Our “Tashan -e- Ishq” is bind together with a “Kasam” {All we need is “Thapki Pyaar Ki”} Episode 2


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*With each scene it will be mentioned it is for which show*

Scene 1 : Kasam
Scene 2 : Tashan –e- Ishq
Scene 3: Thapki Pyaar KI
Scene 4 : Tashan-e-ishq and Kasam
Scene 5 : Thapki Pyaar Ki and tashan-e-ishq
Scene 6 : All
Scene 7: Thapki Pyaar ki and Tashan-e-ishq
Scene 8: All

Scene 1 : America and India (Kasam)
A boy comes out of a swimming pool, shirtless, all the girls are staring him as they were waiting for him for years…The boy picks up his shirt and moves on holding while he waves his hand to the flattering girls…The very moment he gets a call, name flashing, “Jalaad Baap”
Boy (monologue) : My Hitler father never let me be in peace!

He picks up the call…
Boy: Hello Papa ji!
Raj: Khotay! Where are you?
Boy: Me?? I am…in office!
Raj: Office? I have called the office thrice and inquired about you, you are not there! You will lie to your father now! Reach the office!
Boy: But..
Raj: NOW!!

He disconnects the call…
Boy (monologue) : Chal beta Rishi! The end of your enjoyment! Your jalaad baap will never let you romance with someone!

The boy turns and is revealed to be Rishi!

A girl enters in a mandir, bare-feet wearing a red Patiala suit, her face is covered by her flying hair.
The girl sits in front of Kali Ma’s Idol, closing her eyes, and folds her hands for praying, and prays, “Oh Ma! I know you can hear me! I will not ask anything for myself, but for those who are close to my heart! Please keep my family safe and sound, and give some brains to my stupid sisters, Twinkle and Thapki! And yeah the most important wish for the person who I love the most, my Rishi, Ma, it has been 17 years since we have never met but still he is very close to my heart! Please keep him safe and sound!”
She finishes praying and opens her eyes, she removes her hair and she is revealed to be Tanu.

Scene 2: America and India (TEI) {And few part of Kasam}
A boy is seen working in office, he is running here and there with files he is too busy that he is not able to pick up the phone which is ringing…
Boy: Tina (his assistant) pick up the phone and whosoever it is tell him I am busy and will talk to him later!
Tina (played by Aditi Sharma who is seen Ahana in Kasam): Yes sir!
She picks up the call..
Tina: Hello!
Rano: Hello! Give the call to Kunj!
Tina: I am sorry Mam, sir has said that he will not receive any call!
Rano: Arey! Tell him that I am speaking!
Tina: Sorry Mam! Sir is busy as a delegation from South Africa is coming so he is busy with the presentations!

Rano: But!

Tina disconnects the call!
Boy: Who was it?
Tina: Your mother!
Boy: What? Mummy? You should’ve given the call to me!
Tina: But you said!

“Some people are so busy in their work that they forget their loved-ones!” A voice is heard from the back. They turn to see Rishi standing there!

Boy: Rishi?
Rishi: Mr.Kunj Singh Bedi, Mr.Perfect I mean…You are working in office since last night!

The boy smiles and he is revealed to be Kunj!

Kunj: Now what shall I do? You and Bihaan are not taking interest in business so I am the 1 left!
Rishi: Whatever! (He catches the glimpse of Tina) Ohhh…Tina! (Tina starts blushing0..You are looking so hot !!
Tina: Tum bhi na Rishi!

Kunj sighs on seeing Rishi flirting with Tina.

Scene shift back to India…
A girl is seen sleeping wearing pink t-shirt and green sleeping pajamas..the sun rays fall on her shiniy black hairs, disturbing her sleep, moreover the ringing phone beside her…Tanu enters the room with a cup of coffee and smiles seeing the girl…She gets to the dressing table, where the phone is placed, and ringing continuosly…

Tanu: Madam, your phone is ringing!
Girl: Who is it Di?
Tanu: Your so called boy friend!
Girl (rubbing her eyes) : Ohhh…is it Romi?
Tanu: No…
Gir: Then, Mishkat?
Tanu: Nahi bhai!
Girl: Then definitely! Sunny!

