Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated episode 15


Hello everyone….thnx for your lovely comments and now i am flng bttr….
Episode starts…
Both kunj and tw are in their respective hostels and both are thinking about their moments spent together in the hotel…and the bday celebration
Kunj pov
Tw has made my bday very special…..
She is the best thing ever happened to me
I cannot able to risk loosing her…
I luv her a lot
Meanwhiles….in clg tw is thinking about kunj only and keeps on blushing
Uvi- snaps finger in front of her…
Hey were are u lost
Tw- nthng …u tell …how are u
Uv- i m gud….tell me what were u thinking
Tw- nthng just about kunj only
Uv thinks- i thnk its high time i should have to tell tw everythng…the truth that i m hiding from her…..she has the right to know….god plz give me strength to speak the truth
Uv- twinkle i need to talk to u
T- yeah tell na…
Uv- you promise me that u will listen from the cool mind…
And not overreact very soon
T- u r scaring me now….tell me fast na….
Uv- its just that kunj is taking drugs with his friends
T- cannot cntrls her anger and slaps uv
do u know what are u saying
R u out of you freaking mind?
Uv- trust me tw…its the truth….
Tw – just shut up….why r u doing this?
You cannot see me and kunj together na
Tell me dammit
Uv- no its nothing like that…u r my best frn…
You have the right to know the truth
T- i dnt believe you
Uv- i know u will never believe me….
Come with me i will give u the proof
Both tw and uv went to an isolated place of clg campus
From there uv points in one direction….tw see there….on seeing the sight she gets completely shattered
She saw kunj drinking beer and doing drugs with his friends…..
She cannot believe his eyes
She asked uv u take her from there….
They went back to clg
Tw- how could he do that….
Is it the same kunj to which i had fallen
Uv- tw u have to confront him
Bcoz i knoe he luvs u ….
U have to find out why is he doing this….
You are the right to knoe the answers….
Tw- yeah u are right
She calls kunj and asked him to meet her
Episode ends….
Precap- kunj confrontation

Credit to: Akanksha

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