Tashan e ishq -how i and you become we (episode 3) (maha episode)

hi friends……..thanks for the support and i would to thanks vinni,star,kavya,komal,rashi,arush,gopika and all the commenters. oh!how can i forget my dear friends tara and rakhita (ananya) . thay are awsome.

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so let’s start


in the classsroom kunj and alisha are sitting in one place and twivraj (twinkle and yuvraj).

t: wow!they look cute together…right yuvi???(looking at kunj and alisha)
y: not like us……..

then he goes towards twinkle and going to kiss her
t: (pushing him) yuvi door hat..college hai..yaha to accha behave kar
y: accha (in a angry tune) chal thik hai college main main ab tuj se bat tak nahi karunga tab jana us kunj yani apne dost ke pass
t: nahi yuvi nahi please main..mera matla…..

yuvi went from there.tears came out from eyes of twinkle and then kunj come (he saw all the thinks from there )

k: twinkle please dont cry.he will come back.i promise you that i will take him.
twinkle sees him (sajna ve plays)

there yuvi starts flirting with alisha.

y: hi baby
a: hi yuvi my baby

they hugged

a: i am feeling bad when you are with twinkle.
y: me too feel when you are with kunj

yuvi was touching alisha (friends you can understand how)
alisha sees kunj coming and informed yuvi but yuvi starts doing it continuously. alisha was telling please leave me please leave.(acting in front of kunj)
kunj sees it and pulled yuvi by his collar and says

k: there twinkle is crying for you and here you are doing this….(in a angry tone)
y:she is criying so what can i do (in a laughing voice)

kunj starts beating yuvi and yuvi also going to start beating but he sees twinkle coming.

y: (crying)i have not done anything
k: (he is beating continously)

just then twinkle stops him .

t: what are you doing kunj???you told that that………(she stops and hold yuvi)
(yuvi smirks at kunj)
k: twinkle she is doing bad with alisha
t: he can not do this thing as he is not as other bad guys
k: he is just telling bad things on you also …twinkle please belive me
t: no kunj. i thought you ar good but you also like that

twinkle leave with yuvi and kunj feels bad.he also take alisha with him.
at night

twinj are feeling bad for each other

t: i should not talk o kunj like that….may i call him once???
k: yuhi had not done well. he wants to break our (twinkle and kunj) friendship

twinkle calles him

Precap:what will twinkle say to kunj in phone??

guys.hope u like this episode…please comment.
lets see what will twinkle say to kunj???will he accept the words and forgive her????how kunj will show yuvi’s trurth..
please comment your reviwes…

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  1. Awesome Tina…liked it a lot ….??????

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