Tashan e ishq -how i and you become we (episode 4)

for the third episode you have go


kunj is thinking about twinkle whaen se called him
k: why she is calling this time???
he picks up the phone.

t: hi..kunj..(in a hasitation voice)
k: hi twinkle.why you called in this time???
t: actually i want to tell you something
k: ya tell
t: sorry kunj …iam really very sorry for the incident…i know i should not talk to you like that but you can understand
k:ya twinkle i can understand……but may i ask you i thing??
t: ya if you hve forgiven me
k: ya twinkle….in friendship no soory and no thankyou………..btw you like yuvi the most….
t: not i love yuvi but not the most i love my mom the most…

kunj feel sad as he knowsthe truth of yuvi.
t: one more request
k: no request only order
t: ok baba ok….we will not talk in college because if yuvi will see this and again he will get angry……..
k: ok as your wish.
t: bye see you tomorrow…
k: bye

k(in his mind):how much she loves him……..
kunj decided that he will take the truth of yuvi in front of twinkle.

all the four goes to the classroom and sit patner wise(twivraj and kunj and alisha)

the teacher announces that there is a adventurous camp in dehradun(haridwar) next sunday .all the students have to paticipate but in a group and group will be decided by principal today.
after few minutes yuvi and twinkle talking
y:we will be in pair and we will win…
t: ya yuvi we will win…

alisha told kunj the same.
after some time the groups ar decided .there will be 2 members in each groups.
twinkle ———- kunj
yuvi ————– alisha

all are socke but kunj is happy as twinkle is not with yuvi.
yuvi and alisha are also happy but not showing.

precap: twinj moments in dehradun. yuvi and alisa’s plan to kill both of them.

guys i know that it is too short but i will write long episode next one.
but i want help..what can we call kunj and alisha as like twinj(twinkle and kunj) and yuvi and alisha?????
please help please……….

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  1. awesome..i really like ur concept tina…one small advice if u can just improve ur english a bit..what i mean is error..otherwise it was super..plzz dont mind its just a suggestion..!! 🙂 🙂

    1. why i will mind ?? you are just my friend and thanks for the advise

      1. btw you and rakhita are the best s=as per as my view’

  2. Nice adventure cumin up…..yuvi and alisha- “alvi”
    Kunj – Alisha” kunsha”

  3. yupp…alvi & shanj

    1. thanks i will use it

  4. Ya Tina….its awesome…..it will b interesting to see how kunj saves twinkle…..I must say ur writing is getting refined day by day….all the best!!!

    1. thanks rakhita

  5. Kill but y?!!!!!

    1. suspense

  6. going good ! name maybe I agree with prapti ! its nice..

    1. thanks star i am writing my ffs in english though not good in english for you ….so please comment when there will be mistakes also

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