The girl gets up, and she is none other than our Punjabi Patakha, Twinkle!

Twinkle: Then who is it?
Tanu: Bau ji!
Twinkle: Oh shoot! Papa ji! He must be waiting for me outside! Oh God Twinkle! You are gone!
Tanu: Get ready for college!
Twinkle: Yeah..yeah..yeah! By the way, where is Thapki?
Tanu: In her dreamland!

The 2 gigle!
Tanu: Go, you are getting late! Before Bau ji wakes up the whole compound with is car’s horn get ready!
Twinkle: Okay, okay I am going!

She takes the towel and leaves..

Scene 3: America and India (TPK)
In India, a girl is seen brushing her hair wearing a green short kurti with pink pajama, with dupatta around her neck, with elegant earrings, and her silky, black hairs left open…A card flies from the shelf and lands up near her , she bends down and picks it up, and smiles looking at it!
Girl: S…s..sorry!

And she smiles , this time a bigger one!

Shardha: THAPKI!!

The girl turns around and she is none other than Thapki! The screen focuses her smiling face!

Thapki: Coming Ma!
Shardha: Hurry up! Your Bau ji is waiting for you and Twinkle!
Thapki: Yeah, yeah, c..c..coming!

She comes down the stairs!

Thapki: Good Morning Ma!
Shardha: Good Morning!
Thapki How am I looking?
Shardha: Perfect! No bad eye fall on you! (And does her Kaala teeka)
Shardha: Where is this Twinkle?

“Mai yahan hoon! (I am here)” a voice is heard from the back!
They turn to see Twinkle standing there, in an Off-white shirt with black pants! And posing like a model!
Shardha: This girl! Twinkle beta where were you?
Twinkle: Ma, my pyaari Ma! Before you start scolding me, I am leaving! Bye! (Giving a kiss on her cheeks)
Shardha: But…Have your breakfast! Twinkle!

And she rushes outside!

Thapki: Ma, pack her breakfast I will make her eat in the car!
Shardha: Okay dear!

And she packs the breakfast, and hand it over to Thapki!

Thapki: Bye Ma!
Shardha: Bye!

Outside the house…Twinkle and Thapki arrive in the car-poach where Veer (there father) is waiting for them!
Veer: Wow! My princesses are looking very beautiful!

And hugs them!

Veer: Challay?
Both: JI!
The trio sits in the car and leave…

Scene shifts to America…A house is shown colored in yellow color and the architect shows as it is a palace…A boy is seen having his break-fast…Rano enters…
Rano: You have nothing to do so, do what I say! Take out all your old things and discard them! Understand!
Boy: Ma! I am B for Bihaan Singh Bedi, and I am S for your Son and I will listen to all your, O for Orders!

The boy stands up and he is none other than Bihaan!

Rano: Ho gaya? Now go and get to work!
Bihaan (sighs) : Ji MA! John (servant) Come up to my room!
John: Yes Sir!

Bihaan leaves for his room!

Scene 4: Office (TEI and Kasam)
Kunj is showing his presentation to the delegation, while Rishi is just sitting and yawning and playing with a pen, while Kunj continues to glare him as asking to “STOP!”

Delegate: I am impressed Mr.Kunj! And he is your brother, Rishi! Right!
Kunj: Yes Mr.Abraham!
Delegate: Is he also helping you in this project, because Mr.Raj told me about him working in this project!

Kunj looks at Rishi, in disbelief..
Kunj: Yes he is also working with me in this project!

This shocks Rishi, and he gives Kunj, “What is wrong with you?” looks..

Delegate: So what do you have to say about this project Mr.Rishi?

