Which Tashan-E-Ishq character are you?

Tashan-E-Ishq, a quite popular show airing on zee tv at 8pm IST has antagonists and protagonists But can you compare yourself with any of them. You want to know which character are you like?. Take this 5 questions easy quiz to find out. No matter male or female. It’s the quality. And be honest to yourself and to this quiz. Let’s see, an antagonist or a protagonist!!.

Number of questions: 5
ATTEMPTS: Unlimited.
But note: I will not reply to those who comment more than 1 or 2 times. Ok so take the quiz if you dare.!!!!

1) What type of person are you?
A) Funny
B) Innocent
C) Loving
D) Self-Respecting

2) What is your weakness?
A) Love
B) Family
C) Partner-love
D) Ego

3) Which of these qualities you show often?
A) Care
B) Love
C) Hard-Heartedness
D) Don’t show..

4) Whom do you love the most
A) Partner
B) Family
C) Parents
D) Everyone (don’t lie :|) XD

5) Thinking of whose love often makes you happy?
A) Partner
B) Parents
C) Family
D) No one.. I don’t smile thinking of anyone’s love.

Credit to: Sareena


  1. Rakshita

    Thanks sareena though I have already given this quiz on tellychakkar I would be glad to give it again….
    1)Self respecting +loving
    3)care(to those who are just acquainted) and love(to those who r really close to me)

    • Sareena

      If ur last one was not parents, u must be Leela. :D. Okhayyy. But her elders are also like her parents…. so leela… Do u know I am comparing 4 qualities…….

  2. esha

    1c. Loving
    2.b.love(for me it can be anyone)
    4.hahahaah I must say family
    5.not in the list seem to be

  3. Sareena

    Now l will answer and u will tell who am I plsssss… anyone…. pls
    1) Funny, Innocent and Loving… 🙂
    2) Love
    3) I dont show off! 😉
    4) Everyone whom I meet and like to talk to, I fall in love with her…(Only her)
    5) everyone but familyyy… 🙂 reply plss

  4. Roshni.

    4.Parents(Especially Mom).
    5.Parents(Especially Mom).

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.