Our “Tashan -e- Ishq” is bind together with a “Kasam” {All we need is “Thapki Pyaar Ki”} Episode 3


Hello everyone and belated Eid Mubarak! I hope you guys are doing well! And I am slightly, slightly, slightly disappointed with the decreasing comments! But don’t you worry this FF is not ending soon! Well thanks to all who are enjoying this FF and I will try to make it more interesting!
And I am Kashfia, (That you know it very well!!) with the 3rd episode of this Fan Fiction, ‘Our “Tashan-e-ishq” is bind together with a “Kasam” {All we need is “Thapki Pyaar Ki”}
Before starting would love to tell you guys the main cast of the story along with the couples and shows!
The main couples are;
TwiNj – Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) and Kunj (Siddhant Gupta) From Tashan-e-ishq
TanShi – Tanu (Kratika Sengar Dheer) and Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) From Kasam tere pyaar ki
ThaHaan – Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Bihaan (Manish Goplani) From Thapki Pyaar Ki


*With each scene it will be mention it is for which show*

Scene 1:All
Scene 2:All
Scene 3:Kasam
Scene 4:TPK
Scene 5:TEI
Scene 6: Kasam

Scene 1: Bedi Villa’s (All)
Rishi and Bihaan are watching boxing match on T.V, with full enthusiasm, while Kunj is working on his laptop and is getting irked and disturbed by the noise!
Rishi and Bihaan are hooting for their favorite player: Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! (Assume Rocky as Naman Shaw who is potraying Kunj/Rocky in TEI nowadays, and he has a lot to do in this FF, take him as a supporting cast!)
Kunj: Will you please decrease the volume of T.V!
Bihaan gets the remote and presses to slow down the volume but it doesn’t work!
Bihaan: The remote is not working!
Kunj: Oh yeah! Its battery has gone weak , try again after hitting on your palm!
Rishi: He won’t be able to do, Bihaan give it to me!
Bihaan: No wait! JOHN!
John comes to the room!
John: Sir you called me?
Bihaan: Throw this remote! Get me a new one tomorrow, morning!
John: Okay sir!
And he takes the remote!
Kunj: Bihaan what is wrong with you, MAN? Now how will one watch T.V and what about the volume?
Bihaan: Kunj Bhaia don’t forget I hate stammering people and things!
Rishi: Kunj, are you living in 18th century? C’mon technology has improved and has made life easier! Look I have this app in my cell phone “Peel Smart Remote” you can control your T.V with your phone, so simple! Look!

And does it!

Kunj: Great! Download this app in my phone as well!
Rishi: I don’t have time!
Bihaan: Yeah, you have time for boxing only!
Rishi: Jealous people!
Kunj: By the way when is your match?
Bihaan: WHAT??
Rishi: So what is so shocking?
Bihaan: Excuse me! Tomorrow is my birthday! 10th of July!
Rishi: OMG!!!

Scene 2: Veer Mansion (All)
Girls are in their room, ready to sleep!
Twinkle notices Thapki lost!
Twinkle: Chipkali, what happened?
Thapki: N..n..nothing!
Tanu and Twinkle look on shocked!
Tanu: You also listened the same Twinki, what I listened!
Twinkle: Thapki, I said u a chipkali, and u didn’t said anything back! I am now sure something is wrong!
Tanu: What happened Vani?
Thapki: Tomorrow is B..b..bihaan’s birthday!
Twinkle: Oh how can I forget it is 10th July!
Tanu: Are you okay Twinki? I know about Thapki, that she cares for Bihaan but you hated all the Bedi brothers, how come you?
Twinkle: Do you really think I care for him? Not at all! I missed Rocky’s match!
Tanu: Oh My GOD! Seriously? You are just impossible Twinkle! IMPOSSIBLE!!!
Twinkle: Whatever!

And she pulls up the blanket and goes to sleep! Tanu looks at the sad Thapki, and sits beside her!

Tanu: Thapki, you love him, right?

Thapki stares Tanu, shocked at her statement, and remembers Bihaan, a tear unknowingly escapes from her eyes!

Tanu: Kya hua? You okay?
Thapki: Hmmm…
Tanu: You didn’t answer my question! Do you love Bihaan?
Thapki: N..n..nothing like that!
Tanu: In these 17 years, why I find my Thapki sad and gloomy on 10th July?
Thapki: L..l..like ways, you also l..l..love Rishi Bhai?
Twinkle (peeping from the blanket) : Obviously! Haven’t you seen her waiting for the great Rishi Singh Bedi! God knows does he remember her even?
Tanu: Twinkle ki bachi!! You were acting to sleep! Drama queen!
Twinkle (covering herself with the blanket) : Who said I am awake…Look I am sleeping!
Tanu: Pagal! (Insane) Thapki it is quite late! You also sleep!
Thapki: Ji didi!

