Tashan-e-Ishq 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Twinkle takes Yuvi’s call, he says see i told you that Kunj is not trustworthy person, he scolds her.
Twinkle comes in porch to Kunj and says i feel like burning you alive, he says stop this nonsense, else i will break this deal, Twinkle says i know your intentions behind this deal, you are cheater, Twinkle says stop your drama, Kunj says you are mad or possessed, you should go to priests, Leela and Manohar comes there and ask them to come inside, Twinkle says i have headache, can i go home? Leela says but all are waiting for you inside, Manohar says no you g home if you are not feeling well, Twinkle stares Kunj and leaves, Kunj thinks what happened to her.
Kunj comes inside home, he is surprised to see Alisha, Anand says why you are so stunned to see her? you will

keep meeting her now as she is wedding planner of your and Twinkle’s wedding, Kunj is happy, Alisha tries to hug Kunj but drink fall on her dress, he says i am sorry, Alisha leaves to wash it.
Alisha is in room, Kunj comes and holds her hand, she ask what is this? he says i should have done it before, i am trying to feel if you are actually here, she says stop it, Kunj says i really like you, Alisha says you are getting married and i am your wedding planner, dont fool me, Kunj says i am not getting married, i and Twinkle have deal and we will break this relation, Alisha says so Twinkle was talking about this, she said that i should stop acting, i said you and me have no relation and walked away, Kunj says thats why she was angry, she must be thinking that i am cheating her, i will talk to her, Kunj says to Alisha that i really like you, if you want time then take it, i will wait for you, Alisha says i cant even have relation with you till you promise me to shift to London and leave your family else this love and all is nothing for me, Kunj says everyone needs love and relations to be with them, i cant leave my mother, and my family really likes you, you will adjust here easily, Alisha says problem is joint family, my father used to live in joint family, i have seen my mother working day and night, i have seen her living pathetically with that family, she used to be sad everyday, i cant live life like her, either you leave your family and come with me or mary the girl which your father has chosen, choice is yours, she goes out of room. Alisha smirks and says I have to put Kunj on wrong path and for that i had to act infront of Twinkle that i dont know about Kunj’s feelings for me, i have to make Kunj on my side and till then no one will not know about my real intentions, after he is mine, he will have no time for anything else.

Scene 2
Nikki is playing cards with her friends, her son Ishan is crying, Usha ask her to take care of Ishan, she says i am playing, servant will handle him, Usha ask her to se him once, Nikki gets angry, Manohar calls Nikki, Nikki thinks that now i will set Usha straight by complaining to Manohar, she takes Manohar’s call and says starts crying that Usha is scolding me that i dont take care of Ishan, Manohar ask her to give call to Usha, Nikki says i will put call on speaker, she put it on speaker, Manohar says to Usha that you are such a cheap women that kee interfering in others life, if you want to become servant so desperately then go and take care of Ishan, Usha feels insulted infront of Nikki and her friends and says yes, she goes to Ishan.
Preeto and Pinni are practicing dance, Kunj comes there, Leela is happy to see him and says you should have told us that you are coming here, we would have welcomed you grandly, Kunj says thats why i didnt tell you, he ask can i meet Twinkle, Leela calls Twinkle but servant says she is not in home, Leela calls Twinkle and ask her to talk to Kunj, kunj takes call, Twinkle says you wanna become very nice son in law? that you came to my home, you are cheater, Kunj says i wanna talk to you, Yuvi takes call from Twinkle and says i have understood you but if you want then meet me in godown, Kunj agrees and ends call, Twinkle ask why do wanna meet him now? Yuvi says he has cheated us and now i will make him understand in my way, he will understand what are the consequences of cheating with Yuvi’s girlfriend.
Usha comes to Ishan and feed him food, a lady comes there and says i wanna talk to you, she gives her list and says when i went to Twinkle’s house to make her my daughter in law, she gave me this list, i cant see bad happening with you thats why i am telling you this, she leaves, Usha reads list that I twinkle Taneja have some conditions to marry, after marriage i will not live with my in laws, after marriage i will smoke and will have guy friends, i like mini skirts and i don like kids so i will not give birth to them, Usha is disgusted reading it and says one by one i am getting proofs against Twinkle.
Kunj comes to godown and finds boxing ring there, Yuvi is lying in boxing ring with boxing gloves in hands, Kunj comes in ring and looks at him and ask where is Twinkle? he says you and Twinkle have misunderstanding, i wanna talk to you both, Yuvi ask him to wear gloves and i will give you chance to protect yourself, Kunj says listen to me its all misunderstanding, Yuvi punches him, Kunj holds his hand.

PRECAP- Yuvi beats Kunj then Kunj beats him too. Kunj says to Manohar that Twinkle loves Yurvaj and i love Alisha, we can marry each other, Twinkle is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love Twinkle and Kunj they will make a lovely couple,just a matter of time.

  2. now whats alisha hidden motive

  3. Yuvi and Alisha are for each other as they are wretches alike. Yuvi is an abuser and poor Twinkle cannot see this as she is blinded by her infatuation for this lout. Kunj is a better person for her. Both Twinkle and Kunj are being used and abused by their supposed love interest. I hope that they will realize and get together with each other instead of the users they “love”

  4. Yovi is behaving too childish and he needs to be a good person not a bad person.kunj and twinkle makes a good pair it is just a matter of time.they will understand their love.and as for Alisha she is a wreck so bad misunderstanding kunj and twinkle.i love you kunj

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