This shocks Rishi more while Kunj holds his head…

Rishi: ME??
Delegate: You are Rishi right?
Rishi: Yes..Kahan phasan diya Kunj ke bache (He murmurs)
Rishi: I have nothing to say!
The delegates look on confused!
Rishi: I will just say that my younger brother Kunj is working very hard for this project and what is that..yeah “Din Raat ek karke kaam kar raha hai!” and this is my guaranty that he will not at all disappoint you, rest is your decision!

Kunj smiles hearing Rishi’s words!

Delegate: Well said, Mr.Rishi! Well I am glad to announce that we are ready to work on this project with your company!

This makes Kunj and Rishi happy!

After the delegates leave, Kunj starts to clean his desk which is already loaded with files…
Rishi: What was that?
Kunj: What,What!
Rishi: What was the need to say that I am also working with you in this project! Papa is already after me and you too! I show my face to office twice in year!
Kunj: And do nothing except for flirting with girls!
Rishi: Yes!
Kunj smiles!
Rishi: Wait…wait…Aren’t you saying too much! Chota hai Chota ban ke reh! (You are younger so be younger)
Kunj: Jis din aap bare ho jaye ge uss din mein bhi chota ho jaaoun ga! (When you will become elder then I will also become younger!)

And leaves from there holding his brief-case!

Rishi: What he just said?! AEY RUK! CHOTAY!!

He runs after him….

Scene 5: India…College (TPK and TEI)
Twinkle and Thapki enter the college, all boys keep on staring them, especially Twinkle!
Thapki (whispering to Twinkle): Twinkle di! Look all boys are staring us! Stop wearing modern clothes and that also too short!
Twinkle (whispering back to Thapki) : Even if I stop wearing modern clothes these boys will not change! My clothes are not short, there thinking is short!
Thapki: B..b…but it is l..l..looking awkward!
Twinkle: Be yourself! And don’t be nervous! I am coming from canteen be here and don’t move!
Thapki: Ok..kay!

Twinkle leaves!! Thapki was standing there when a gang of boys surround her!
Boy 1: Was she your sister?

Thapki feels uncomfortable…

Boy 2: By God! She was too hot! But you are also not less!

Thapki starts moving from there feeling uncomfortable…

Boy 3: Where are you going! Jaaneman! (Sweetheart)
Thapki: L…l..let me g..g…go!

Boy 4: Ohoooo! She stammers! Ohhhh..So bad! But no worries…We can still bare you!
And they laugh…while Thapki is in tears!

A boy was about to touch her when a hand stops them to do so! The hand turns out to be Twinkle’s!

Twinkle: Don’t you dare touch her or else!
Boy 1: Else what? You will gather the college, you may, come on shout!
Twinkle: Kasam se bare hi kaminey ho! (You are such a cheap)
Boy 2: The college dance on our tunes! The principal is our puppet! Understand! You can’t do anything except for coming to us!
Twinkle: Teri toh…(But she stops and thinks)…But you are 4 and this girl stammers so there is a fault in her so I am left, so with whom will I set?

Thapki looks on in disbelief..

Boy 3: Good! So you finally came on track! Nothing to worry! Come to me!
Boy 4: No she will come to me!
Boy 1: Abey chup! She is only mine!

And they indulge into a fight…And Twinkle taking the opportunity runs with Thapki, leaving the boys fighting!

Boy 1: Oh GOD! They made us fool!

There Twinkle and Thapki run and reach to the canteen..
Thapki: What was that Twinki Di?
Twinkle: After all Twinkle is queen of flirting!
Thapki: Was that flirting?
Twinkle: Nahi! But…Flirting was beneficial!
Thapki: Look your flirting…
Twinkle: Huh?
Thapki: I mean your boyfriend is here!

Twinkle turns…a handsome boy is standing there with a bouquet in his hand..

Twinkle: Mishkat?
Mishkat (played by Mohit Abrol last seen as Rajat in Swaragini) : Hi Twinkle! You are looking gorgeous today!
Twinkle (fake smile) : Thanks! These flowers…are they for me?
Mishkat: Yes dear!
Twinkle: Thank you! So sweet!