Tanu switches off the lamp and goes to sleep! Thapki thinks, “I don’t know I love you or not but yes I really miss you Bihaan! I miss you!” tears flow down her cheeks as she closes her eyes to sleep!

Scene 3: Bedi Villa’s…Morning (Kasam)
Rishi gets ready as a boxer, and runs out from his room! Rano catches her in the hall!
Rano: Where are you going?
Rishi: Mom today is my match! Chalo Ashirwad do! (touching her feets)
Rano: That is fine, but your father has thrown a party as it is Bihaan’s birthday!
Rishi: Mom I will reach before the party starts!
Rano: Okay fine! Did you wish Bihaan!
Rishi: No Ma! He was sleeping but I left a birthday message for him! Okay bye mom!
Rano: Acha wait!
Rishi: Now what?
Rano: JOHN!
John comes with the aarti plate! Rano does Rishi’s aarti and Rishi smiles!
Rano: Come back with your win! (and feeds him yogurt and sugar)
Rishi: Now shall I leave?
Rano: Hmmm…

Rishi runs out and leaves!

Scene 4: America and India…Bedi Villa’s and Veer Mansion (TPK and a few part of TEI)
Bihaan wakes up by the alarm placed on his phone!
Bihaan (Rubbing his eyes) : It is only 8, I set the alarm of 10! Who did it…

Mobile (Rishi) : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I know, you must be thinking who set the alarm of 8! I did it! At least wake early on your birthday! Today is my match and I know you and Kunj will definitely watch it! (Bihaan smiles listening it) And now you must be thinking where your gift is? Right? (Bihaan: How did he get to know?) Ooeyee! I am your elder brother, I know you more than you know yourself! Your gift…Ummm…Is anything more important for you than my win? (Bihaan nods no) so today I will definitely win, not for myself for my “Chotay”! (Bihaan smiles) Acha I am getting late, will talk later bye!

And the message ends!

Bihaan: Rishi bhai! (and smiles!)
Kunj comes out of the washroom and is surprised to find Bihaan up so early!
Kunj: From where did the sun rise today?
Bihaan: You better ask Rishi Bhai! (And leaves for the washroom, patting Kunj’s shoulder)
Kunj (looking at the washroom door) : Strange!

Thapki is busy in the kitchen! Twinkle enters in her jogging dress, a pink tee and black tights, drinking water, and panting!
Thapki: You came from your j..j..jogging!
Twinkle: No..no my ghost has arrived!
Thapki: Huh!
Twinkle: By the way, what are you doing in the kitchen?
Thapki: Washing clothes!
Twinkle: What rubbish?
Thapki: Why only you can say r..r..rubbish? I am making cake!
Twinkle: Wow cake, chalo give it to me!
And was about to cut the cake when Thapki stops her to do so!
Twinkle: What is it yaar? I am hungry and I love your cakes please let me have some!
Thapki: Okay, ok..kay! First freshen up change your c..c..clothes!
Twinkle: Thapki!
Thapki: What Thapki? I am not stopping u from having it!
Twinkle: Okay fine!
Twinkle leaves muttering: I am her elder sister or she is my elder sister!
Thapki: I heard it!

Twinkle runs from there! Thapki smiles and holds up the cake, “Before Twinkle Di comes I have to complete it!”

Thapki comes to the store room with the cake, there is a curtain, Thapki places the cake tray on an old, small, wooden table and removes the curtain, as her hair flies! Behind the curtain is a portrait of Bihaan (Of childhood) Thapki burns the candle, looking at Bihaan’s picture while Na..na..na plays!
Thapki: So Mr. Bihaan Singh Bedi! Here you go with your cake! Did you like it? Of course you liked it! (And she smiles!)
Thapki cuts the cake singing the Happt B’day song! : Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Bihaan! Happy birthday to you! May you have many more! May you have many more! Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday to you! YAYYYYY!! (And she claps)

Scene 5: America (TEI)
Rano is seen arranging the decorations for the party!! She finds Kunj in the hall busy on the phone!
Rano: Kunj beta!
Kunj: Ji MA!
Rano: Kunj, I placed the order for the cake, it must be ready, you just go and pick it up!
Kunj: Okay Ma!
Kunj leaves!
At the road…Kunj is driving a car…He was stuck in the traffic…
Kunj: GOD! I am getting late, and I am pretty sure I will not be able to reach the boxing ring to watch Rishi’s match but I will watch it on T.V!
Kunj was lost in his thoughts when there was a knock on his window!
Kunj sees a child hardly 6!
Boy: Please will you buy this biscuit? Please Sir!
The beggar boy forwards a biscuit! Kunj is astonished to find “Prince biscuit!”
Kunj whispers, “Princi!” {He remembers Twinkle’s prank ! How Twinkle gave him the Biscuit as the good-bye gift}
Kunj: How much it costs?
Beggar Boy: 5 cents!
Kunj: Give me 2!
The beggar boy gives him the biscuits and Kunj pays him, the boy leaves thanking him!
Kunj smiles seeing the biscuits and whispers, “Sayappa Queen!)

