Tashan e ishq -how i and you become we (episode 2)

thanks friends for the comments especially tara , rakshita .its my 2nd ff so please comment.
i am new that’s why my ffs are not good as others.

twinkle enters the college and all the students are seeing her. she felt very awkward and then some bad boys comes there and stars to give bad comments.one of the boy going to kiss her forcefully.suddenly a guy comes there andhe is obiously kunj.

k: ekeli kadki ko dekha nahi ki chedna sudu kar diya.jo ladki ka samman nahi karte unka koi samman nahi karta.

then the boys leaves from there.twinkle was continuously looking at kunj.

t: thanks.by the way i am twinkle ,twinkle taneja.
k: welcome. oh iam kunj sarna . new in this college??
t: ya
k: me too.

suddenly a ball hits her and se is about to fall but kunj holds he as usual.

k: are you ok???
t: ya.will you be my friend as i am new here.
k: kyun nahi.
(they become friends)

then yuvi and alisha enters the college at the same time.(by the way they came in same bike as well)

a: hi baby (kunj) sorry for late.
k: its ok .come let me introduce with my new friend. ya she is twinkle and twinkle she is alisha .

they both says hi and hugged .

a: (in twinkle’s ear) dost ho dost banke rahna
t: ha ha ab hato.(she pushed har slowly)

y: hi twinkle jaan. you come so early.
t: main pahele nahi ayi tum late aye ho . thik hai chalo maf kiya.(they both hugged each other)ao main tumhe kunj yani mere dost se milati hu.
y: thik hai
t: kunj yeh hai yuvi aur yuvi yeh hai kunj.
k: hi yuvi nice to meet you.
y:hi kunj….same bro. yeh kaun hai???(looking at alisha)
k: she is alisha ………my friend
y: friend…..or girlfriend??(in a teasing way)

kunj doesn’t say any thing but lughing.

they goes to the classroom.

Precap :a fight between twinj.

guys…guess why tere will be fight between twinj.???

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  1. Now….tina I am on cloud nine……thnx for your excellent work…..and its very good….love ❤ you loads…..how nice episode…keep going…..v all r wid you……!!!

  2. U r wrong your ff are also nice..waiting fir next whag will happen….

  3. Nice but please post fully in English. I can’t understand.

      1. but star only a few lines are in hindi… do you have any problem in that???? if yes, then please tell i will write in english

  4. Maybe because twinkle will say alsha’s truth to kunj that’s why??

    1. nice guess

  5. nice epi keep updating…..

  6. Why they both are fighting…… Can’t wait plz give today update dude, rocking update don’t feel nervousness..

    1. thanks for the support

  7. Awesome Tina ……well written….

  8. ya i thnk english ll be easier to undrstnd..although i dnt mind..i can undrstnd…tina ur ff is very interesting nd dnt feel nervous..waiting 4 the next epi..

  9. Its an amazing ff tina i think earlier too u write an ff right?? M i or not?? Hopefully i think dat wid each episode twinj would be coming closer..

    1. no i have not written ffs earlier….

      1. actually my real name is not tina

      2. tina is my nick name

  10. awesome episode……..tina ..stop feeling nervous and start feeling excited…bcozzz ur ff is very interesting…..

  11. Heyy Tina! Itss wonderful yarr!! Keep it on

  12. Very nice yaar keep it up

  13. Nice Tina…keep it up….waiting for next part

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