Thapki giggles…

The very moment another boy enters… with a box of chocolate…

Boy: Hey Twinkle!
Twinkle (with an OOPPPSSS face) : H..h..hi Sunny!

Thapki thinks, “I have stammering problem but di…” and she laughs slightly!

Sunny (played by Mayur Verma last seen as Karthik in Swaragini) : Who is he baby?
Twinkle: He??
Mishkat: I am her boyfriend! And Mister, who are you?
Sunny: What is he saying Twinkle?
Twinkle: I will explain you!
Mishkat: First explain me!
Twinkle: Okay! I will explain you!
Sunny: No explain me first!
Mishkat: Me first!
Twinkle: Yeah!
Sunny: Me!
Mishkat: Me!
The fight continues..while Twinkle is fed up..And Thapki continues laughing!

Scene 6: America…Bedi Villa’s {Bedi House is in India and Bedi Villa’s is in America] (All)
Rishi and Kunj enter…Raj is sitting in the hall, reading the news paper…
Rishi: At night, people wish “Good night” but after having a glimpse of my “Jalaad Baap” not just my night my whole life ruins!
Kunj: Rishi…
Rishi: Bhai! (glaring him)
Kunj: Whatever!

Raj: You guys are back!
Rishi: Ji Papa ji!
Raj: Chup kar khotay! Kunj Puttar, what about the meeting?
Rishi: Papa ji…
Raj: Rishi!! I am talking to Kunj! You must have made 10 new girlfriends in the office today! Useless

Rishi (murmurs) : He is saying me useless, when he will come to know that because of me his company has get the project he will regret!

Raj: Did you say something?
Rishi: Nothing, you were talking to Kunj, continue!
Raj: Yeah…So I was saying Kunj Puttar what did the delegates say?
Kunj (with a sad face) : They said…a big YES!
Raj: Wow! I was sure my Kunj puttar will make me proud! [and hugs him]

Rishi thinks, “Acha bachoo..You got this project because of me and now taking the credit! Kunj ke bache I will deal with you in the room!

Kunj: Actually Papa…this time Rishi made you proud!
Raj: Rishi?
Kunj: Yes we got this project because of Rishi!
Raj: Really?
Rishi: Really Papa ji! You know I appreciated this Chota too much that they were impressed and we got this deal!
Raj: Chalo! This useless boy did something good for the first time!

And leaves from there…

Rishi: While ago he was hugging you (Kunj) that we got to work on this project, and when he came to know that he got this deal because of me then he started off with his Khadoos pan! Hug is a very small thing just say, “I am proud of you!” but no how can he say so “Jalaad Baap”
Kunj: Jealous?
Rishi: Itnay buray din nahi aaye hain Rishi Singh Bedi ke, ke who apne chotay bhai se jealous ho! (My bad days have not come yet that I will be jealous of my younger brother!) Congrats Bro!
And hugs Kunj…They break the hug…
Kunj: Let’s tell this news to B for Bihaan Singh Bedi!
Rishi: Chal!

There in Bihaan’s room…Bihaan is busy checking and cleaning his stuff…

Bihaan: John, have you thrown that trophy as well?
John: Yes sir!
Bihaan: Good! Now what is left?
He catches a glimpse of a brown carton placed at a shelf…
Bihaan: Now what is that?
Bihaan gets the carton…
Bihaan: Old carton…interesting!

Bihaan finds some old stuff…and throws them in trash and asks John to throw the carton in trash! Rishi and Kunj enter the room..

