Our “Tashan – e – Ishq” is bind together with a “Kasam” {All we need is “Thapki Pyaar ki”}Ep-1 (P-2)

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I am back with the part 2 of Episode 1…Firstly sorry for being late as I said I will be uploading the 2nd part on Sunday but I was not able to post as I went to my granny’s place and there my cousins were not letting me touch the mobile even…and secondly my maternal aunt is coming from Bahrain after 2 years this Friday☺☺☺ I hope you guys will understand my situation and I am pretty sure you will ?

And there is a confusion that Sharda is Monica who is seen in TPK but she is not that Shraddha she is the actual mom of Tanu seen in serial, Kasam, staring the actress Jyoti Gauba. I hope the confusion is cleared ☺

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*With each scene it will be mentioned it is for which show*

Scene 1 : Tashan -e- Ishq
Scene 2 : Thapki Pyaar ki.
Scene 3 : All
Scene 4: Kasam
Scene 5 : All

Scene 1 : Bedi House (Tei)

Kunj enters his room, and much to his shock he finds Twinkle there, sitting on the bed!

Kunj: What are you doing in my house, and that also in my room!
Twinkle: Kyoun? Why can’t I come? Okay fine, it is your room but Raj chacha ji (Kunj’s father) says that I have equal right in this house as you do!
Kunj: He says so because he loves you a lot and takes you as “Sati Savitri” and same is the case with the other family members of my family! Only I know your true face!
Twinkle: Really?? So what is my true face, Mr.Sadu Punjabi?!
Kunj: Your true face…Pagal…Jhalli…Muh phat…Idiot…Stupid…
Twinkle: Just shut up! Don’t forget you are talking to…
Kunj: The great Twinkle Taneja…My Sayappa Queen (giving a peck on her cheeks lovingly)
Twinkle: Whatever!
Kunj: By the way you are here means a “Sayappa” Bina Maqsad ke toh tu aayi nahi hogi ?? (Without any reason you are not here) so what are you up to?
Twinkle: Nothing! Look I brought “Prince biscuit” for you! It is your favorite right!
Kunj: Princi (Kunj calls Prince biscuit as Princi) Jaldi do! (Give me fast)

Twinkle forwards “Prince biscuit” and smirks while thinking, “Khao beta khao! After eating your lovely princi you will definitely hate to have it? After all it is Sayappa Queen’s plan it will never backfire!”

Kunj takes the biscuit and removes the wrapper hurriedly as a hungry lion who is dying to eat. Finally Kunj unwraps it and picks up one biscuit…Hd notices Twinkle smirking…

Kunj: Wait a minute…Is it your plan or something?
Twinkle (tensed) : Plan? (Trying to act normal) Why would I plan something! If you don’t want to eat then tell me, I will never bring it again (and makes a sad face)
Kunj (seems convinced) : Okay..okay…fine I am eating…look I am eating!

Kunj takes the first bite…he freezes??…Twinkle smiles viciously…After a fee seconds Kunj takes out the biscuit from his mouth and spits…and eyes Twinkle sternly!

Twinkle: Ullu banaya bara maza aaya!! ????? Look before you start shouting lemme tell you, I mixed toothpaste in your biscuit ???????

(Guys, one of my friend did this with another friend of mine on April fool’s day and seriously it was a laughter moment ?? So I decided to share it in my FF??)

Kunj: Twinki!!

And starts running behind her….they chased for long…and end up falling on sofa exhausted…They laugh out loud…

Kunj: My Sayappa Queen!
Twinkle: Tit for Tat! You ate my chocolate and I did this…(and she grins)
Kunj (mimicing) : Tit for Tat! Kuch bhi!

They continue laughing…

Scene 2 : Veer Mansion (TPK)
Thapki is seen weeping in her room…remembering the way Bihaan humiliated and cries…Bihaan tip-toes in the room as Thapki doesn’t notices him as she is hugging the pillow on the opposite side and weeping. Bihaan places his hand on her eyes…

Thapki: Tanu di..please don’t irritate me I am not in the masti mood!

No response…

Thapki: Twinki di please…

Thapki angrily removes the hand and is shocked to find Bihaan…

Thapki: Y..y..you! Just g..g..get out of my r..r..room!
Bihaan: B for Bihaan Singh Bedi has brough S for Sorry Card for S for Sweet Thapki! (And shows a beautiful card, with a big Sorry written!”
Thapki: Y..y..you did all this?
Bihaan: Aur nahi toh kya!
Thapki: So sweet!
Bihaan: Just like you! My chuk chuk gadi:
Thapki: B..b..bihaan don’t call me ch..ch..chuk chuk gadi!
Bihaan: Bolay gain kya karo gi:
Thapki: Bihaan!!

And starts beating him with pillow..they share some cute moments…

Scene 3 : Veer Mansion
Shardha is setting the table with the help of Tanu while Thapki and Twinkle are watching “Tom and Jerry” on “Cartoon Network”

Shardha: Kids I have a surprise for you guys!
3 sisters: SURPRISE??
Shardha: Yes, surprise! Your Raj chachu and Rano chachi are coming at our place for dinner tonight, with Rishi, Bihaan, and Kunj!
Twinkle: That Sadu Punjabi is also coming!
Shardha: Twinkle beta! (Glaring her)
Twinkle: Sorry Ma!

