Tashan e ishq -how i and you become we (episode 6)

hi friends…..it is my fith ff…so please comment..it may be positive ar may be negetive
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twinkle wears a top and a capree with a cap. he was looking cute and awsome.
kunj enters taneja mension and ask leela
k: aunty is twinkle ready??
l: ya she is coming you wait a minute….
k: ya sure
l: kunj puttar may i tell you one thing rather request you
k: ya aunty please don’t request give order..
l: kunj you know that twinkle is in love with yuvi ..(leela knows that twinkle loves yuvi but pretend in front of twinkle)
k: ya aunty but what happens??
l: actually yuvi is cheating twinkle
kunj is in shock

k: how do you know ??
leela tells all the tings which is muted..(guys it will be told later to you)
k: now aunty what i have to do??
l: you have to show the real face of yuvi in front of twinkle
k: ok aunty i will do
l:thanks puttar..
then twinkle comes ans kunj mesmerised to see he
l:wow twinkle puttar you are looking nice …so all the best
t: thanks ma ..so bye..ma…lets go kunj
l: ok take care
twinj takes blessings and leaves

kunj takes his bike and tell to sit to twinkle and she nod yes.
twinkle sits and she is confused to hold her hand or not
k:twinkle put our hand n shoulder otherwise you will fall down
t: ok ..ok..lets go (she keeps her hand in his shoulder and sajna ve plays)

twinj and alvi(alisha and yuvi) reaches airport.
a: (to kunj) hi kunj….why you have not come to pick me??
k: (angrily) whay i will pick up …???you came with yuvi..right??
a: no kunj… actually i was waiting for you and you did not come and then yuvi was passing so i came..
k: why you had not called me??
a: sorry kunj
kunj leaves angrily and goes near to twinkle and sit..(yuvi was sitting in other side of twinkle)
t: (to kunj) you should not talk to her like this kunj…she is you……(kunj stopped her)
k: ok i will correct it later

a handsome good looking man was coming with towards them…he is non other than their coach,kabeer(played by ranbeer of matsh)
r:hi students
all says hi to him
r: so re you guys ready to enjoys
all says yes sir
all of them smiles..

just then it was announced that their will take off soon…all went.
y: (to twinkle) baby now you see how will i enjoy with in the flight as well as in dehradun…you are the partner of kunj but you will be with me all the time..
twivraj smiles at each other and hugged
alisha tell same to kunj but kunj doesn’t bother and thinks something in his mind and smiles..
precap: seeting arrangement in flight

guys ..is it good???now can you guess what did kunj thinks in his mind???

Credit to: tina


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