here hlf concious….
Plz kindly come and take him from there….
As we have to close the bar….
M- yeah we are coming…
Mahi told uv everthng..
They went to the bar…

At bar…
They both saw kunj lying on floor and blabbering tw name only….
Uvi with the help to waiter carry kunj and they bring him back to home…
Mahi- uvi see, what had your frnd done to kunj
Uv- i knoe tw must be equally devastated….
We have to done something…..
In morning
Kunj wakes up
Mahi gave him lemon juice as he is in hangover….
Uvi also came there….
Uvi- kunj now its high time….. We have to execute our master plan….our else it will be too late….
M- and that would be
Uv narrates them whole plan which is muted….
Kunj and mahi readily agress…
Uv gets a text from tw and on seeing it he gets tensed….
K- what happened…
Uv- tw already left mumbai …. He had gone back to her home…..

1 week past
Taneja mansion…
Leela come to tw room
L- tw puttar its been one week you havent gone outside house ….what is bothering you….
Tw- nthng maa i m fine…
L- i want to ask something…
T- yeah maa tell me…
L- beta , there is a marriage proposal for you from arnav side…
( guyz its same arnav , his childhood frnd to whom she went to meet him at indore)

L- tw tell what is your ans
Tw thinks for a min…
Tw- mom start the marriage prep…its yes from me….

Episode ends…
Soo guyz howz it…
Soo whats going to be the masterplan of uv
Keep thinking
Keep commenting

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  1. Awesome…..episode…. Loved it….

    1. Thnk u rashi

  2. Seriously bad for kunj… I know it was Kunj’s mistake to leave her at altar but if a person is regretting for his deeds he must have been forgiven.. he is trying hard but twinkle is not paying attention towards his deeds…..hope she realize her mistake nd forgive him . Somewhere is had guess about ur master plan but I won’t be telling might be I’m wrong …but yah u r going very good …..the way of expressing each scenes is phenomenal…. loved it..

    1. Thnk u soo much sayeeda

  3. Awesome

    1. Thnk u shatakshi

    1. Thnk u sam

  4. Beautifully written…..some twinj scenes….plsss…waiting

    1. Thnk u ceilna…yeah sure

    1. Thnk u lama

  5. Fabulous…ctd asap

    1. Thnk u dreamer

  6. Amazing.

    1. Thnk u ria

  7. good very good

    1. Thnk u sohi

  8. Well too good ….akku di ..it is amazing….
    Can I request u to vote 4 tei for goldawards

    1. Thnk u shreya..i will surely vote

      1. twinjfan-(tamanna)

        if u don’t mind shreya can u give me the link for voting in gold awards

  9. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    its amazing. ..

    1. Thnk u tammana

  10. yashasvi ( yashu )

    wowwww awesome……

    1. Thnk u yashu

  11. Nyc one ……. wtng fr d nxt epi …..

    1. Thnk u panchi

  12. amazing workkkkkkk

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