Rishi: What’s going on?
Kunj: Wow this tiger mask? (getting a mask)
Bihaan: You remember it?
Rishi: How can we forget it…Mr.Sher Singh Bedi!
And Kunj and Risho do a hi-fi!
Bihaan: Stop pulling my leg?
Rishi: Arey! Who is pulling your leg?
Kunj: You remember, you wore this mask at the play in your school!
Rishi: And then when the hunter aimed at you, you started crying and complained to Papa ji!
Bihaan: And then we went to Ice-cream parlor so that I stop crying!
Kunj: Yeah…How beautiful our childhood was and now we don’t even get time to see each other’s face!
Rishi: But whatever happens, our bonding will never get weak!

And the brothers hug!

John: Sir, there is something else in the carton!
Bihaan: What?

John takes out a toy train…

Bihaan: Chuk Chuk Gadi!
And Bihaan remembers “Thapki”
Bihaan: Vani!
Kunj: Did you say something?
Bihaan: Did you hear something? By the way John throw this as well as!
Rishi: No, no, Bihaan, this is Th…Th…Thapki’s gift, do you really want to throw this?
Bihaan: The people whom I am not related I don’t want to keep their belongings!
Kunj: Not related! Seriously Bihaan!
Bihaan: She must have forgotten me! Just throw it John! Rishi bhai, aren’t you watching your boxing match!
Rishi : Oh shoot! How can I forget! Thanks Bihaan!

And he picks up the remote and puts the TV on!

Scene 7: India…College (TPK and TEI)
The fight continues and Twinkle and Thapki are fed up of it!

Twinkle and Thapki: STOP IT!!!
The boys stop fighting and look at Thapki and Twinkle

Thapki: Hi! I am Vani Veer Singh Taneja, Twinkle’s sister! And you 2 just stop fighting! Look she doesn’t love anyone of you! She was just passing her time and I am really sorry on her behalf but please stop fighting! And yeah I know you are angry on Twinkle di but please don’t throw tomatoes and eggs!

Mishkat and Sunny: Tomatoes and eggs??
Thapki: Yeah actually last time when Twinkle di’s boyfriend came to know about Twinkle Di’s betrayal he threw eggs and tomatoes on her, and poor me I got hit as well!
Mishkat and Sunny laugh while Twinkle shows a slap to Thapki in anger…
Mishkat: Well Twinkle! To be very frank, I was also not interested in you!
Sunny: But I was, but still all the best to you for your future!
Twinkle: Thank you!
Sunny (with an angry face): But I hate you!
Mishkat (with an angry face): Same here!

And the boys leave…And Thapki bursts into laughter!

Twinkle: You idiot!
Thapki: You should thank me that I dragged you out from that world war!
Twinkle: That way you should also thank me for saving you from those creeps!
Thapki: Okay, okay Thank you!
Twinkle: Now let’s leave for lecture!

And they leave…

Scene 8: Veer Mansion (All)
Thapki, Tanu, and Twinkle are laughing…
Tanu: Seriously Twinkle!
Twinkle: What?
Tanu: What, what?
Twinkle: What is so funny?
Thapki: Your boyfriends!
Twinkle: Yeah I have a list of boyfriend but I don’t care! Love is just time-pass!
Tanu: No sweetheart, Love is eternal, and you will not understand until you meet the one who is meant for you!

She remembers Rishi and their childhood moments…she comes near the window and looks up to the moon…Screen freezes on Tanu’s face, and Rishi’s smiling face…

Precap: Rishi has a boxing match (he is a local boxer) and he gets beaten badly by his opponent, and he falls down and there back in India, Tanu shouts, “RISHI!” On the other side it is Bihaan’s birthday and Thapki celebrates in front of Bihaan’s childhood picture hiding from all! There in America a small boy offers Kunj “Prince Biscuit” and Kunj smiles remembering Twinkle……

So the update ends here I hope you guys enjoyed, do tell me via comments…

And I know your question will be that why early update (1 day before) I know I said I will be posting on 2nd July but I didn’t because my aunt is arriving from Bahrain today, evening, so I found it difficult to update! And one more reason, Eid is just 4 days away, so I think no update next week but still I will try posting on next Saturday or Sunday or maybe not , I am not sure!

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Credit to: Kashfia

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