Scene 6: Boxing Ring…Veer Mansion (Kasam)
Rishi enters the boxing ring…his opponent also enters!
The host announces: So here comes Rishi Singh Bedi and Loui Merchant!
Rishi: Best Of Luck!
Loui: Same to you!
The match begins….At the beginning Rishi fights well..but Loui overcomes him!!
Rishi is beaten badly by Loui!
Loui punches hard on Rishi’s face and Rishi fall badly on the ground, bleeding!
There in India Tanu shouts, “RISHI!!!!!”

Scene ends on the split faces of Tanu and Rishi!

Precap: Rishi rushed to Hospital…Rishi’s condition is serious! Tanu in India is tensed and feels something is wrong with Rishi, and prays to God! Rishi’s condition worsens and his heart beats start to drop…Stay tuned for more updates!

Sorry for the delay! Was busy coz of Eid! But updated for you all!
How was the update, tell me in the comment box below!
Next update will be on 16th July 2016!
Till then bye!
Don’t forget I love you all!
Yours darling,
Kashfia (Kachoo)

{Pardon me for mistakes}

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…

    1. Rafaya Adnan

      Thanks Purnima! Stay tuned for more updates!

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      I am happy that u are enjoying this FF!

      Thanks 4r commenting! Keep reading and commenting?

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    Wao boht maza aya read krny ma.ab in couples ko mila do jaldi say.

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      Shukria??I am happy that you are enjoying this FF! And yeah they will be meeting soon? Dont u worry! Thanks 4r the comment!

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    Ya Allah what an ff…I loved it…I didn’t know when I finished reading my ff…Thank you soo much for such an amazing ff…epic superb…love you

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      Firstly Affaa Api, Thanksssss a lot for the changing ur decision of ending 7 chumzzzzzzz?

      Ya Allah itni saari appreciation? You made my day! Thanks for the beautiful comment!

      Love u 2??

  5. Awesome episode

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    Wow Kachoooooooooo??Just amazing? Loved it! And the way you manage the couples?????SIMPLY SUPERB! The episode was amazing??And the end was just a SHOCK??But I know u will manage it??


    1. Rafaya Adnan

      Wah Wah Wah! Thank you so much Apia! And that much of appreciation???? Thanksssssss 4r that????Aakhir tum nahi karogi toh kon kare ga??

  7. Very good story line Kashfia…. I am waiting for the day when these 3 pairs meet one another and their nok jhok starts… I hope it happens soon.. America and India seem to be so far…

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      Thanks 4r commenting! Yeah they will indeed meet?Dont u worry! I am happy that u are enjoying this FF!

  8. I read your fan faction today and I like your story line It is totally different from real story .and I hope thapki will confex his love soon but please it is my request ka reall story ka tarha boring tarika sa thapki apna love na confex kara balki kutch damaka ka sat confex kara please kashfia .

    1. Rafaya Adnan

      THANKSSSSSSSS ALOT FOR THE APPRECIATION???I am happy that u are enjoying this FF, and will try to make it more enjoyable?I will try to come across your expectations!

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    Kachooooooooooooooo finally u r back I missed ur ff like anything as ur ff have two of my fav couples and also is so good cant wait for rishi-kunj-bihaan to come to india or tanu-twinkle-thapki come to america haha and lol u added the new kunj as rocky haha good idea 😛 as i hate new kunj, but old kunj is here so no need to worry 😛

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      Hey Fatarajo, so happy to see ur comment? Was waiting 4r it like hell??Kya karun thori filmy types huh? Well I have started a FF based on Dehleez, Qubool Hai, EDKV, and KRPKAB, just posted a while ago, let us see when it gets posted! Hope u read it! By the way, I hate new Kunj as well as! He is -ve here?

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        OMB KRPKAB EDKV N DEHLEEZ TOGETHR IS LIKE MY DREAM COMING TRUE AS THESE THREE R MY CURRENT FAV but sad dehleez ended and on top of that QH wow can’t wait

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      Thanksssss Nuszat ji! It is a pleasure to know that my FF is enjoyable and better?


    superb episode….. pls upload next episode soon….

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