Our “Tashan – e – Ishq” is bind together with a “Kasam” {All we need is “Thapki Pyaar ki”} Intro


*****Our “Tashan – e – Ishq” is bind togetherwith a ” Kasam” {All we need is “Thapki Pyaar Ki}*****
Hey I am Kashfia! And it is my first attempt of writing and please encourage me in writing…and a big thanks to my sister Zuha for helping me in writing and then to fatarajo who is a lovely friend of mine! Now without wasting any more time let’s get to the introduction…


Tanushree Taneja (played by Kratika Sengar) : A very sweet girl with a quiet nature. Don’t get much involved with someone easily except for Twinkle and Thapki. Is also very religious, and believes in Love and God. She is commonly known as Tanu, which is her nickname. She is the apple of the eye of her parents. Hate boys who are flirt. Waiting for his friend, with whom she is bind together with a Kasam.

Rishi Singh Bedi ( Sharad Malhotra ) : A big flirt…lives in America, with his brothers, Kunj and Bihaan. Although he is a flirt but he knows his limits and never crosses them. He is disliked by his father due to his careless nature! He has not forgotten Tanu, but is least interested in her! He does not likes India.

Twinkle Taneja (played by Jasmin Bhasin) : The full on Punajb di kudi .. A drama queen, and makes every one in her family dance on her tunes by her tantrums and blackmailing. Hates his childhood friend whom she knows as “Sadu Punjabi” Has a list of boyfriends and she is least bothered in them.

Kunj Singh Bedi (played by Siddhant Gupta) : A very practical and down-to- earth person. He hates his childhood friend whom he knows as “Sayappa Queen” Is liked by his father due to his serious nature and being practical. Hate girls, not at all in flirting. Very emotionally-challenged. Loves India, but hates to me his “Sayappa Queen)

Thapki/Vani Taneja (played by Jigyasa Singh) : Very cute, sweet girl but faces problem due to his stammering problem. She is called Thapki as she stammers and needs a pat while speaking (not always). Her actual name is Vani. She hates when people insults her due to stammering, but she knows her 2 elder sisters are always by her side. A girl who has a high level of patience and humanity.

Bihaan Singh Bedi (played by Manish Goplani) : A man who hates America, and loves to be “Desi”. If he had in his hand, he would have never left India. He hates things one is “English” and the other one is things or people who stammers and gives such things/people “Chuk Chuk Gadi”


So the introduction ends here…I will try to upload it today or tomorrow.
Please if you read this FF, don’t forget to comment dear fellows…Silent readers it will be a pleasure to read your comments as well as.

Love you guys and see you soon!
Yours darling,
Kashfia Fatima.

Credit to: Kashfia

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  1. Nivika

    kashfia…awesome….can’t wait…..plzz update fast

    1. Thanks dear Senehal…I will try to upload as soon as possible!

  2. Yashasvi

    hey owsm………….

    1. Thankssa dear!

  3. rafay don kon

    Wao nice intro prfect couples.

    1. Thanks rafay!

  4. Fan

    Awesome intro..

    1. Thanks Fan!

  5. osm intro….looking interesting…eagerly waiting for 1st epi

    1. Thanks dear sonali…will be posting in a day or 2?

  6. Akanksha Gupta

    Its a great intro!!

    1. Thanks dear!

  7. Hi kashfia. ..it’s very nice. .?.seems interesting. ..?update soon dear?

    1. Hi Vinlora? Thanksssss dear! And I will update ASAP?

  8. it’s nice

    1. Thanks Tara!

  9. Very nice

    1. Firstly, I liked your name, such a sweet one? and thanks dear!

  10. Truelove

    good…waiting for episode.

    1. Thanks dear Truelove?

  11. U left me speechless with the intro..
    I don’t know what wl happen to me when the episode wl be published..

    1. Ohhhh…Thank you so much for that much ❤ I am seriously over-whelmed! Thanks once again and I will be posting today or tomorrow, as I will try to write long episode?

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey kashfia ur ff is awesome the intro wow and all 3 couples are took good u know I m a big fan of twinj and thahaan n thanks for writing a ff twinj and thahaan combined and yes I love tanshi too they are very cute too I can’t wait for the episodes I m already very excited all the best dear and I didnt help u at all and love u dear keep writing

    1. Thankssssssssss Fatarajo! You are such a cutie pie?? Seriously man, thanks a lot! And yeah you helped me indirectly? And once again thanks for appreciation?And love you 2 ?

  13. Nice attempt plz start ur fanfiction soon

    1. Thanka dear will be updating soon?

  14. Don’t why when people writes an ff on multiple couple and add thahaan in them ,they always addresses bihan as he hates stammering only ..but no it was not like that ,bihaan did make fun of thapki once but he did that just for fun, he is very happy-go lucky type person…..though intro is quite interesting, waiting for your magic to be spell

    1. Hey Bihaan! Firstly thanks for encouraging me! Secondly the my story is totally different from the serial so don’t you worry, Bihaan will not hate/dislike Thapki for a long time!

  15. Nusz Khan

    Seems interesting xx

    I’m a friend of zuha’s I heard about you xx

    Nice meeting you and can’t wait for the episodes.

    Anyways keep smiling like always Hun xx


    1. Thanks dear, I have also heard about you, with the same source ? Thanks for encouraging me! And U write way toooo better than me! U also keep smiling!

  16. nice yaar..go with it….

    1. Kashfia Fatima


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