Thapki silently laughs while Twinkle notices…

Twinkle: Laugh as much as you want, that B for Bihaan Singh Bedi is also coming!
Thapki: So?
Twinkle: So…he is your biggest enemy!
Thapki: Not any more! (And remembers how Bihaan apologised)
Twinke: Are you okay, Vani? That Bihaan is not your enemy? Kya baat hai!
Tanu: Twinki why are you disturbing her?!
Twinkle: Mai to bas!
Tanu: Mai to bas kya? We 6 are friends more than cousins!
Twinkle: I am not the friend of that Sadu Punjabi and Angrezi Master (Bihaan)
Tanu: Rishi Bhai ki chamchi!
Twinkle: Why are you so much irritated since morning!?
Tanu: That Rishi made a fool out of me! He trapped me and won by cheating!

The very moment Raj and his family enters…

Raj: Who won by cheating?
Tanu: No one Chacha ji! Come sit!

All assemble on the dinner table…Rishi and Tanu keep on exchanging looks during the dinner..
After the dinner..

Raj: Veero, Shardha bhabhi ji! I wanted to inform you guys we are leaving for America tomorrow!
Veer: What? But how..
Rano: Now what shall I tell you Veer ji! He got a good job offer from there!
Shardha: So that’s good!
Rano: You just leave it Parjayi ji! (Rano and Shardha don’t get along , as in the serial)
Raj: Oyeee Rano! Relax!
Rano: Aap toh rehne hi do jee!

And leaves from there frustated!

Raj: Veero…before leaving I want to ask something from you!
Veer: Yeah, so ask!
Raj: You know the dosh (fault) in Rishi’s kundli!
Veer: Yeah I remember!
Raj: I matched Tanu and Rishi’s kundli and they matched well! I want to ask Tanu’s hand for Rishi!

Veer and Shardha look happy…

Veer: We have no issue with that! Right Shadha ji!
Shardha: Yes!
Raj: Ab to gale mil! (Now get me in your embrace)

They happily hug each other…

Scene shifts to the kids playing…the elders come inside the room

Raj: Kids we need to tell something!
Kids: Ji!
Rano: We are leaving tomorrow for America!
Twinkle: What?
Thapki: That means B..b..bihaan, Rishi bhai and K..k..kunj bhaiya are also leaving with you guys?
Raj (sighs) : Yes!
Rishi+Kunj+Bihaan: WHAT??

Scene 4 : Roof top (Kasam)
Tanu: Rishi, you will leave me forever!
Rishi: No dear! I will definitely return one day!
Tanu: Will you forget me?
Rishi: How can I forget you?! (Cupping her face)
Tanu: Whenever you miss me, just look up to the moon!
Rishi: The moon will be the connecting link of us!

They look up to the moon, while holding each other’s hand.

Scene 5 : Road between Veer Mansion and Bedi House (The houses are opposite to each other) [All]

Veer and Raj hug each other..Rano and Shardha hug each other unwillingly!

Tanu: Now whom I will share my heart?!
Thapki: Now who will make me cry!
Twinkle: On whom I will throw pranks, and do Sayapay.

Rishi: Chill! I will be back! Don’t you worry!
Bihaan: Chuk Chuk gadi…Wow! You said the whole sentence without chuk chuk…I mean without stammering!

Rano: Bihaan! (And glares)

Kunj:I am so happy, that I will be free from your Sayappay!
Twinkle: Kunj you are so mean! Acha listen last gift for you! I got a princi for you!

Kunj stares the packet…

Twinkle: Don’t worry, there is no toothpaste in it!
Kunj: Ohh..then it is okay! (And takes from her)
Kunj:Long story!

Bihaan: Bye bye Chuk Chuk Gadi!
Thapki: B..b..bihaan! Wait!

She takes out the toy train which Bihaan gifted her previously .

Thapki: It is for you! B..b..bye B for Bihaan S..s..singh Bedi

Rishi: Where is my gift?
Tanu: Gift…

She takes out a Kali Ma’s idol…

Tanu: Here you go!

Rishi kisses the idol..

Tanu: Whenever you face any difficulty just remember Ma, she will help you out!

Rishi smiles…

Rishi: Bye Tanu!

Raj, Rano sit in the car…Tanshi, Thahaan, and Twinj look at each other tearfully as they don’t know when will they meet again..

Raj, Rano, Rishi, Bihaan, and Kunj leave…While all are sad…

Episode ends…

Precap: 17 years leap…a boy is seen flirting with a girl and saying, “You are so beautiful!” While on the other side a girl is seen praying in a temple…A boy is seen busy working in office and is very strict towards his work, on the other side a girl is sleeping in pink shirt and green sleeping pajamas, and her sleep is disturbed by the sun rays falling on her…A bot is seen looking at the toy train and asks servant to throw it in the trash, while on the other side a girl is seen looking at the sorry card!!

So the update ends here…I hope you enjoyed..tell me via comments..

A.N Sorry for mistakes.,posting at 3 of night ??

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